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Sunday 19th April

How Vinyl Works

As record store day took place across the world - vinyl was celebrated everywhere from dingy little stores to house parties. We ask legendary Irish DJ Donal Dineen to share his thoughts about the beauty of vinyl on the radio.

press pack - what's it like inside a media scrum?

It's a sight we're used to seeing. But what's it like inside the scrum? Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been finding out...

Righting the red tops: do tabloids have a case to answer?

To talk about the role of tabloids in Ireland, we're joined by Mick O'Toole, crime correspondent and assistant news editor at the Irish Daily Star - and Michael Foley, lecturer in journalism at Dublin Institute of Technology's school of media.

Balancing act: are women getting a raw deal in the media?

So is there an inherent sexism at play in how women are portrayed or treated within media organisations? To discuss we're joined now by columnist Alison O'Connor and Dr Tom Clonan, security analyst with the Irish Times and retired army officer. Both Alison and Tom have conducted research on the experience of women in the Irish media.

Sunday 12th April

And pocket radio: Why podcasting is back

Liam Geraghty tunes into the world of podcasting.

Format farming: how to grow global TV hits in Ireland

We are joined by Philip Kampf of VIP Productions, the man behind Operation Transformation, The Hit and The Lyrics Board and Eoin Kvavanagh, creator of One Night Stand and The Takeover to discuss TV formats.

Station Master: RTE's Kevin Bakhurst on the pressures facing the state broadcaster

Kevin Bakhurst, Deputy Director-General, RTÉ and Managing Director, RTÉ News & Current Affairs discusses the pressures facing RTE.

Sunday 5th April

If the X Files is making a come back, what about some other classics?

Is there room for more Magnum PI, Bergerac or even Bracken? We asked Colm O'Regan to have a think about some other shows he's like to see return.

The Truth is out there: is it possible to resurrect a pop-culture phenomenon like the X Files?

If mention of the lone gunmen makes you smile and if you, like millions of others, were gripped by the adventures of Mulder and Scully then news that the X Files is coming back will have your inner conspiracy theorist rejoicing. We talk to Sinéad Gleeson, broadcaster, journalist, presenter of the Book Show on Radio 1, and X-Files fan.

Writing the revolution : Arthur Griffith's days as a journalist and editor

We take a look at one of the leading figures of the Anglo Irish negotiations that followed the 1916 Easter uprising. Arthur Griffith began his career as a printer, then he became a journalist and editor. Liam Geraghty has been finding out more.

Irish journalists leading the way at and Mashable

The success of Irish start-ups such as Storyful has showcased the wealth of digital media talent this country has to offer. That has clearly been noticed beyond these shores as the stories of Malachy Browne, managing editor and European anchor at - a social media-based news outlet, and Blathnaid Healy, editor of Mashable UK. illustrate.

Sunday 29th March

Help or hindrance: is coverage of the developing world overly negative?

The relationship between the charity sector and the media can be a complicated one. We're joined by Hans Zomer, director of Dóchas and Gary Quinn, Features Digital Editor at the Irish Times to discuss this.

Voices from the press bench

Our reporter Liam Geraghty looks at how the Graham Dwyer case unfolded through the eyes of the reporters who followed the proceedings each day

The Jury's out - How did the media behave during the Graham Dwyer trial?

Did the media behave appropriately during the Graham Dwyer case? We discuss this with trial Judge Barry White and Kevin Doyle, News Editor with the Irish Independent. Also, we talk to Joan Deane, who's been through the court process following the killing of her son Russell.

Sunday 22nd March

And waking the dead: we look at the dying art of the obituary

How do you compose an article that's touching, conscious of the concerns family and friends, but also entertaining and accurate? Reporter Julien Clancy has been finding out.

The new iron curtain: what the Russian media is hiding from its citizens

What role does that media play in shaping how Russians see both the world and their own country? To discuss we speak to Chris Weafer, a founding partner of Moscow-based consulting firm Macro Advisory who has been working in Russia for almost two decades and Elizaveta Donnery of Donnery and Co Solicitors a Russian now living and working in Ireland.

