Katie Taylor has won a fourth successive World Championship this morning in Qinhuangdao, China.

The Irish fighter beat Russian Sofya Ochigava for the gold medal.

The bout proved a tense and tactical four-rounder and was tied at 4-4 at the end of the first two rounds, but Taylor held her nerve and composure to carve out a two-point (8-6) advantage at the end of the third and claimed the fourth frame 3-1 to secure an historic victory.

The Bray BC lightweight’s victory secured her 13th major gold medal in what was a repeat of the 2011 European final, which Taylor won 10-5 in Rotterdam.

Taylor now goes straight into the quarter-finals at the Olympics and is only one win away from a medal.

And Taylor also landed the best boxer award, which is presented to the best boxer across all 10 weight divisions, in the opinion of the judges.

The Irish team are due to arrive home at Dublin Airport on Sunday at 5.35pm.

Katie Taylor wins gold: As It Happened

0848: Katie won the final round 3-1 to take the title on a score of 11-7

0847: Taylor wins

0847: The final bell rings. Waiting for the result...

0846: Ochigava is trying to pile on the pressure

0845: The referee warns the boxers to fight

0845: Katie moving well and making it hard for the Russian to pin her down

0844: Judges score round three 4-2 to Katie. She leads 8-6 going into the final round.

0843: Katie seems to be getting the better of the Russian in this round. Getting in quickly and backing away.

0842: Round 3 underway

0840: End of round 2. Still level at 4-4. Both rounds scored 2-2 so far. That seems fair to my untrained eye!

0840: Two well matched fighters are producing a cagey, technical battle.

0839: Round two underway. Similar pattern to round one.

0837: Level 2-2 after round one

0837: Cagey opening to the fight with the boxers attacking in flurries.

0836: The fight is on

0835: The boxers are on their way to the ring

0834: This is the third time Katie has fought the Russian with both having won one fight.

0832: Billy Walsh on RTÉ One says Katie Taylor has improved this year, even on the high standards she has set herself.

0830: Katie should be making her way to the ring in the next few moments. The medal ceremony preceding her bout is drawing to a close.