Wednesday 30th November

Shakespeare: Hamlet

Again and again, Shakespeare is named the greatest writer in the English language and, for many, Hamlet is his greatest play. Written in 1600/1601, people quote lines from the play ...

Wednesday 19th October

Shakespeare: Macbeth

To Shakespeare and one of his all-time greats, a play so doomed, so bloody, so violent that actors refer to it as The Scottish Play because of a theatrical superstition ...

Tuesday 27th September

Tuesday 16th August

Shakespeare at 400

Continuing our year-long celebration of Shakespeare on the four hundredth anniversary of his death, to date, on this programme, we’ve looked at some of Shakespeare’s comedies, tragedies, history plays. And ...

Wednesday 20th July

Shakespeare: Henry V

Today we took a look at one of Shakespeare's historical plays, Henry V with Niall MacMonagle.

Monday 27th June

Shakespeare 400: As You Like It

Call a play As You Like It and there's bound to be something in it for everyone. And Shakespeare's comedy, written in 1599/1600 contains love and disguise and banishment and reconciliation. ...

Tuesday 3rd May

Shakespeare at 400 - Othello

In January, we talked about Shakespeare’s great tragedy, King we are focusing on another ... Othello. A play brimming with jealousy, racism and subterfuge. It also boasts one of ...

Monday 18th April

Shakespeare at 400

These days in particular, there is no escaping from politics and there is always something fascinating about those in power - Putin, Obama or those trying to get into power ...

Monday 14th March

Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

People who have never read a line of Shakespeare are sure to be familiar with the phrase 'a pound of flesh'.  Those famous four words are still used, especially in ...

Monday 15th February

Shakespeare 400 - Romeo and Juliet

High on any list of literature's great lovers you'll find Anthony and Cleopatra, Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, Cathy and Heathcliff but the names Romeo and Juliet are the names ...



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