Amateur boxing's international governing body has lifted its three-month suspension of USA Boxing - imposed following comments made by former president Hal Adonis - after an outcry from members.

In an interview with the New Yorker magazine, Adonis claimed there were connections between childhood abuse and successful female boxers.

"Half of our girls have been molested, half of our girls are gay," Mr Adonis told the magazine earlier this year.

“When kids call me up, I say: 'Let me ask you an honest question: have your parents ever hit you?' If they say no, I say: 'I don't think you belong in boxing'."

Last week, AIBA responded to the comments and imposed a three-month ban on USA Boxing, effectively cancelling all American amateur boxing competitions and clinics until mid-January.

USA Boxing's new leadership subsequently appealed to AIBA, asking the governing body to refrain from punishing all 37,000 members for Hal Adonis' incendiary comments.

AIBA has now lifted the ban.

Adonis is a former trainer and revealed how he prepared boxers for fights: “Before a fight I'd start smacking them real hard in the face. Because you feel, in boxing, the first couple of punches. After that, the endorphins kick in and it's like someone gave you novocaine."

USA Boxing removed Adonis as its president and chairman of the board in June, yet its board of directors still voted to retain Adonis as a board member, drawing more ire from AIBA and the USOC, which threatened to decertify USA Boxing.