Monday 14th November

Luftwaffe Book

During the Second World War, or the Emergency as it was known, a number of German planes crash-landed on neutral Irish soil following close encounters with British forces. The members ...

Tuesday 8th November

The Best of Billy Keane

For the last 16 years or so, writer and publican Billy Keane has been writing despatches from his native Listowel for the Irish Independent. The columns are poignant, perceptive and ...

Friday 21st October

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy!

A Day in the Life, one of the Beatles' most affecting and popular songs - a song inspired by Irish aristocrat Tara Browne. Browne was one of the movers and shakers ...

Thursday 20th October

Book Club: Ann Patchett's Commonwealth

This month we’ve been reading the latest offering from celebrated novelist Ann Patchett. t’s called Commonwealth and Patchett says it is her most personal novel to date. It’s a sweeping American ...

Sebastian Barry

Days Without End is the new novel from acclaimed Irish author Sebastian Barry.  It brings us from Sligo in Famine times, across the Atlantic to America and the bloody Indian ...

Thursday 13th October

All in the Food

On Bloomsday, 1941, the doors first opened to Cathal Brugha Street, the building known in Dublin simply by its address, from which a seemingly endless stream of our country’s best ...

Tuesday 11th October

Deirdre Purcell's The Husband

Now, Deidre Purcell has certainly had a more varied career than most. She acted on the Abbey stage before moving into journalism where she became the first female anchor of ...

Thursday 6th October

Ethics in Business

“Greed is Good” – that was Gordon Gecko’s mantra in the 1987 hit film, Wall Street and it gets a mention at the start of Ros O’Shea’s book... “Leading with ...

Paul O'Connell's The Battle

Last February Paul O'Connell announced his retirement. Paul O’Connell’s long awaited autobiography “The Battle” is released today and it’s probably fair to say, it is highly anticipated amongst sports fans. Michael ...

Tuesday 2nd August

Joyce County

Just how big an influence did Galway have on James Joyce?  Well, he visited the city twice and everyone knows his wife, Nora Barnacle, was from Galway. In a new book ...



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