Apple Inc's core : is it a place that the media has any hope of reaching

Apple launches tend to be big news, in particular of course for technology journalists. But what's it like to be at one of these events? We asked Elaine Burke from Silicon Republic to dish the dirt.

Banking inquiry: was Irish journalism asleep at the wheel during the Celtic Tiger

Harry Browne, lecturer in journalism at the school of media in the Dublin Institute of Technology joins us alongside Richard Curran, presenter of The Business on RTE Radio 1, and previously editor of the Irish Independent's business section and deputy editor at the Sunday Business Post to discuss.

Sunday 15th March

Radio Essay for Tony Fenton

Aidan Leonard recalls life as a disc jockey in the 1980's in Ireland and pays tribute to the late Tony Fenton.

International journalists in Ireland

Reporter Liam Geraghty meets international journalists living and working in Ireland and gets their view.

When is talent more hassle than it's worth?

Conor chats with Joanne Byrne of Presence PR and Irene McCormick, Media Lecturer about entertainment and media management.

Independent Man - An interview with Stephen Rea

Conor Brophy interviews Group Editor in Chief with INM Media, Stephen Rea.

Sunday 8th March

Breaking the internet

This week saw more references to breaking the Internet this time Jackie Chan with a made up word Duang broke the web in China apparently. Poet Colm Keegan has been wondering about the point of it all.

Child's play - the serious fun of making TV for kids

We're all aware that the media is in a state of flux - and one of the areas that is undergoing significant change is children's television. These days our media savvy more discerning kids are demanding something very different as we've been finding out.

India's daughter - the documentary the Indian government has banned

India's Daughter, made by Leslee Unwin tells the story of the horrific gang rape and murder of 23 year-old medical student Jyoti Singh in New Delhi in 2012. The film includes interviews with one of the men sentenced to death for the brutal killing and with Jyoti Singh's parents. The Indian government, however, obtained an injunction to prevent the film being shown in India. To dicuss the documentary and the ongoing fallout we're joined by Shalini Sinha a former journalist and now business coach,

Minister Brendan Howlin says the media's not doing a good job - we test his claims

'I don't think it is doing a particularly good job at the moment and no doubt I will be attacked for saying so'. That's the conclusion the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform came to in a recent article on how politics are covered across the Irish media. We are joined by Minister Brendan Howlin and journalist Michael Clifford to discuss.

Sunday 1st March

And how to avoid an on-air disasters.

Earlier this week the leader of the Green Party in the UK Natalie Bennett was put through the wringer in an interview on LBC Radio. It's been described as the worst party leader interview ever given in the UK. But she's not the first person to suffer a tough interview. Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been looking back through some other ones.....

We ask why levels of trust in the Irish media are at historic lows?

We're joined by Peter Feeney, press ombudsman and Ger Colleran, journalist and former editor of the Irish Daily Star to discuss.

A matter of opinion : do polls count for anything?

Opinion. Joining us to discuss this is Dr Jane Suiter a political scientist at DCU and Pat Leahy, political editor with the Sunday Business Post. n polls: do they get the right result?

Sunday 22nd February

Journalists on the silver screen.

As it's Oscar night Liam Geraghty looks at the portrayal of journalists on the big screen.

Swiss leaks: the Irishman behind the years biggest scoop.

Gerard Ryle leads the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, as well as overseeing the consortium’s more than 160 member journalists in more than 60 countries. He talks Luxembourg leaks, Swiss Leaks and more.

Paying the piper: Are advertisers and media owners calling all the tunes?

We are joined by Sam Smyth, columnist with Irish Mail on Sunday, Tom Molloy, Group Business Editor at Irish Independent, Sunday Independent, Herald and and Dr. Roddy Flynn from Deparment of Communications at DCU.

Sunday 15th February

The regulars behind the Letters to the editor

So what's it like sending and receiving those letters to the editor. Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

Is PR the enemy of journalism?

