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Episode 13

Synopsis by Gerry O'Flaherty

Star of The Sea Church
It is around 8 o'clock and, having completed his business in the Dignam house, Bloom has come down to Sandymount strand to sit and relax.

Nearby on the beach are a group of girls, Gerty MacDowell, Cissy Caffrey, Edy Boardman, Cisssy's two brothers, Tommy and Jacky, and Baby Boardman. Gerty is slight, beautiful, rather aloof and fond of romantic fantasies. Cissy is outspoken and embarrasses Gerty by speaking of the baby's 'beetoteetom' loudly enough for Bloom to hear.

A temperance retreat is being conducted in the nearby Star of the Sea church and the recitation of the litany can be heard in the background. The boys kick the ball and Bloom sends it back to Gerty who tries vainly to kick it. She realises that Bloom is watching her. She takes off her hat to show off her hair and to look at Bloom under the brim. The fireworks start and the others leave Gerty alone with Bloom as they move off for a better view.

As she watches a Roman candle, Gerty leans back further and further until Bloom can see her underwear. He masturbates while looking at this display and she realises what is happening. The others call her and as she walks away Bloom sees that she is lame. It is getting dark and the Howth goes on and Bloom thinks once again of Molly. He writes 'I AM A' with a stick in the sand and falls asleep as the cuckoo clock in the priest's house nearby strikes the hour.

Poster for Mirus Bazarr

In Homer, Princess Nausicaa/Gerty comes to the beach with her friends and while playing ball they find Odysseus/Bloom washed up by the waves. Nausicaa takes care of Odysseus and brings him home.




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While walking along Sandymount Strand, Bloom recalls the tragic story of James O'Connor's wife and children who were poisoned by mussels. O'Connor was a journalist for United Ireland and lived at Seapoint Avenue. His wife and four of his daughters died after eating some polluted shellfish, which they had fetched from the shore at Blackrock on June 30th 1890. The mussels were taken from a contaminated pond in which a nearby sewer emptied. After suffering stomach cramps, two local doctors were called, one of whom was a Dr .Dixon of Blackrock. O'Connor's wife and four of his daughters died.