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New Insolvency Service

New Insolvency Service

From today people who are in severe financial difficulty will be able to make applications to the Insolvency Service of Ireland to have their debts restructured.

It’s a much heralded new approach to dealing with the mortgage crisis here but it will be some time before we can see how effective it is in practice.

Joining Sean in studio were Noeline Blackwell, director general of FLAC and financial advisor Michael Dowling who represents 40 former residents of Priory Hall in Dublin.

Personal Debt.

Paddy O'Gorman talked to some people at the Credit Union Office in Finglas, Dublin.

The Price of Power – Inside Ireland’s Crisis Coalition

The Price of Power – Inside Ireland’s Crisis Coalition

by Pat Leahy (Penguin Ireland)

It was a Government that hit the ground running, literally with the new Taoiseach bounding into work walking. But what he and his coalition partners found in the State’s coffers made grim accounting....they had inherited a country poised on the cliff edge of ruin.

So with no other options available the new government was forced to follow the economic blueprint left by their predecessors and answer to their new economic masters the TROIKA.

Now that the first half of the Government’s term has come to an end deputy and political editor of The Sunday Business Post, Pat Leahy has set out to tell the story as seen from the inside in his latest book The Price of Power – Inside Ireland’s Crisis Coalition.

Second Captains

Second Captains

The last two weekends have shown just how deeply sport runs in the veins of the Irish public. From the Dublin Kerry classic in the football semi final, to Friday’s soccer heartbreak to the scenes in Croke Park yesterday, sporting events punctuate many of our lives and create moments of shared experience that few other events can match.

Eoin McDevitt and Ciarán Murphy are two men for whom sport is more than a passion. For the past ten years it’s been a way of life.

U.S. Congress

U.S. Congress

In the United States, Congress returns today with the biggest agenda and potential for crisis that it has had in many years. First up will be the debate and the vote on president Obama’s intention to use military force in Syria and even at this late stage it’s very hard to call how the vote will go.

Joining Sean was joined in studio Dr Graham Finlay from the School of Politics and International Relations in UCD.

Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying

Bullying is a word that is often automatically associated with childhood and the playground...but in the move from school to the world of emplyment, the same tactics can continue and make life equally miserable for an adult in the workplace.

In 1996 Dr Mona O’Moore founded Anti Bullying Centre in Trinity College and it has since moved to DCU, incorporating the area of workplace bullying into it remit. Sean was joined in studio by co-ordinator of the workshops there, Genevieve Murray, to look at the causes and impacts of bullying in the workplace and the solutions open to those who may be in that situation.



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