The Derry Destroyer John Duddy has chalked up another victory in his impressive career to date. Duddy beat Michi Munoz by unanimous decision at the WaMu Theater in Madison Square Garden on Saturday.

This was Duddy’s first appearance in the ring since his first career defeat to Billy Lyell on 24 April.

Duddy was slow to start and was caught early in the first round. The Destroyer emerged with a bloody nose for this troubles.

However, Duddy settled as the fight wore on and was too busy for his opponent over the course of the eight rounds.
Duddy’s long reach and jab were the undoing of Munoz.

The Irishman was the clear winner throughout almost every round; the only exception being the fourth, where Munoz landed four clean hits on Duddy.

Duddy let reign a flurry of punches on Munoz in the seventh, sealing the win beyond doubt.

Duddy and Munoz let fly in the final round; both fighters pummelling each other in the middle of the ring as the clock ticked down to its conclusion. Duddy was in control of the points at this stage and bar a knock-down Munoz was a beaten fighter.

Duddy got the decision with judges Larry Hazzard and Ron McNair scoring the contest at 79-73 and Dick Flaherty marking his card at 80-72 in Duddy’s favour.

Afterwards Duddy commented that returning to trainer Harry Keitt was ‘the best decision I have made in my life.'

Duddy also discussed the difference between this fight and his last: ‘The time out done me a lot of good. I have had a lot in my head with getting married and what not, and I am just glad to get back.

'It's great to be back in the Garden and back in New York.’

Next up for Duddy could be a date in Cancun, Mexico, on 19 December.