Brian o connell

Thursday 8th January

Petrol Prices

While the price of a barrel of US crude oil has dropped below $50 in the past week, down almost 60% since last June, many motorists have yet to feel ...

Tuesday 6th January

JD Wetherspoon: Low Priced Alcohol

The news that the UK chain of pubs JD Wetherspoon is planning to invest €50 million into Ireland over the next five years has drawn some criticism, not least because ...

Thursday 18th December

Spiced Buffalo

Now, an age old Cork tradition is for spiced beef at Christmas, but one butcher in the English Market is offering the dish with a twist. Brian O’Connell popped in ...

Tuesday 16th December

Road Safety Roadshow

How do you get the importance of road safety across to the group of teenagers? Well, one road safety roadshow has been travelling the country trying to do just that, ...

Friday 12th December

Gay Asylum Seekers

Brian O’Connell who has done a lot of work this year around the issue of asylum seekers and the direct provision system. Having touched previously on the issue of asylum seekers seeking ...

Thursday 11th December

Overdose Injection

Ireland has one of the highest drug overdose rates in the EU, with figures showing that an average of one person dies from drug overdose every day in Ireland. In ...

Tuesday 9th December


Now as part of a two-day series, our reporter Brian O’Connell has been talking to some Irish men who pay for sex regularly. This relates to legislation that was approved ...

Monday 8th December


Under new legislation agreed by the Cabinet recently, people who pay for sex in Ireland will face criminal sanction. The new laws will also strengthen legislation in other areas such ...

Tuesday 25th November

Suicide in the Traveller Community

Brian O'Connell met with Christine Faulkner in Limerick. Christine has had two children die by suicide, she spoke to Brian about the death of her 15 year old Katie and ...

Monday 24th November

Spring Lane Halting Site Cork

Back in March Brian O'Connell visited the Spring Lane Halting Site, a dwelling made to accommodate ten families, with 35 living there. Brian revisited the site recently to see whether ...



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