Katie Taylor’s father and Ireland team trainer Pete has lashed out at the decision to cancel an Ireland Elite boxing international series against France after his daughter picked up a hand injury.

Taylor suffered a hand injury while sparring, ruling her out of action for up to four weeks and out of the scheduled international with France on 3 May in Cork.

However on the back of Taylor’s injury, the promoters Platinum One have opted to cancel the show outright, leaving the likes of Joe Ward, John Joe Nevin and Paddy Barnes in the lurch.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Taylor senior said: “Katie is very annoyed by the decision to cancel and so am I.

“We both feel it was disrespectful to the Irish team to cancel the international because of the injury and Katie also feels embarrassed by the decision.

“The international was never intended to be just about Katie Taylor. The international was about letting the public see our Olympic team and our Elite boxers,” he added.

“The squad to meet France included John Joe Nevin, Paddy Barnes and Michael Conlon. John, Paddy and Michael have won four Olympic medals between them from the last two Olympics.

“Cancelling the match because of an injury to Katie is disrespectful to some of the best boxers in the world and I’m raging about it.”