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Today with Sean O'Rourke

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The crisis in Greece appears to be reaching a new height with concerns growing that the country may be moving closer to default.

Yesterday yields on ten year Greek debt rose to their highest level in two years and earlier in the week ratings agency standard and poors cut Greece’s credit rating again.

On the line this morning was Peter Spiegel Brussels correspondent of the Financial Times.

CSI: Cyber Series

CSI: Cyber Series

Exposure to explicit images of sex, torture and self-harm online is putting children at risk of developing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder similar to the experience of combat veterans, groundbreaking research from the RCSI’s director of cyberpsychology Professor Mary Aiken has found.

Professor Aiken, the inspiration for the new ‘CSI-Cyber’ series,  is giving a first of its kind TEDx talk to children in Dublin tomorrow, and she joined Sean in studio.

See more on CSI: Cyber here.

Clive James - Sentence to Life

Clive James - Sentence to Life

Last October, we had a huge response to an interview we did with the renowned critic and poet Clive James. He spoke to us then about the poems he was working on for his new collection, Sentenced To Life. That collection has just been published and Clive James joined Sean from his home. He begins by explaining the title of the new collection, Sentenced to Life.

Sentenced to Life by Clive James is published by Picador, £14.99.

Read More: Clive James: ‘I’ve got a lot done since my death’ Robert McCrum, The Guardian, 15th March 2015

Read More: Star System - published in the New Yorker last month.

Credit Unions

Credit Unions

The Credit Union - helping people stay away from Loan Sharks and stay out of debt.

Paddy O'Gorman visited some Credit Unions and spoke to those who use the Credit Union to get themselves loans for bills, clothing and summer time.  

Callans Kicks

Callans Kicks

Our weekly preview of tonight's Callan's Kicks - airs on RTE Radio 1 at 6.30pm. 

The Race for No. 10

Following last night's BBC UK General Election debate, Nicholas Watt, Chief Political Correspondent with The Guardian, joined Sean. 

Watch BBC Election Debate below, 

The Third Act

Good news for anyone feeling a little over the hill this morning – it turns out that ageing is changing and that 60 is actually the new 40.

The lengthening of our life spans in the last 100 years means we can all expect to live longer, but does society still treat older people as has-beens?

Entrepreneur Dr Edward Kelly has set up an organisation called The Third Act to help people think about how they can continue to contribute and fully enjoy life well past what we now consider to be ‘retirement’ age.

See more on The Third Act here.

Read More: Why 60 is the new middle age: Our longer, healthier lives means we aren't classed as elderly until at least 70

Read more: Why 60 is the new middle age: Our longer, healthier lives means we aren't classed as elderly until at least 70

Read more: 
Why 60 is the new middle age: Our longer, healthier lives means we aren't classed as elderly until at least 70, Fiona Macrae, The Daily Mail, 15th April 2015


The Gathering

The Gathering

To our weekly round-up of the news of the week, a week where we saw Seanad Reform proposals, a threatened bus strike, 400 illegal migrants died when their boat capsized off the coast of Italy, a new report on Insolvency and Mary Lou McDonald and Dail privilege.

For a look back at these stories and more, Peadar Tóibín, Sinn Féin TD for Meath West; Brenda Power, Columnist with the Sunday Times and Irish Daily Mail; David Hall, CEO of the Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation; and Labour Senator Lorraine Higgins all joined Sean in studio.



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