Operation Transformation: The Final Countdown!

Cover story: Operation Transformation - As this season draws to a close, we talk to the six leaders about their life-changing challenges and the four experts have a few last words of advice for your own transformationRTÉ Guide - On Sale Now
1 of 1 Listings: February 22-28
Listings: February 22-28

Kevin Spacey: Donal O'Donoghue heads to London to meet the Oscar-winning star of the Netflix favourite, House of Cards

Beating the bullies: Nancy Previs talks to Fair City's teen trio about the show's topical bullying storyline

Eurosong 2014: Can we regain our former Eurovision glories? Andrea Byrne meets the five Eurosong finalists

Swan Lake: Matthew Bourne's startling interpretation of Swan Lake is coming to Dublin. Nancy Previs checks it out

Nick Frost: The comic actor talks to Janice Butler about taking to the dancefloor in Cuban Fury

Plus! At Your Service finale, America's Next Top Model returns, Catherine Fulvio's tarty treats, your chance to win a spa break in Galway and True Detective - could it be the best new TV show of the year?