Friday 11th November

Professor Louise Richardson

Louise Richardson has come a long way since her early years growing up in Tramore. One of the world’s most respected political scientists and a leading commentator on international terrorism, she spent ...

Tuesday 8th November

US Presidential Election

Well, it’s the 8th of November, the date that’s been marked in so many calendars around the world for years’s Election Day in the United States of America... From ...


Earlier career guidance counsellor Brian Mooney told us he had broken ranks with the ASTI after 40 years of membership. Diarmuid De Paor who is deputy General Secretary of the ...

Friday 4th November

The Gathering

Our Gathering review a busy week of breaking stories across the water to our East, the UK’s Brexit process gets more complicated as the courts get involved across the water to our WEST, ...

Union Reaction

The certainly left it late but in the end the Garda Representative Association and the AGSI both suspended their planned industrial action last night. They will now ballor their memberships ...

Friday 21st October

AGSI Begin Work to Rule

As you heard there in the headlines, Garda Sergeants and Inspectors have started a work to rule as part of a campaign seeking pay restoration and negotiating rights. The middle ...


A student has been found guilty of false imprisonment of Joan Burton during the Jobstown protest. The youth (17) denied falsely imprisoning the former Tanaiste and her advisor Karen O'Connell who ...

The Gathering

Time now for our Friday Gathering...and here to rake over the hot coals of the big stories of the week, we have Fergus O’Dowd, Fine Gael TD for Louth, Richard Boyd ...


It’s been just over two weeks since Hurricane Matthew tore through Haiti, killing at least 1000 and leaving tens of thousands without a home. The island nation, the poorest in the Americas is ...

Thursday 20th October

US Presidential Election Debate

The 3rd and final US Presidential debate took place last night in Las Vegas and by all accounts it seems to have been a more policy focused debate...well....for the first ...



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