So, that's it from Moscow. A gold and a silver, not bad, not bad. It was a shame O'Neill couldn't make it two golds, but in truth Chebotarev looked the more complete boxer on the day and was excellent in defence. Thanks for joining us. Take care.

Round 3: Huge challenge for O'Neill now. Four points to make up in one round.

O'Neill tries to land some body punches. Chebotarev blocks with ease, but O'Neill gets one back from a body punch of his own.

Both boxers exhange points, with 1m25seconds to go O'Neill is throwing it all at Chebotarev, but two points in sucession wins it for Chebotarev as he moves the score out to 7-11.

O'Neill gives it everything in the final minute, but can't beat Chebotarev's defence and fast trigger off the back of O'Neill's left jab. It's all over. Silver for O'Neill.


Round 2: Tough last round for O'Neill, he was on the backfoot all the way.

O'Neill has levelled with a right jab. 2-2.

Chebotarev has glanced O'Neill's nose and then smashed a left into his cheek. 4-2. O'Neill pulls one back with his own left.

Right hook from Chebotarev, but O'Neill catches him on his pulll back. But a quick three punch combination leaves O'Neill a point behind. 5-4 to Chebotarev.

Another flurry of jabs from Chebotarev and O'Neill can't handle the power. Chebotarev smashed in three points.


Round 1: We're off. Artem Chebotarev gets the first point with a quick flurry.

O'Neill throws a left jab and two rights. The last shot lands. 1-1.

Two body jabs from Chebotarev, but no points. Very defensive fight so far.

Chebotarev throws a right hook, blocked by O'Neill. Chebotarev caught O'Neill as he tried a left jab. Chebotarev caught him exposed from that long left.


3.24pm Great attendace at the Ice Palace. The place looks like a relic from the Soviet era.

O'Neill is on the way out for his 75kg European title fight.

3.19pm There is an medals ceremony taking place at present. Then we're good to go.

3.18pm Right, our man in Moscow informs us that we are five minutes away from Darren's fight.

3pm A French boxer is taking to the ring now. From what we believe, if the Frenchman loses this fight then Ireland finish second in the medals table.

2.57pm As an aside, the Ice Palace, what a great name for a venue. It beats The Emirates or the Aviva Stadium as a title anyday. It sounds more like a nightclub than a sporting venue. I could imagine a disco ball dropping from the ceiling any minute! Maybe they should think of holding some international sport in Barcode Bar, Clontarf.

2.53pm O'Neill came out of his dressing room and sat in the arena for a few minutes. He's headed back inside now. Perhaps he was sampling the atmosphere in advance of his final.

2.45pm Hi folks, Tadhg Peavoy here. Darren O'Neill's fight in Moscow is coming up shortly. He is due into the ring around 3pm, maybe a bit before. We'll have round by round updates as the tie progresses.


Ireland's Paddy Barnes has taken gold at the European Boxing Championships in Moscow, while Darren O'Neill is due into the ring at 3pm.

It is only Ireland's sixth gold medal ever at the Championships as Barnes' hand is held aloft in victory - O'Neill is next up at 3pm - read how it happened below from the bottom.


Barnes' proud father, Holy Family Boxing Club coach Paddy senior, told 'This is a fantastic achievement for Irish boxing. Paddy looked very comfortable and very mature.

'That’s the new Paddy Barnes. He has worked so hard over the past two years to achieve this. It’s not about medals, it’s about winning and Paddy only ever sets out to win.

'I am so pleased for him and the sport that we can now say we have a new European champion.'

The last time an Irish fighter won a European gold medal was back in 1991 when Paul Griffin claimed glory in Sweden.

GOLD MEDAL 23-year-old Barnes holds firm and scores with a left cross to seal gold for Ireland for the first time in 19 years at these Championships. 4-1.

Mamishzade is on the attack but can't find a way through - 1 minute to go...

Round 3: Three minutes from gold now for Barnes and his defence still looks really good.

The pace increases and the fighters swap points, 3-1 now to Barnes at the end of round two.

Barnes goes 2 up with a lovely right to the head as his patience pays off.

Barnes defence stands firm as Mamishzade becomes more agressive.

Round 2: Barnes coming forward once more...

The ref stops the fight for Barnes to fix his helmet - Barnes returns to score with a point though with a good left as the round ends. 1-0 to Barnes.

Barnes keeps pressing forward and leading with the left jab - mixing it with some body shots.

Barnes is on the attack but neither fighter have scored yet - both with good defences so far...

Round 1: It's underway now as Barnes, boxing in blue, takes on Elvin Mamishzade from Azerbaijan.

12:58am: We're just waiting for the boxers to enter the ring now - won't be long now as they await their call...

Ireland's Paddy Barnes and Darren O'Neill are through to the final of the European Boxing Championships in Moscow - follow their progress here from 1pm.

Barnes is up first at 1pm, while O'Neill is due into the ring at 3pm.

Barnes qualified in the 48kg light flyweight compettition after victory over Spain's Jos de la Nieve Linares, while O'Neill eased past Bulgarian Mladen Manev in the 75kg middleweight division