Andy Lee recovered from a sluggish start to knock out Craig McEwan in the tenth round at the MGM Grand Arena at the Foxwoods Resort Casino.

McEwan, bleeding from a small cut close to his left eye, looked tired as the 10th began and Lee went at him. After Lee landed a big left hand, McEwan dropped to his knees and referee Steve Smoger called it off at 56 seconds.

One of the judges had McEwan leading going into the tenth round, while the other two had scored the fight even up to that point.

‘I was down, I was getting outboxed, I needed a knockout, or at least a knockdown in the 10th round,’ said Lee.

Later, Sergio Martinez sent Sergiy Dzinziruk to the canvas five times before the referee stopped it in the eighth, claiming the vacant WBC Diamond middleweight belt.