We're joined by the news editor of the Financial Times - Andrew Edgecliffe Johnson - he's worried that PR is taking over. We'll also be joined by Richard Moore, a former news editor at the Irish Press and now PR executive with MComm Communications.

From Candide to Callen : the uncomfortable world of political satire

Is satire always a good thing for society? Obviously when it's good it can be very funny. But can it sometimes be downright nasty?We're joined by Sean Hardie, the man behind some of the best satirical moments on television - Spitting Image, Bremner Bird and Fortune and Not The Nine O'Clock News

Sunday 8th February

Mood music : composing scores for the small screen

We asked Irish composer Ray Harmon to give us his own insight into the art of composing for the big and small screen.

Is it right to give ISIS the oxygen of publicity?

The deputy editor of the Independent in London Will Gore, joins us this evening to discuss this.

Radio Wars : the constant battle for your ears

We often hear about radio battles, but are they real, or are they something that's just hyped up by the press. Liam Geraghty has more.

Are there any left leaning media outlets left in Ireland?

Are there any left leaning media outlets left in Ireland? We're joined by Eamonn McCann columnist with the Irish Times and the editor in chief of the Mail in Ireland, Sebastian Hamilton to discuss this.

Sunday 1st February

The fine art of headline writing

Reporter Liam Geraghty has been sussing out the changing world of sub-editors.

The Mindset of Media Moguls

Media Ownership is one of those issues that has always been a concern since even the early days of the printing presses. It's also a major media issue in Ireland with the Government currently considering legislation regarding media mergers. We're joined now by NPR's Media Correspondent David Folkenflik who is an expert on media ownership.

The Irish at Al Jazeera

A lot of attention of late has been focused on the Middle East with the ongoing conflicts there. What's it like to work for a media organisation at the centre of the Islamic world? We're joined now by Sean Stephens who works as a field producer for Al Jazeera and Stephen O'Shea, who worked for Al Jazeera in the past as a producer in Doha.

Saturday 25th May

Kavaleer Full Podcast

Inside animation house Kavaleer to find out why its boom time for animation in Ireland.

Clare Duignan Full Podcast

Clare Duignan on why she's leaving RTE.

The Media Show Full Programme

Clare Duignan on why she's leaving RTE. Presenter Brenda Power hears why the French government is planning to tax smart phones to fund content and we are inside animation house Kavaleer to find out why its boom time for animation in Ireland.

Saturday 18th May

Caroline Erskine full podcast

Caroline Erskine on the campaign to get more women's voices on air

Noel Curran full podcast

With a major study on RTE's use of public funding due shortly RTE's Director General Noel Curran talks about the challenges facing RTE and the radical options it faces in funding its public service remit

The Media Show full Podcast

Brenda Power talks to Sunday Independent editor Anne Harris. RTE's Director General Noel Curran talks about the challenges facing RTE in funding its public service. Caroline Erskine on the campaign to get more women's voices on the air.

Saturday 11th May

Kevin Bakhurst full podcast

Brenda Power spoke with Kevin Bakhurst about how RTÉ is coping two years on from the Fr Reynolds case.

Sheila Ahern full podcast

Brenda spoke to Sheila Ahern about Mary Raftery's legacy and why we need to resource investigative journalism.

Radio Na Life full podcast

Raidió Na Life made history recently when it was named Radio Station of the Year in the prestigious Celtic Media Festival in Swansea. Our reporter Kate Ní Chléirigh paid them a visit to see how the community station operates.

The Media Show Full Podcast

In this week's show the legacy of investigative reporter Mary Raftery and one year on RTE's MD News Kevin Bakhurst on rebuilding public trust post the the BAI Fr Reynolds report into Primetime Investigates. Also in the programme why Fleet Street is rejecting the British Government's proposed press regulation post the Leveson Inquiry we hear from two press leaders from opposite ends of the newspaper spectrum Maggie Brown of the Guardian and Guto Harri of News International.

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