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    The John Murray Show Monday 11 March 2013


    The John Murray Show

    A lively mix of topical stories, human interest and lifestyle features with John Murray


    Stockton's Wing Live in Studio

    Stockton's Wing in studio to play some music, some reminiscences and chat about their upcoming concert in the National Concert Hall on St Patrick's Day. Pat Shortt joins the conversation by phone.

    Walking Club

    As stated during today's show, we are holding our next walk on Sunday 14th April 2013. We are currently seeking submissions from people who are interested in hosting the walk in their area.  For details and further information, please see the Walking Club section above.

    Our Next Walk is on Sunday 14th April 2013

    Hosting the John Murray Show Walking Club

    The next outing of our walking club will be on SUNDAY APRIL 14th and we’re currently accepting applications from people interesting in hosting it.

    Our Walking Club is lucky to have experienced the most extraordinary hospitality from communities across Ireland. If you’re interested in hosting one of our Walking Club outings, please email your submission to Before compiling your submission, please consider the following issues that often arise with our walks, and explain in your submission how your community could address them. Good luck!

    Recent walks have attracted between 600 and 2,000 walkers – we’ve no way of knowing how many in advance, but weather is likely to be a factor.

    Most will travel in cars, so we need to make sure that there’s plenty of parking near the meeting point.

    The starting point: we need somewhere with outdoor sufficient space to accommodate a potentially very large assembled crowd. Ideally, the starting point should be the same [or very close to] the end point, where walkers will be given tea, coffee, and soup/rolls.

    Our ideal walk would be a loop walk that

    doesn’t involve crossing stiles;

    would be manageable for beginner walkers of all ages;

    could accommodate a large volume of walkers;

    would normally take an experienced walker no more than 90 minutes start to finish with no breaks [this is to allow for delays by inexperienced walkers; delays resulting from the large volume of people; and the delays caused by recording pauses and the performance break at the half-way point].

    Allowing 45 minutes for breaks and performances, the walk must take beginner walkers no longer than three-hours in total.

    If your community is selected to host one of our walks, we’ll be asking you to email us:

    i) directions to and a map for the start point; and,

    ii) a map of the walking route planned.

    We will need at least 25 local stewards wearing high-visibility vests to help organise on the day [directing parking; at the beginning and end of the walk – as well as spread throughout the crowd.] We need some of these to have first aid training – and for all stewards to have mobile contacts for those with first aid training. We need you to alert the local Gardai. Their help might be useful for managing traffic before and after. Also the Civil Defence / St. John’s Ambulance should be on alert too, if possible.

    During the walk, we like to interview interesting local characters or well-known performers, writers, comedians, or musicians with a connection to the area… can you suggest to us a list of likely contenders and make approaches please AFTER we [The John Murray Show] have agreed on their suitability?

    We’re also interested in local people who have very unusual personal stories / experiences [e.g. people who have achieved something unusual or overcome personal challenges]. This list of potential interviewees is a very important feature of our walks.

    At the end of the walk, we like our hosts to provide walkers with complimentary coffee & tea, and soup and sandwiches… so we need an indoor space [maybe a large hotel, marquee or a community centre] with toilets and a team who can put on a modest spread for a very large crowd.

    “John Murray Show / Saturday Night Show Emerging Music Competition"


    1. Talent must be emerging rather than established. Open to those who have not received considerable air-play and/or exposure. Entrants must also normally be resident in the 32 counties.

    2. It is open to all musical genres like punk, pop, rock ‘n’ roll, folk, country, electronic, compositional etc.

    3. A backline and sound engineer will be provided by the Saturday Night Show on the night of the winning performance, May 30, but the winning act will provide their own instruments and drum kit. The winning act will look after their own expenses on the night of the Saturday Night Show performance.

    4. The act must be available to perform on the John Murray Show on Friday, May 29th and on the Saturday Night Show on Saturday, May 30th. 


    5. How do I enter? 
    All entries are by email only and should be sent to  

    6. What should my entry include?
    Your email should include a short description (maximum 100 words) of the musician or band, a contact mobile phone number and ONE audio file attachment. The audio filename should contain the band/musician name and composition title. The entry should also include a photo of act of approximately 1Mb. 

    Only original work will be considered – no covers or samples. Due to a high volume of entries we cannot give individual feedback on music received.

    7. Which type audio files should I send? 
    Audio files must be sent in high-quality audio, preferably stereo and of as high a production standard as possible as this track is what will be played on the John Murray Show on RTE Radio One. MP3 (192kbps or higher) files only will be accepted. No other file types should be entered as they will not be accepted. Tracks should be no longer than 3’30” in duration.

    8. Can I enter more than once? 
    No. One entry is sufficient.

    9. Deadline for submission? 
    Get your music in ASAP.  Deadline for submissions is 12 noon, Friday, May 8th.

    If you require a CD copy of this programme please e-mail or click here for RTÉ Archives sales form. Transfer fees and terms and conditions apply.

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