Tuesday 27th February

Book Club: A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

We now transport ourselves back in time to Twentieth Century Russia with our book of the month. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. This is a book that managed 38 weeks ...

Thursday 21st December

Bookclub: The Scandal By Fredrik Backman

For the last book club of the year, and in keeping with the season, we’ve been reading a dark, Scandi, sports SLASH crime novel, it’s called The Scandal- well that’s what it’s ...

Thursday 27th April

Book Club - Echoland

This month we’ve been reading Echoland by Joe Joyce, a detective novel set in 1940s Dublin by Joe Joyce. In studio this morning were John Connolly, author, Natasha Fennell, Director of Stillwater Communications, ...

Wednesday 19th April

Book: Inside the Monkey House

We're going to get a taste of life in the country's prisons with John Cuffe, who worked in the prison service for thirty years, spending most of his career in ...

Tuesday 14th March

The Catholics

Thousands of adherents of the old and new faiths went bravely to their deaths on pyres and racks during the English Reformation, which was set in train when King Henry ...

Thursday 2nd March

Jane Austen - 200 Years since her Death

A series exploring and discussing Jane Austen's six novels. While she was not well known before her death, she has since acquired massive acclaim. Niall MacMonagle talks of love being ...

Thursday 23rd February

The Book Club: The Good People

This month we’ve been reading The Good People, the second novel by award-winning author Hannah Kent. Joining us in studio is John Connolly, author, Natasha Fennell, Director of Stillwater Communications, Rick ...

Monday 5th December

Book: How Ireland Voted 2016

We revisited the earthquake election that was last February. Joining us in studio was Michael Marsh, who's Emeritus Professor of Politics Science at Trinity College Dublin, and co-editor of a ...

Wednesday 30th November

Book: The Road to Ruin

Financial Crashes are like earthquakes: we know that they are coming, but we know not the day or the hour. The next one is close and is likely to be ...

Monday 28th November

Children's Books this Christmas

It’s less than a month now until Christmas and many of us are starting to put together our shopping lists…. When it comes to gifts for kids, nothing beats a good ...



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