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Buck Brannaman - Horse Whisperer

Buck Brannaman - Horse Whisperer

Horse Whisperer, Dan Buck Brannaman spoke to John this morning about the art of talking to animals. His life has been captured on film where he was played by Robert Redford, Buck is in Dublin for the Dublin International Horse Show at the RDS.

Horse Whisperer Buck Brannaman pictured above.


Leonard Cohen Festival

Leonard Cohen Festival

There's an international Leonard Cohen Festival coming to Dublin this weekend. John Mc Kenna is a huge Leonard Cohen fan and joined John from Kilkenny to discuss it further.

More details on; and

Fad Diets - Elsa Jones

Fad Diets - Elsa Jones

A new fad craze called ‘Clay cleanses’ hit the headlines as the new magic weightloss plan. It involves either swallowing clay tablets or mixing powdered clay with juice. The rationale being that the clay swells to 12 times its original volume in the stomach, and therefore curbing hunger pangs.

Nutritionist Elsa Jones (pictured above) spoke to John about crazy food habits.


Mind The Gap

We're constantly told to Mind The Gap, but fate befellone Aussie commuter who slipped as he got onto a train in Perth this morning. Passengers of the train helped the man get free.





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