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Today with Sean O'Rourke

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Calais Migrant Crisis

Calais Migrant Crisis

Caotic scenes at the French port of Calais yesterday, as desperate migrants stormed trucks in an attempt to stow away on vehicles heading to Britain. about 3,000 migrants are living rough around the area now waiting to cross the channel. Many Irish drivers were caught up in long queues due to industrial action by French ferry workers.

Ben Campbell, driver with Kelly European Freight Services was in Calais yesterday and Eoin Gavin, of the Irish Road Haulage Association joined Sean on the line. 

Billy Deverell called in to tell of his experiences in Calais last November where he had 24 migrants and a baby in his trailer. He didn't realise they were in it until he got to Liverpool, after they had got on in France, an hour outside Calais. 

Billy tells Sean what happened as a result of having them in his trailer. 

Read More: Northern Ireland haulier gives eyewitness account of Calais ‘chaos’,, 24th June 2015

Mortgage Lenders Fail To Comply with Code of Conduct

Mortgage Lenders Fail To Comply with Code of Conduct

A Central Bank inspection has found that seven Irish mortgage lenders failed to comply fully with the Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears.

The inspection found that some banks continued to treat borrowers unfairly even though they'd entered into repayment arrangements with their lenders.

Joining Sean this morning was Brendan Burgess from

Irish UN Worker in Iraq

In 1994, Grainne O'Hara was a young Trinity graduate working as a lawyer in Dublin when she decided to volunteer with the United Nations. In February last she took up a new post as deputy representative for the UN refugee agency in Iraq.

With the majority of those displaced coming from the middle east, her new job is one heck of a challenge, she joined Sean this morning.

Parents and Eating Disorders

Parents and Eating Disorders

Battling an eating disorder can be one of the most difficult experiences in a young person’s life, and it can also be one of the most traumatic things to experience as a parent, when it affects your own child.

Joining Sean in studio to talk about their experience on both sides of the long recovery process were Jennifer Hudson, and her daughter Tiggy who struggled with an eating disorder as a child.

Sean also spoke with Harriet Parsons, from Bodywhys, the eating disorders association of Ireland.

If you've been affected by what has been discussed you can locall Bodywhys on 1890 200 444.

France Leaks

France Leaks

On spying allegations, the US ambassador is being summoned by the French authorities, Elaine Cobbe, CBS, joined Sean from Paris. 

Read More: François Hollande holds emergency meeting after WikiLeaks claims US spied on three French presidents, Kim Willisher, The Guardian, 24th June 2014

Abbeville - The former home of Charles J. Haughey

In the autumn of 2013, journalist Eoin Butler got a chance to visit Abbeville, the former home of Charles J. Haughey. What he found was a decaying mansion that had come to represent Irish political corruption.

He has just written a piece for the Dublin Review about the experience.

Eoin gained access to Abbeville through a family friend who was acting as a caretaker, he begins by telling Sean what he was expecting when you visited the house.

Travel: Manchester

Travel: Manchester

It’s not Mauritius and it’s not Malaga but Manchester is one of the most rewarding destinations for a weekend away.

From the industrial past to its modern incarnation, this North Western city has much to offer. So says Fionn Davenport, Travel writer for the Irish Times, who has just returned from the city and he joined Sean with his tips on what to do while there. 

July Provision

The July Provision sees thousands of children staying on in school for another month.  It’s a welcome reprieve for parents and a much-needed programme, it seems, for children who have profound learning disabilities and also children with autism. 

But, some schools have discontinued and cut-back on their provision of the July Programme, leaving many parents in difficulty, left to source their own tutors for the alternative home-based option. 

Roisin O’Hara has been looking into it for us and she joined Sean in studio.

More details available here - July Provision 2015



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