Anne Cassin

Cover story: Anne Cassin - The presenter and mother tells Janice Butler that striking the elusive work-life balance is her priorityRTÉ Guide - On Sale Now
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Listings: October 19-25

Tom Hanks: Michael Doherty meets the double Oscar-winner and star of the acclaimed Captain Phillips

Robson Green: The nicest man in northern England talks about his return to Strike Back

Karl Pilkington: "I do like a moan", Ricky Gervais' sidekick tells Jan Battles

Love/Hate: Brían F O'Byrne talks to Janice Butler about playing good cop, bad cop

Fair City: Mondo's back in Carrigstown, and he's not alone! Nancy Previs chats to George MacMahon and Jenny Dixon

Niall Buggy: The veteran performer is thrilled to be returning to the Dublin stage

Plus! Author of Wild Swans, Jung Chang; the cast of West Side Story; new boyband Taken; Catherine Fulvio cooks dinner in a jiffy; Dave Fanning sings the praises of Ms Sandra Bullock; and your chance to win a hi-tech oven or tickets to the ballet

Free inside! A selection of delicious recipes from Catherine Fulvio's new book The Weekend Chef