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Episode 7

Synopsis by Gerry O'Flaherty

The Office
It is noon. Bloom has returned to the city after the funeral and is in the offices of the Weekly Freeman. Red Murray gives him a copy of an advertisement for the firm of Alexander Keyes, which Bloom wants to have renewed. The business manager, Councillor Nannetti, asks to see the design of the advertisement. Bloom goes to the office of The Evening Telegraph, which is in another part of the building, to phone Keyes. Here he finds Simon Dedalus, Ned Lambert, Professor MacHugh, JJ O'Molloy, Lenehan and the editor Myles Crawford.

Just as Bloom has left to meet Keyes, Stephen Dedalus arrives with O'Madden Burke. Stephen gives Deasy's letter to the editor and is in turn asked to write something for the paper. Talk turns to the Invincibles, advocates of the past and a speech, which JF Taylor made in favour of the Irish language.

Stephen suggests that they adjourn for a drink and on the way he relates the Parable of the Plums. Bloom arrives back at the worst possible moment and is brusquely dismissed by Crawford.

O'Connel St.

In Homer, Aeolus/Crawford gives Odysseus/Bloom all unfavourable winds tied in a bag, but within sight of home the crew open the bag and the ship is driven way off course. When Odysseus goes back to Aeolus he is rudely sent away.



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John F Taylor was a barrister who addressed the Law Students' Debating Society on October 24 1901. He was an orator who Joyce respected who spoke on the defense of the Irish Language. Joyce's version of the speech in Aeolus seems to be a combination of his own memory of that event and a pamphlet Taylor wrote in 1903.

'Twas Rank and Fame from The Rose of Castille
Words by Augustus Harris and Edmund Falconer
Music by Michael Balfe
This aria is sung by Manuel in Act III of Balfe's opera The Rose of Castille. It features in both the Aeolus and Sirens episodes in Ulysses. In Sirens, Bloom listens while Ritchie Goulding fonding remembers his brother-in-law Simon Dedalus' singing of the aria. Another song of betrayal, its relevance lies in the fact that Simon treats Ritchie with contempt.
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