Olympic silver medallist Rolf Sorensen has admitted to doping during his successful years in the 90s, the Dane said.

"It is time that I too - long overdue - admit to having been part of the Epo-era that was a part of the sport in the 90s", Sorensen, who won silver at the Olympic Games road race in Atlanta in 1996, said in a statement.

Sorensen admitted to having taken the hormone erythropoietin (EPO) and cortisone but told Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet he was more "a party smoker on Saturdays as opposed to a needle addict".

"I have never used blood transfusions, which I am totally against, and I simply will not be compared with Lance Armstrong", he added in the newspaper.

Sorensen is the latest in a long line of cyclists to have confessed to doping after Lance Armstrong admitted in January to taking performing-enhancing drugs during his seven straight Tour de France victories from 1999-2005.

Earlier this year fellow Dane Michael Rasmussen admitted to more than a decade of doping.