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EU/IMF Bailout programme

EU/IMF Bailout programme

Ireland is on track to become the first Eurozone country to exit the EU/IMF bailout programme ,which was requested in November 2010.

Discussions between the Government and the Troika are likely to focus on the need to establish a post-bailout emergency credit line , or in laymans terms a sizeable overdraft. Officials from the Troika will make their twelfth and final visit to Dublin today.   Sean spoke to Trinity College Professor of Finance Brian Lucey.


Roma Community

Roma Community

After a week that brought the Roma community in Ireland into national and international focus, we’ve seen, read and heard an awful lot about a community that few of us have had much direct interaction with.

Over the weekend, some Roma families in Cork invited Brian O’Connell into their homes and told him how they felt about recent events, and also what life in Ireland was like for them in general. Sean spoke to Brian.


Marie Louise O'Donnell

Marie Louise O'Donnell


Marie Louise O’Donnell walked part of the  ancient pilgrim path to Clonmacnoise with Darach MacDonald,  author of Tochar , a walking pace travelogue through the country, which recounts the trials and tribulations of modern day pilgrims.


Child Sex Offenders Bill/Sarah's Law

Child Sex Offenders Bill/Sarah's Law

By the end of the month, new legislation will be introduced on the sex offenders register by the Justice Minister, Alan Shatter. But whether he will support a bill introduced by Independent TD, Denis Naughten, is another matter. The Child Sex Offenders (Information and Monitoring) Bill would give parents, schools and clubs access to the register, a situation which already exists in the UK under Sarah’s Law – named after 8 year old Sarah Payne, who was abducted and murdered by a sex offender in 2000.

Sean spoke to Denis Naughten and by Liam Herrick, executive director of the Irish Penal Reform Trust.


Dr Kevin Cahill

As a distinguished doctor of medicine, Dr Kevin Cahill has not only treated patients including Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan and Leonard  Bernstein but has also offered his vast expertise to a number of national and international organizations including the United Nations and the New York City Police Department.

Now Dr Kevin Cahill is about to  receive the American Irish Historical Society’s highest award, the Gold Medal, in recognition of his service as President of the Society for the last 40 years and he spoke to Sean.




Sub Saharan Migration

Sub Saharan Migration

The recent shocking loss of life of over 300  African migrants drowned while making their way to the Italian island of Lampedusa focused the west’s attention on the plight of migrants.  Medicine San Frontier did a detailed study on the plight of sub Saharan Africans in Morocco called Violence Vulnerability and Migration.   Sergio Martin was Director of the MSF Programme in Morocco, before the agency withdrew recently and he spoke to Sean.




One in  three of us will develop some form of cancer in our lifetime and by 2020, over 40,000 new cases will be diagnosed a year in this country making the drive for research and cure one of the most important medical goals of the next decade.

As the “C” word has moved from the almost certain death sentence of a generation ago to the more positive outcomes and even cures in more recent times, one Irish organisation has been at the centre of ground-breaking research work in the fight to find a cure.

Though few of us will have heard of ICORG –The All Ireland Co-operative Oncology Research Group – their work has garnered international recognition and a recently announced national cancer research centre, will centralise the work of all cancer research in this country and will see ICORG very much involved.

Sean spoke to Dr Ray McDermott is the Clinical leader of ICORG and a Consultant Oncologist at St Vincent’s Hospital and Dr Janice Walshe is a Consultant Oncologist, in Tallaght and Vincent’s hospitals.




Baby found in car Boot in France

News over the weekend that a two year old baby girl was found hidden in the boot of her parents car has appalled France in a story that investigators have said defies the imagination.

Sean spoke to The Daily Telegraph’s correspondent in Paris, Henry Samuel.


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