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Ebola Virus

Ebola Virus

Later this morning Health Minister Leo Varadkar and the Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health Dr Tony Holohan will answer questions at the Oireachtas Health committee on how prepared we are for a case of the ebola virus on these shores.

Meanwhile ,the INMO are waiting for further clarification from the HSE on how medical staff here will be trained.

Liam Doran is General Secretary of the INMO and joined Sean to discuss


Charlie O'Connor

Charlie O'Connor

For any parent, coming to terms with the death of a son or daughter is extraordinarily painful in any circumstances. But when you are in the public eye it attracts headlines and media scrutiny.

Former Fianna Fail TD, Charlie O’Connor joined Sean in studio to discuss the death of his son Robert who died last April from a drugs overdose, aged 35.

Direct Provision Centres

Brian O'Connell visited the Atlantic House, a Direct Provision Centre in Tramore.


Freezing Eggs

It has emerged that female employees of Facebook and Apple are now being offered a fertility option of freezing their eggs, allowing them to put off motherhood until later in life if they so wish.

It is currently only available to employees in the United States, but Facebook and Apple do of course have bases in this country too.

Colm Gorey, journalist with Silicon Republic joins Sean.

Valerie Cox meets with Padraig Nally

Farmer Padraig Nally told the Central Criminal Court sitting in Castlebar that he didn't deny that he shot traveller John Ward, he was afraid Ward was going to kill him. Valerie Cox, has been to Mayo to meet with Padraig Nally and Crona Esler, whose book about Padraig Nally 'Unless By Invitation' was published this week, join Sean in studio.



Irish Water

Irish Water

Labour TD in Waterford Ciara Conway joined Sean to discuss the lack of information available to customers. She feels that Irish Water are not a customer facing utility, 'waiting twenty eight days for a response from them is not good enough,' she says.

Busking in Dublin

Busking in Dublin

Paddy O'Gorman has been hearing how you may now need a licence in order to busk on the streets of Dublin. He met with a variety of buskers to get their opinions on the proposed licencing system.

Tracy Coyne's Spooky Halloween Recipes

Tracy Coyne, winner of the Great Irish Bake Off, joins Sean with a couple of Halloween recipes which are easy and fun to do with children.

Jelly Monsters – Great treats for Trick ‘r Treaters on Halloween Night!

 What you need…

1 Block of Vanilla Ice Cream

1 Pack of Lime Jelly

A package of Oreos Crumbled up

A couple of drops of food colouring to make it really hideous…

Small Jars or Disposable Clear Party Glasses

Permanent Black Marker

What you do

Allow the ice cream to melt at room temperature or in the microwave and set aside.

Melt the block of Jelly in the microwave and mix it with the ice cream until well blended and slimy green adding a few drops of green food colouring if it isn’t gross enough…

Pour the mixture into little glass yoghurt jars or disposable clear party cups and allow to set in the fridge overnight.

In the morning, sprinkle the Oreo Hair onto each jelly and use the black marker to draw the scariest and funniest Halloween faces you can…

Hooting Owl Cakes

What you need…

125g Self Raising Flour

125g Caster Sugar

125g Softened Butter

2 Eggs

37g Milk

Pinch of Baking Powder

Drop of Vanilla Essence

400g Icing Sugar & 50g Cocoa Powder mixed with a few tablespoons of warm water to make a stiff icing

12 Oreo Cookies

24 Brown Smarties or M&Ms and 12 Orange Smarties or M&Ms

Line a 12 hole bun tin with paper cases.

What you do

Pre-heat the oven to 180c

Mix the Flour, Butter, Sugar, Eggs, vanilla and milk together in a mixer until you have a batter of dropping consistency. Don’t worry about keeping air in this mixture because you want your little cakes to have a flattish top to decorate with the owls face.

Spoon a small amount into each bun paper using all of the mixture between the 12.

Bake for 16-18 minutes or until the buns are golden and spring back to the light touch of your finger.

Allow to cool on a rack while you mix the icing.

Mix the sugar and cocoa together and add the water a little at a time until you have a tight, but dropping consistency – if the icing is too runny it will take an age to dry so be cautious when adding the water. Spread this scantily on the top of each mini cake as a base for sticking on the Owl face.

Decorate the little faces by splitting each Oreo in half and using them as eyes, adding a brown Smartie to each for the pupils. Then add an orange Smartie on its side between the eyes as the little Owl’s beak.

Halloween Smiles

What you need…

2 Green or Red Apples, cored and sliced into wedges.

Peanut Butter or Nutella

A handful of Mini-Marshmallows

What you do

Spread one side of each apple slice with the peanut butter or Nutella, which ever you’re using and stick the mini-marshmallows onto one slice to form little teeth, then top with a second slice securing the teeth in place.

Craft Ghost Pops for the Trick ‘r Treaters

What you need…

Some Chuppa Chups or other pop stick lollipops

A piece of an old bed sheet torn into little 15cm x 15cm squares

Some Coloured Ribbon

A Fine Tipped Black Marker or Pen

What you do

Cut the ribbons into short lengths but long enough to tie around the pop sticks.

Wrap each pop in a square of cloth securing the ends on the stick with your fingers. Tie a bow with the ribbons and draw a ghost face on each pop.

If you’re too little to tie the ribbons, use little elastic bands instead – you’ll find them in craft shops, but if you’re nice to your butcher he’ll give you the little red elastic ties they use for stuffing meat which will add a little colour too!

See Tracy's Facebook page for more.


Ebola Update

Ebola Update

Susan Mitchell, Health Correspondent at the Sunday Business Post, spoke to Sean with the update from the Oireachtas Health Committee where Health Minister Leo Varadkar and the Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health Dr Tony Holohan answered questions on how prepared Ireland is should we have a case of Ebola here.



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