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Medical Cards

Medical Cards

In a remarkable U-Turn yesterday, the government announced that they would return discretionary medical cards to over 15,000 people who have had them removed between July 2011 and May 2014.

Sean was joined by Pat Leahy of the Sunday Business Post and by Kevin Shortall whose daughter Louise has Leukaemia and you went through a 19-month application process only to be refused.



This month, the minister for children, Charlie Flanagan, is due to introduce draft legislation on the rights of adopted children to seek information about their birth parents.

Sean was joined by fitness expert Pat Henry, who discovered he was adopted in 2006 and by Eamon McGrane who is currently seeking to meet with his birth mother. Law lecturer, Aisling Parkes, was in our Sligo studio.

Eamon Dunphy Apology

Eamon Dunphy Apology

Last night viewers of RTE2’s coverage of Brazil’s World Cup clash with Mexico may have been shocked to hear pundit Eamon Dunphy accidentally swear while he thought he thought they were off air.

Eamon joined Sean this morning.



According to the latest reports Iraqi government forces have halted the advance of ISIS militants north of Baghdad but the Islamic militants remain in control of wide swathes of  northern Iraq.

Hundreds of thousands of people have fled their homes ahead of the ISIS advance, many of them taking refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan, a region in the North of the country so far largely unaffected by the fighting.

Overwhelmed by the flood of refugees, the Kurdish authorities are in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

Fabio Forgione is the Head of Mission for MSF in Iraq.


Social Entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneurs

Paddy O’Gorman has been to a social entrepreneur bootcamp.

Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Róisín O’Hara joined us again to discuss parenting issues. This week we’re looking at summer camps. With primary schools closing for the holidays next week, it can be very difficult for many parents, particularly those who are working, to find an alternative to school to both occupy and care for children. But, as you’ve found out Róisín, these Summer Camps are widely available for all age groups and are widely used, but parents should be wary.



The sun is out the clothes get a little skimpier, but who wants to be toning their torso indoors? Now is the opportunity to get out and about. 

Pat Divilly of Pat Divilly Fitness in Galway and author of the 21 Day Jump Start Plan joined Sean from our Galway studio.

Training ideas-

Park benches for step ups, tricep dips, modified push ups.

Playgrounds with monkey bars.

Football pitch or running track for longer running sessions.

Hills for hill sprints, a faster more intense way of getting in a cardiovascular training!


Sample 15 minute outdoor session 1:

Circuit repeated as many times as possible in 15 minutes after a quick warm up:

-10 Push Ups

-10 Squats

-10 Step Ups

-200 Meter Run


Sample outdoor Deck Of Cards Workout:

After a warm up assign a different exercise to each suit of the deck of cards.

For exampleDiamonds-

Push Ups

Hearts- Squats

Clubs- Lunges

Spades- Burpees


Work through the deck. With each card you turn over you have the corresponding number of repetitions to perform. Work through the whole deck of cards. Queen, king, jack and aces each count as 10 repetitions. Example 6 of diamonds would be 6 push ups, queen of hearts 10 repetitions and so on......


Distressed Mortgages

David Hall, Director The Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation



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