Today With Sean O Rourke Tuesday 26 November 2013

The open-air concert A Nation's Voice, featuring the choral work 'One Hundred Years a Nation', that took place at Collins Barracks in March 2016.

Today with Sean O'Rourke

Today with Sean O'Rourke

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Personal Insolvency

Personal Insolvency

In this morning’s Irish Independent, Personal Finance Editor, Charlie Weston has got his hands on the details of some families’ deals with banks processed by personal insolvency specialists Grant Thornton International Debt Solutions. Sean was joined by Charlie Weston and Ronan Duffy from McCambridge Duffy, who were the first PIPs to finalise a deal under the new insolvency guidelines.

Health Matters

Health Matters

He was elevated to the position of Junior Minister at the Department of Health because of the departure of his predecessor, but more than a year into the job, Minister Alex White has at least partly delivered one of the commitments in the Programme for Government – with free GP care for the under-5s.

This is, he says, the first step on the road to free GP care for all, despite protests from doctors and doubts expressed by his fellow Junior Minister in Health.

Minister Alex White joined Sean to discuss the implementation of that scheme – as well as looking at his plans to tackle the drinks industry, and some of the other problems currently hampering the health service in this country.


North Korea Undercover – Inside the World’s Most Secret State

North Korea Undercover – Inside the World’s Most Secret State

by John Sweeney (Bantam Press)

You may remember the controversy last year when a BBC journalist posed as a history professor to enter the most secretive State on earth, North Korea, and film undercover footage for a documentary for BBC’s Panorama.

He has since written a book about his experiences in a country where every move made by the group he was with was watched by official guides in a country filled with empty motorways and universities without students…

The documentary maker, John Sweeney also exposes the regime’s links with Ireland having trained Official IRA members in assassination techniques and bomb-making skills. He joins us today to discuss all this and more in his latest book North Korea Undercover: Inside the World’s Most Secret State.


ESB Industrial Action

ESB Industrial Action

ESB workers have threatened  industrial action from December 16th in the event of the ESB pension row not being resolved.

Now, Retail Excellence Ireland has warned that if the strike goes ahead  it will actively assist thousands of retail businesses to switch to "more market-focussed energy providers". However, ESB Union Chief, Brendan Ogle, has hit back saying “that moving companies won’t make a blind bit of difference”  should industrial action lead to power cuts.  Joining Sean was Ingrid Miley, our Industry and Employment Correspondent.  

Donegal Right of Way

Donegal Right of Way

A new leisure complex built in the Carrickart area of Co. Donegal was welcomed by the locals as a shot in the arm for the local economy. But then the developers installed a seven foot steel gate across the roadway leading to Aughadoher beach and this has caused fury in the locality. 

Valerie Cox has been to Carrickart to find out more.

Inside Team Sky

Inside Team Sky

By David Walsh (Simon and Schuster)

In his last book, David Walsh documented in very personal detail his pursuit of disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong and his role in the supposed Tour de France winner’s eventual fall from grace in his book Seven Deadly Sins.

In an attempt to see how far cycling has come since the dark days of the doping era, he was invited to embed himself with the dominant Team Sky, with whom Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome had completely dominated the 2012 Tour de France. If there were any questions or doubts about the legitimacy of their 2012 victory, he would no doubt find the answers in their 2013 campaign.

His book, Inside Team Sky takes the reader right into the heart of cycling’s most successful operation.

College Places

College Places

With almost fifty thousand people starting college this September, the battle of the secondary schools is once again taking centre stage as newspapers publish the lists of how many students from each school have made it to our colleges this year.

Our regular education expert Brian Mooney joined Sean this morning.

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Martin Conmey

In 1973, Martin Conmey, 20 years old at the time, was accused of her murder, and subsequently jailed for three years for manslaughter.



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