Thursday 14th April

Book - The Berlin Diary of Roger Casement 1914 - 1916

Roger Casement spent 18 months in Imperial Germany from late 1914 to April 1916. He was pilloried in the British press. The Manchester Guardian calling his trip to Berlin 'act of monstrous baseness at first throught incredible'. 

The diary has been published, edited by Angus Mitchell, One Bold Deed of Open Treason' is out now on Merrion Press. 

Tuesday 15th December

Christmas Books for Children

It’s that time of year when the bookshops are busy with parents/grandparents/aunts and uncles all staring at the shelves wondering what book might be suitable for the child in their lives.

Sarah Webb, writer and children’s book advisor to festivals and events gave her recommendations but first, our reporter, Elayne Devlin went to meet the Casey Family who range in age from 12 to five.

Wednesday 2nd December

Book: Medical Negligence and Childbirth

Medical negligence cases involving the death or injury of babies are as contentious as they are tragic.

Often the first the public hear of these cases is often when they open the paper and read stories of devastated parents, long delays and large pay cuts.

But behind these headlines, how are these cases run? What causes the long delays? And how could they be managed better? Joining Sean in studio was barrister Doireann O'Mahony (and now author) who will be launching her book on the topic this evening and obstetrician Roger Clements who assisted with the book. 

Tuesday 1st December

Book: A Fly Never Lit

The 1960s were a decade of rapid change in rural Ireland. At the start of the decade a typical farmer might have been getting around in a pony and trap. At its end, he was more likely to be bowling around in a car. By then too, television had replaced the wireless as the main source of entertainment in the evenings. Writer PJ Cunningham evokes those years in a memoir called A Fly Never Lit. 

Thursday 26th November

Book Club - Brooklyn

The film 'Brooklyn' continues to be a big draw at the box office and our book club choice for this month is 'Brooklyn' by Colm Tóibín. 

Brooklyn tells the story of Eilis Lacey, a young woman who lives with her mother and sister in Enniscorthy in the 1950s. Her sister arranges for Eilis to emigrate to New York and despite her reluctance, Eilis knows she must go as there is little future for her in Ireland.

As she leaves her family behind and arrives in America it takes time for Eilis to settle in. She is desperately homesick but she gradually makes friends and finds love. 

However, a tragic event at home means Eilis has to return to Ireland after a year. Back in Enniscorthy, she struggles to decide should her future be in Ireland or in Brooklyn. 

Joining Sean this morning as part of our panel was Larry Donnelly, lecturer in Law at NUI Galway, Carole Coleman, reporter and former RTÉ Washington correspondent, Eoghan O'Neachtain, Director of Public Affairs with Heneghan PR and Margaret E. Ward, journalist and CEO of Clearink Limited.

Monday 9th November

Book: The Last of the President’s Men

Bob Woodward helped bring down a president, often described as a legendary journalist and has been played on screen by one of Hollywood's greatest leading men. 

Bob Woodward and his Washington Post colleague Carl Bernstein broke the story now known as the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of US president Richard Nixon 41 years ago. 

And now, he's back with a new book which reveals previously unheard insights into what Nixon was like behind closed doors and he joined Sean on the line. 

Friday 6th November

The Sheridans Guide to Cheese

Whether your idea of cheese is an Easy Single or the finest Stilton, our next guests certainly know a thing or two about cheese. Over twenty years ago they started selling cheese on a market stall in Galway and they now run a cheese empire. They have just written their first book, The Sheridans Guide To Cheese.

Counter Culture, The Sheridans Guide to Cheese, will be launched in Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop, Middle Street, Galway this Saturday night by Jess Murphy, chef/patron of Kai Restaurant who previously worked as a chef in Sheridans on the Docks. The book, published by Transworld Ireland is on sale now, priced €20.

Wednesday 4th November

Rory Kavanagh, Donegal Footballer

It would be no exaggeration to say that before Jim McGuinness took over as manager of Donegal, their panel would have been considered too ill-disciplined, or too wild, to win an All Ireland…

As the recently-retired Rory Kavanagh puts it...they couldn’t be trusted...

Rory joined Sean in studio,  having just launched his book ‘Winning: How Donegal Changed the Game Forever’, which recounts his time as a footballer, and the seismic changes McGuinness brought to Donegal, along with the Sam Maguire and 3 county titles.

Monday 2nd November

Book: An Eagle in the Snow

This guest is perhaps one of the most prolific children’s authors. His 1982 novel, Warhorse was adapted for the stage and screen. His books are staples of most classrooms and libraries.

His new book, An Eagle in the Snow is based on the true story of a young soldier who had a chance encounter with Hitler and he joined Claire this morning, that is author Michael Morpurgo.

Wednesday 28th October

1916 Centenary: The Handbook of the Irish Revival

With our eye on the centenary of 1916 next year, it's a good time to look at the state of Ireland before the Rising, and if we look at those decades, one of the key ideas to emerge was that the Irish had lost the ability to be cultural innovators and instead had become slavish imitators of all things British - the 'West Briton' syndrome diagnosed by Douglas Hyde. In many ways the Irish Cultural Revival was an attempt to address this and to promote new modes of thinking in Ireland. 

In this moment new options presented themselves: either to turn to France with its radical republican politics and experimental art or to reconnect with the buried energies of the Irish language. 

These are some of the themes explored in The Handbook of the Irish Revival, recently published by the Abbey Theatre Press and in the months leading up to the centenary we will talk to its authors Declan Kiberd and PJ Matthews about the changing political temperature in Ireland leading up to 1916...

Today, PJ Matthews one of the authors was joined by Barry Barnes and Cathy Belton to look at Ireland in the early phases of the Literary Revival.

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