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    The John Murray Show Monday 3 March 2014


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    Heartbeat of Sound Competition....Monday

    Today our task for you the listener is to perform an impression of a famous American movie star .......
    So you are going to earn your stars and stripes as Don Wycherley is staying with us to judge.

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    Actor Don Wycherley + Heartbeat of Home Comp

    Don Wycherley, is an Irish actor who is well known for the portrayal of Father Cyril McDuff in the comedy Father Ted. His other roles include Raymond in Bachelors Walk & Fr. Aidan O'Connell in Ballykissangel. Don will be acting in Faith, a new play by Paul Meade, which opens tonight at the Civic Theatre in Tallaght.

    Don will judge todays Heartbeat of Home Competition later in the programme. Terms & Conditions above.


    First Irishman in Space

    John's next guest is a man prepared to boldly go where no Irishman has gone before. Originally from Limerick now living in Stratford on Avon, Cyril Bennis has secured a place on a Lynx spacecraft, which is expected to blast off into orbit sometime soon. Cyril joins John on the line from the UK.


    The world of Lego

    In studio with John this morning is Bernard Kirk, Mr. Lego Ireland & our own lego geek Zbyszek Zalinski, to talk all things Lego. Ten years ago sales were in decline but over the last decade the Danish company managed a transfromation, becoming the most profitable toy-making company in the world!

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