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Thursday 18th September

The effects of new drugs available in Dublin's inner city

Brian O'Connell report and in studioTony Duffin, Director Anna Liffey Drugs Project

Tuesday 16th September

Monday 15th September

Thursday 11th September

Scotland Referendum

Now yesterday our reporter Brian O’Connell brought us a report from those of an Irish background living in Scotland who intend voting Yes in next week’s referendum.

Friday 5th September

Direct Provision Centres

Brian O'Connell report and in studio Aodhan O'Riordain, Minister of State, Labour Party

Wednesday 3rd September

Direct Provision

Yesterday, our reporter Brian O’Connell brought us an exclusive investigation confirming that some asylum seekers are engaged in prostitution. Today, Brian you have more accounts of women in the direct ...

Tuesday 2nd September

Direct Provision

In recent months our reporter Brian O’Connell has been lifting the lid on the Direct Provision system of accommodation for asylum seekers. Today and tomorrow Brian brings us new revelations ...

Wednesday 27th August

Marital Longevity

What makes a long and happy marriage – what are the secrets? How can you ensure your relationship runs harmoniously?  With Sean in studio with thoughts and advice were Anne ...

Monday 25th August

Delays in Treatment

Our reporter Brian O’Connell, who is in our Cork studio, spent time in a GP surgery last week in Limerick where people are experiencing increasing delays for essential treatments.

Friday 22nd August

Limerick Water

Hundreds of residents on Limerick’s north side were told in recent weeks that they may not be able to drink their tap water for up to a year. Brian O’Connell ...



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