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Project Eagle

Project Eagle

Did the State lose more than two hundred million euro through the fault of NAMA, the National Asset Management Agency, and its sale, in one fell swoop, of Project Eagle, the northern loan book.

Well, one State agency says we did – the Comptroller & Auditor General’s report, published yesterday, says mismanagement, under-valuations, and failure to address conflicts of interest led to a huge loss to the tax-payer.

But, another State agency – NAMA itself – has defended the process to the hilt, saying the Comptroller & Auditor General simply doesn’t know the full story.

Richard Curran, business journalist and presenter of The Business on RTE Radio 1 joined us this morning.

Mary Lou McDonald

The Party Think In, for what many consider to be the real Opposition party in the 32nd Dail – Sinn Fein – is taking place today and tomorrow... lots to chew over for a party that had, in all fairness, a disappointing election outcome earlier this year...

That was followed by a Brexit vote which prompted calls for a United Ireland border cross border intrigue in the NAMA Project Eagle affair, and more questions about the party it time for Gerry Adams to call it a day after 33 years as President?

Mary Lou McDonald, Vice President of Sinn Fein, joined us in studio. 



Ireland: The Autobiography

Ireland: The Autobiography

Down underneath the studios here in RTÉ are the radio archives, with reels and reels of material stored from times gone by. 

And a very regular fixture there, absorbed in reams of material is the figure of John Bowman, broadcaster and historian.

The fruits of his labour are broadcast every Sunday morning on RTÉ Radio 1 when he brings a refined selection of otherwise forgotten stories back to our airwaves. In his new book, Ireland: The Autobiography he presents us with another rich tapestry of selected stories from Irish life. 

Bus Strikes

Bus Strikes

Week Two, Day One of the Dublin Bus Strike and this morning 400,000 people had to find alternative transport to work and school.

Richard Guiney, CEO Dublin Town who is in the city centre this morning joined us on the line.

Rising Rents

Rising Rents

Dublin rents have hit record levels and the cost of leasing a home has risen by almost 10% nationwide, that's according to the latest figures released by the Economic and Social Research Institute. 

This means the average monthly cost of renting is now close to €1,000 a month, with someone signing a 12 month lease expecting to pay €1,356 more over the course of the next year. 

Joining us this morning were Dr. Aideen Hayden, Chairperson of Threshold and Fintan McNamara, Director of the Residential Landlords Association.

Waterford District Court

Waterford District Court

Paddy O'Gorman has been to Waterford District Court - he tells of those he met there and why they had come to be before the court.

Home Grown Homes

Home Grown Homes

There are over 6,000 people homeless in this country and many of them are on housing waiting lists for years.

The challenge for many county councils is that there is a shortage of houses available for them to use for housing list clients.

Home Grown Homes is a a new house building scheme hopes to change the way we think of house build.

Architect Dominic Stevens who is involved in this project joined us this morning.

Homegrown Home Co-Operative is interested in hearing from anyone who would like to build their own home under expert tuition. You must:

1) Be on the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council housing list.

2) Have the staying power to stick with a construction project that will take a year to complete.

3) Be available to work on a construction site from 8am – 4pm Mon- Fri , or have a family member(s) who can stand in for you when necessary

No experience necessary, social welfare payments not affected. Applications welcome from families with a member with a disability, or those from ethnic minorities .This is a not for profit project .

Dominic Stevens is looking for five committed families who will work together to attain the goal of building five homes that they will own .For an information pack contact,

Is Bread Toast?

It's been a staple of the Irish diet for years but bread has of late been getting something of a bad press. With sales of the sliced pan on the wane and sandwich chains like Subway reporting falling revenues, the question has been asked - is bread dead? 

To talk to us about bread, its nutritional value and alternatives to the traditional lunchtime sandwich, Louise Reynolds, dietitian with the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute and Tracey Coyne, food blogger joined us. 



Presenter: Sean O'Rourke

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