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    The John Murray Show Friday 14 June 2013


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    A lively mix of topical stories, human interest and lifestyle features with Miriam O'Callaghan. 

    Following the big response to our text poll yesterday about what name to give Dublin'ns new bridge, with Rosie Hackett topping our poll, although Rosie is not well known as SOME of the names on the shortlist.  Rosie was a trade unionist & 1916 veteran & before Miriam speaks to her first guest this morning we play a recording of Rosie Hackett from our RTE Archives, speaking to Donncha O Dualing about the printing of the 1916 Proclaimation.


    Rosie Hackett clip for RTE Archives & Miriam's first guest in studio Paolo Tullio, restuarant critic & columnist

    Following the recording of  trade unionist Rosie Hackett from the RTE Archives, Miriam next guest is from The Restaurant & his well known for review columns in the Irish Independent, but may not be known as an author. Paolo Tullio's new book 'Longing & Belonging' is set in Italy in the 1930s & he joins Miriam in studio to talk about his life & his latest book.

    To purchase Paolo's book (which is not in Bookstores) & click on the Books Tab & will come up on list. 


    Balladeer Jimmy Crowley

    Since his 1977 debut album, The Boys of Fairhill, Cork singer/songwriter Jimmy Crowley has rarely been far from the national stage & he joins Miriam in studio for a chat & performance.  Cork man Jimmy sings the Boys of Fairhill & the Laughling Laptop.


    Photographer Jeff Widener

    The striking image of the photograph of a woman in a red dress being pepper-sprayed by riot police in Istanbul has become a defining symbol of the recent Turkist protests. This striking image reminds us of the importance of photographs during times of trouble. Miriam is now joined by Jeff Widener, in Hamburg.   Jeff is the man who arguably took one of the most iconic photographs of all time. The image of a lone young man standing in front of a column of army tanks, in the aftermath of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre, an image that become known simply as 'The Tank Man'.

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