The Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind Friday 30 December 2016

Episode 1: Arrivals           3pm Tuesday 27th December 2016

Episode 2: Belonging      3pm Wednesday 28th December 2016

Episode 3: Negotiations  3pm Thursday 29th December 2016

Episode 4: Hope             3pm Friday 30th December 2016

The Ties That Bind

The Ties That Bind

Episode 4: Hope?; Brian O'Connell is guided by the intriguing 1930's work of two Harvard anthropologists on a journey through the troubling heart of rural Ireland today.

Ties That Bind Ep.04

In this episode, presenter Brian O'Connell delves deep into what sustains community life in rural Ireland today. In a vastly changed and changing world, what are the challenges to a rural society today and what solutions are rural communities discovering for themselves?

Neighbours reduced to passing each other in cars; post offices and pubs closing down; a generation choosing life elsewhere over the land… What’s left of community life in rural Ireland today?
The Ties That Bind is a new four-part series on RTÉ Radio 1, broadcasting over the Christmas period 27-30th December at 3pm each day. The series, which paints a portrait of rural Ireland today, is produced and presented by award-winning reporter Brian O'Connell, who is, himself, Co. Clare born and bred. The Ties That Bind looks at community life in Ireland today, guided by the intriguing work of two Harvard anthropologists who studied the people of Clare in the 1930s.
These two anthropologists, Conrad M. Arensberg and Solon T. Kimball, spent years living with people in Clare in the 1930s, and would later publish a study on family and community life based on their experience. The study became a go-to text for anthropologists for half a century.
In this series, Brian goes back to county Clare, immersing himself in the lives of the people and communities he meets along the way. Themes include emigration, rural decay, isolation, belonging, gender and local stereotypes, all adding up to an in-depth exploration of what it means to belong to a community in Ireland today. Brian takes  a spin on a rural bus, meets the buyers and sellers at a local mart, drops in on a GP-turned-TD and hears from a GAA referee about how fluid local identity has become in Ireland of 2016.

A Grey Heron Media & Brian O'Connell production for RTE Radio 1 and was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee.



Presenter: Brian O'Connell


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