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    Today With Sean O Rourke Thursday 13 March 2014


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    Penalty Points

    To the Garda Inspectorate’s damning report on the penalty points system – it found consistent and widespread breaches of policy – saying that fixes over the years had resulted in a technically deficient, managerially uncoordinated, inefficient and excessively resourced system. Keelin was joined by journalist Mick Clifford and by former Head of the Garda Traffic Bureau , John O’Brien.


    Cork Travellers Site

    Yesterday we heard about the conditions in the Spring Lane Halting site where about 150 travellers including many children are living – we heard about raw sewage, subsidence, overcrowding and very poor sanitary facilities

    Today in an effort to find out why nothing has been done about these conditions Keelin was  joined by Counsellor Ken O’Flynn from Cork City Council and by Louise Harrington from the Cork Traveller women’s network



    There is a growing housing shortage in Dublin– a lack of new social housing and a widening gap between rent supplement payments and rising rents have all led to what is quickly becoming a crisis – Keelin spoke with Bob Jordan from Threshold and with Margaret McCormack form the Irish Property Owners’ Association

    But first Paddy O’Gorman was speaking to some people looking for housing

    Pope Francis – One Year On

    Exactly one year ago today, the white smoke in St Peter’s Square indicated that a new pope had been elected. Shortly after Jorge Mario Bergoglio made his first appearance. His papacy thus far has been nothing if not interesting.

    Keelin was joined from Galway by Fr Tony Flannery; by author, Paul Vallelly and by Gerard O’Connell, Vatican Affairs Analyst with the Universe.



    Marriage breakdown is a stressful, and for many, a devastating time. Where there are children involved and where the parties sit opposite each other in an adversarial setting, the stress can be magnified

    Helen Collins is a family law practitioner and author of ‘A Short Guide to Divorce in Ireland’.

     ‘A Short Guide to Divorce in Ireland’ (Cork University Press) by Helen Collins is available in bookshops now.


    Pope Francis - One Year On

    Fr. Tony Flannery, Paul Vallelly, Author, Gerard O'Connell, Vatican Affairs Analyst with The Universe

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