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Tuesday 8th March

Family Courts

We return to the Family Courts this morning where some of the cases involved grandparents seeking access to their grandchildren. Valerie Cox has been there. 

Thursday 18th February

Family Courts

Valerie Cox on dramatic exchanges in the family courts

Monday 8th February

Family Court

This morning we made another visit to Dolphin House and the family courts. But a recent change has meant the introduction of children to give the Judge their side of the story. Valerie Cox was there.

Friday 22nd January

Floods Revisited

The flood waters have receded, the clean up is underway and householders are assessing the damage to their homes.  Can they be fixed without insurance? Or will they be abandoned to the ravages of the River Shannon?  Valerie Cox has been to the Golden Island area of Athlone to meet some of the people trying to return to their homes.

Friday 15th January

Rural Crime

Cattle rustling, the theft of farm machinery, attacks on rural households and robberies in small villages, they’ve all happened in the past year and have led to a series of public meetings around the country organized by concerned citizens.

But could one of the reasons for all this be the decrease in Garda numbers around the country, particularly in the border areas?  Well the residents think so and the Gardai agree.  Valerie Cox has been looking at the problem.

Friday 18th December

Our Lady's Hospice, Harold's Cross

A place of warmth, welcome, light and peace, that’s how Valerie Cox has described her visit yesterday to Our Lady’s Hospice in Harold’s Cross in Dublin as they prepare for Christmas. 

Visit their website here,  and their facebook page here.

To donate to the hospice see here

Monday 14th December

Family Courts

Courtroom violence, Valerie Cox describes the setting for Friday's attack on a judge at Dolphin House.

Tuesday 1st December

Ben and Jake Connolly

Last November we brought you the story of the Connolly family from Mountmellick in County Laois. Two of Nicolette and Terence’s three boys, Ben and Jake, both suffer from Allan-Herndon-Dudley-Syndrome, a condition so rare that they are the only two sufferers in Ireland.

Both parents had to give up work to look after their children around the clock. And after they did, their mortgage fell into arrears. So the local community decided to fundraise for a purpose built home but now there’s a snag and a big bill that nobody expected because the taxman wants a cut. Valerie Cox has been to Mountmellick to find out what’s happened.

Wednesday 25th November

Rural Crime

Last night more than 500 people gathered in Trim, Co. Meath in what was described as a fight back against the scourge of rural crime. Valerie Cox was there for us. 

Crowds gather at meeting in Trim

People lined up to speak of their experiences

Tuesday 24th November

Shortage of Rural GPs

Patients scattered across remote countryside, elderly people living alone and getting the flu jab out there. It’s all part of the work of a rural GP and yesterday Valerie Cox spent the day with Dr Martin Daly, a GP in Ballygar, Co Galway who is also on the National GP committee of the IMO.

Programme Highlights

Martin Conmey

In 1973, Martin Conmey, 20 years old at the time, was accused of her murder, and subsequently jailed for three years for manslaughter.

Frozen after Death

A 14 year old known only as JS has won her case to be cryogenically frozen.

Bionic Humans

Science expert Sean Duke talks bionic men and women.



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