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HSE before PAC

HSE before PAC

Minister for Primary Care Kathleen Lynch will today ask Cabinet to establish a Commission of Investigation into residential foster home which has been the subject of serious allegations of sexual and physical abuse against residents. 

Details of the case first emerged publicly when two whistleblowers appeared before the Public Accounts Committee. It emerged that a former resident 'Grace' was left in the home for 13 years after the allegations emerged.

Meanwhile Tony O'Brien, Director General of the HSE will appear before a special meeting of the PAC to answer questions over its handling of the case and to respond to accusations by PAC that the HSE lied to it about an apology the HSE said they had offered to the woman. 

Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee John McGuinness was in studio. 

Election 2016

Election 2016

We’re in the dying days of the 31st Dáil, this morning’s cabinet meeting was likely to be the last before the calling of the General Election..

All the political parties are on standby to launch their campaigns but when the campaign can get underway remains at the discretion of the Taoiseach.

This certainly puts the spotlight on the Taoiseach, but how comfortable will he be with this spotlight when the campaign gets down and dirty, and how will all the runners and riders handle the scrutiny of the coming weeks?

To discuss this and more Sean was joined by Alison O’Connor, Columnist with the Irish Examiner, Gary Murphy from the School of Law and Government in DCU, Paddy Duffy, a PR Consultant and former advisor to Bertie Ahern, and Fionnan Sheahan, Editor of the Irish Independent.


Paddy O'Gorman visits the Ilac Centre library. 

Race for the White House

Race for the White House

The state of Iowa held the first caucus of the US Presidential campaign last night and there was a clear victory on the Republican side for the Texas’ senator, Ted Cruz. The competition on the Democratic side was neck and neck but Hillary Clinton campaign has claimed victory for their side.  

Graham Finlay, Lecturer in the School of Politics and International Relations in UCD joined Sean this morning.

Brexit Proposals Publication

Suzanne Lynch in Brussells.

New Regulations for Supermarket Suppliers

New Regulations for Supermarket Suppliers

New regulations aimed at protecting supermarket suppliers and rebalancing their relationship with major retailers have been signed into law. 

Under the new rules, retailers will be banned from demanding payment from suppliers for promotions and shelf space.

To tell us more about the legislation and how it will impact on suppliers and customers, Paul Kelly, Director of Food and Drin Industry Ireland, the representative body for food, drink and grocery manufacturers and suppliers joined us.

Gender Decision

The High Court has dismissed a challenge by a Fianna Fail activist to the electoral laws on gender quotas.
Brian Mohan, a Fianna Fail member and student from Dublin claimed the legislation was unconstitutional.
He had hoped to be selected to run for Fianna Fail in the Dublin Central constituency.  But the party issued a directive that only one candidate could be selected and that person had to be a woman.

The legislation says a party will have its state funding reduced by half unless 30% of its general election candidates are female.  That target is due to increase in seven years, to 40%. Orla O'Donnell joined us on the line.

National Rehab Hospital, Dun Laoghaire

National Rehab Hospital, Dun Laoghaire

Since it opened its doors in 1961, the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire in Dublin has treated over 40,000 patients. 

The hospital has a team of medical consultants, therapists and technicians who specialise in rehabilitating children and adults with irreversible brain and spinal injury as well as limb loss.

After years of campaigning, the hospital finally looks set to build a new home over the next few months. Evelyn O'Rourke has been to visit the hospital and met new director Mark De Largy to find out more about this new chapter.



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