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Water Charges

Water Charges

Water should be paid for, primarily, through general taxation – that’s the recommendation included in a draft report from the Expert Commission on Water which would take the majority of people out of a system of direct charges.

But questions remain over what level counts as excessive use, which the Report suggests should entail charges... or what’s meant by exceptional circumstances...let alone what will happen to those who did and didn’t pay their bills.

Harry McGee, political correspondent with the Irish Times, and Mick Barry of the Anti-Austerity Alliance, People Before Profit spoke to us this morning.

Rise of the Right

Rise of the Right

Post-Brexit and post-Trump, are more political surprises in store for Europe? With several key European nations taking to the polls over the next 12 months, there is the potential for a swing to the right.

This Sunday in Italy, the referendum on constitutional reform may pose a challenge to Matteo Renzi’s government.

The race is on for the presidential election in France, with Francois Fillon vying with the controversial Marine Le Pen for a place in the Elysee Palace.

Angela Merkel has thrown her hat in the ring for a fourth term as German chancellor – but after a tumultuous and divisive period in Europe, will the German public back her once more?

To discuss this were Paddy Agnew, Rome correspondent for The Irish Times, Kate Connolly, Berlin correspondent for the Guardian and Observer and Pierre Briancon, senior correspondent for in Paris.

Pensions Crisis

It’s being called the pensions time-bomb. More than 600,000 private sector workers around the country are relying on defined benefit schemes to support them into retirement.

However with the deficits of some of the largest funds in the country continuing to grow, there are fears many may fold, potentially leaving many workers high and dry in their later years. Jim Stewart, Adjunct Professor of finance at Trinity College joined us in studio along with Justine McCarthy, columnist with the Sunday Times, who has discovered she’ll be getting a lot less of a pension payout than she had expected.


Tracker Mortgage

Tracker Mortgage

Springboard, a mortgage provider that was formerly owned by Permanent TSB, has been fined €4.5 million for moving homeowners from tracker mortgages when they should not have done so. That’s according to a Central Bank investigation. David Hall of the Irish Mortgage Holders Association joined us this morning.

Murder of Brian Stack

Murder of Brian Stack

Brian Stack was chief prison officer at Portlaoise when he was shot in the back of the neck on March 25 1983 after leaving a boxing contest at Dublin's National Stadium...and died from his injuries 18 months later.

At the time, the IRA denied any involvement in his murder, however three years ago admitted it was involved.

Now the party’s leader Gerry Adams has named a number of senior Sinn Féin figures suspected of Brian Stack’s murder. He made the claims in an email sent to the Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan.

And his son Austin Stack spoke to us this morning.

Homelessness in Limerick

Homelessness in Limerick

Our reporter Brian O’Connell has been looking at the homeless issue in Dublin and Cork in recent days. Today Brian looks at Limerick, and there are reports that up to 10 people a night are sleeping in tents on the outskirts of the city.

Supermacs Founder and MD

Ballybrit racecourse, September 1979, Pope John Paul the Second was in Galway, 280,000 people flocked to visit, and a young man going by the nickname Supermac saw a chance to bring his newly-opened chipper to a bigger audience.

Nearly forty years on, with another Papal Visit on the horizon, and Supermacs has grown from one Ballinasloe chipper, plus a burger van, to a €116 million a year empire, doubling its pre-tax profits to €14 million last year with an international brand war against McDonald’s to match.

Its founder, Pat McDonagh, joined us in studio.



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