Monday 5th December


Homework – some kids lash through it, others spend hours on it... some parents hover over them as they do it, others hang back and maybe offer the odd spelling ...

Tech Gadgets

Stumped with what to get someone for Christmas? With new tech gadgets constantly hitting the shelves, the latest tablet, video game or camera could be the perfect gifts. To take ...

Wednesday 30th November

Finding Banni

Today Show reporter Colm Flynn comes from County Clare.  He has a younger brother and sister but for a while his family had another child in their care – that ...

Undocumented Irish

During his campaign for the presidency, Donald Trump pledged mass deportation of illegal immigrants. Now he appears to be softening his stance on a range of issues, including immigration. Will ...

Monday 28th November

Gender Dysphoria

The topic of gender dysphoria has been in the media of late, with the introduction of the Gender Recognition Act last year, as well as the high-profile story of Caitlyn ...

CF Drug Orkambi

Now the Cystic Fibrosis drug Orkambi has been the centre of attention for some time now, not just among the CF Community - many of whom feel it could be ...

Friday 21st October

Counselling in Primary Schools

Teachers in primary schools are very often, inadvertedly, at the coalface helping children deal with issues like family break up and bereavement BUT increasingly more challenging situations are presenting into ...

Thursday 20th October

Would You Believe Special

Could demonising sex offenders, pushing them out and away from society, actually do more harm than good to the ultimate aim of protecting children and society. This is the big ...

Tuesday 18th October

Importing Cars from the UK

Buying a car is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make as a consumer and it’s a daunting prospect for many with the Sterling slide, more and more consumers are looking ...

Friday 14th October

Bob Dylan Nobel Prize for Literature

Like a Rolling Stone, that snare drum perhaps the most iconic intro to any track of the 20th Century, and perhaps it’s the most iconic song by the now Nobel Prize-winning ...



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