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Reading Ulysses RTÉ Radio 1, Thursdays 7.02pm

Series finished 2nd September 2004

Episode 19 - 2nd September 2004


In the final programme of the series, Barry McGovern and Bernard Clarke discuss the music of Ulysses.

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Reading Ulysses
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Joseph O'Connor, Edna O'Brien and Gerry O'Flaherty recall the events and characters of this day and explore why James Joyce's fictionalised events of an ordinary day should become such a literary masterpiece.
Episode 1 Telemachus
Stephen breakfasts at the Tower in Sandycove.
Episode 2 Nestor
Stephen teaches in Dalkey.
Episode 3 Proteus
Stephen walks along Sandymount Strand.
Episode 4 Calypso
Blooms has breakfast at 7 Eccles Street.
Episode 5 Lotus Eaters
Bloom goes to the Post Office on Westland Row and then buys some soap at Sweny's.
Episode 6 Hades
Bloom Attends the funeral of Paddy Dignam.
Episode 7 Aeolus
At the offices of The Freeman's Journal, Bloom and Stephen cross paths.
Episode 8 Lestrygonians
Blooms eats lunch in Davy Byrnes.
Episode 9 Scylla and Charybdis
Discussions about Shakespeare at the National Library.
Episode 10 Wandering Rocks
Dublin's citizens go about their day.
Episode 11 Sirens
There is music at the Ormond Hotel where Bloom stops for food.
Episode 12 Cyclops
The Citizen holds fort in Barney Kiernan's Pub.
Episode 13 Nausicaa
Bloom watches Gerty MacDowell on Sandymount Strand.
Episode 14 Oxen of the Sun
Blooms goes to visit Mina Purefoy at Holles Street Hospital, and then joins the Medical Students.
Episode 15 Circe
Stephen and Bloom go to Nighttown.
Episode 16 Eumeus
A sober Bloom looks after a drunken Stephen at the Cabman's Shelter.
Episode 17 Ithaca
Bloom and Stephen go back to Eccles Street where they talk.
Episode 18 Penelope
Molly Bloom recalls her day.
The music of Ulysses
In the final programme of the series, Barry McGovern and Bernard Clarke discuss the music of Ulysses.