Friday 4th September

Bob Geldof - (speech only)

Dave speaks to Bob Geldof on Ireland, the Boomtown Rats & the refugee crisis.

Marty Morrissey & GAA

Over 150,000 of you are heading to Croke Park this weekend for the Dublin & Mayo replay, of course it is the Kilkenny & Galway final – while many hundreds of thousands more will be stuck fast to TV & radio sets across the country. Marty Morrisey will be providing his usual lyrical commentary & he joins Dave in studio this morning.

Thursday 3rd September


At this time of the year all eyes are on Lisdoonvarna as the matchmaking festival kicks off for another year, but spare a thought for those matchmakers working hard all year round! In studio with Dave is Gus Martin, his wife Olive & Olive's father Tom Feeney who are all matchmakers from Trim in County Meath.

KPH - Kensington Park Hotel

Vince Power is an Irishman who has promoted some of the giants of music at various venues in the UK. Today he's fighting for the jewel in what remains of his once lavish crown, a pub on Ladbroke Grove in Notting Hill, London, known to the locals as the KPH.

Wednesday 2nd September

Book - With Our Blessing

The abuses & trauma experienced by many women in the Magdelene Laundries & Mother and Baby Homes have been widely reported over the last few years. In studio with Dave is Jo Spain, whose debut novel, a story of a modern day murder case which is linked to those past atrocities.

Book - Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge

Suicide is a growing problem in Ireland that strikes at the core of families. Our next item relates to this difficult subject & if you have been affected by suicide , you may find it too upsetting to listen to. For one man in California, stopping people from leaping to their deaths has been his life’s work. Keving Briggs speaks to Dave this morning.

Garda Down Under

Its a well known fact that the Irish community feature heavily in the police forces of the US & they are also making their mark Down Under. Starting this evening on RTE1 Garda Down Under is the story of life on the beat for Irish officers working in Australia. Two officers features are Michael Henderson & Ciarán Cleary who join Dave this morning.

Tuesday 1st September

Getting in shape to Walk the Camino

Andrea Smith, a self-confessed mocker of the fit brigade doesn't get excited by diet talk & says 'life is too short to spiralise a zucchini'. So the freelance journalist & panellist with Midday on TV3, surprised herself a couple of weeks ago, then weighing 19 stone to sign up to walk 115km of the Camino in northern Spain in October for charity.

Uillean Pipes - Cian Smith

Ten year old Cian Smith from Waterford recently took home the Gold Medal in the Under 12 uilleann pipes & tin whistle competitions at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann in Sligo. Cian is in studio this morning along with his uillean pipes teacher, David Power.

Kate McGrew - decriminalisation of prostitution

Kate McGrew is a sex worker you may know from last year's video diary series, Connected on RTE Two TV. Kate welcomes Amnesty's recent vote to support the full decriminalisation of prostitution & is in studio with Dave this morning.

Monday 31st August

Cycling History

The dispute over flying the Union flag at council buildings has rumbled on in NI & there its no surprise to hear that the flag debate has been ongoing for decades. In 1934, it was the catalyst for a row in cycling with Ireland’s best athletes being prevented from competing internationally. Historian Ryle Dwyer joins Dave this morning.

Warring Bands

Of course Blur & Oasis aren’t the only music acts to have squabbled so bitterly in the full glare of the record buying public and Roisin O’ Dwyer, Commissioning Editor of Hot Press joins Dave in studio to tell us about some of the less savoury ones.

Break-up Guide

“Breaking up is never easy, I know but I have to go..' - so says the lyrics of a well-known pop song & who could disagree? Most of us have been the victim of a difficult break up, or are perhaps planning one for the near future. Whatever the case, Rena Maycock of Intro Matchmaking joins Dave with her guide to the five phases of breaking up.

Friday 28th August

The week's Trending Stories

From the gateway of Asia to the heart of the Middle East, Irishmen are trending quite heavily this week. In Turkey & Abu Dhabi; In Beijing athletes were trending in victory & in defeat. And tragic events in Virginia, posted on social media, led to widespread shock. Dave is rejoined by Abie Philman-Bowman & by Stephen O’Leary of Olytico Analytics.

Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival draws to a close this weekend. It began in 1947 when some companies that hadn’t been invited to the inaugural Edinburgh International Festival - decided to turn up & perform anyway. Since then the Fringe has grown into the largest arts festival in the world. Abie Philbin-Bowman is in studio with Dave this morning.

Thursday 27th August

Tour Managing - behind the scenes

When people attend music shows & festivals, they just concentrate on the gigs & not the work that goes into putting them on, the pre-post productions teams, people who make it all happen behind the scenes & some travel the world, producing shows & managing tours. In studio this morning are Tour Managers, Paddy McPoland & Suzie Shorten.

World Traveller - Johnny Ward

Many of us might dream of chucking in our nine-to-five jobs to travel the world but very few of us actually do it. Johnny Ward is a young Irishman who’s done just that & Dave spoke to him from Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo last week . Johnny's website is OneStep4Ward.com / Twitter at @onestep4ward.

Bereaved but Divorced

The death of a spouse is a traumatic event for anyone but when you & your partner have divorced, moved on, maybe remarried & had children with other people, the death of an ex-husband/wife while upsetting, can present you with a lot of questions. In studio with Dave is author Laurie Graham who recently wrote a newspaper article about her experience.

Wednesday 26th August

Chef Paul Flynn & TV Food Programmes

Paul Flynn of the Tannery Restaurant in Dungarvan & star of Lord & Ladles, a cookery series recently shown on RTÉ televison joins Dave in studio this morning

Suffering with Depression

Tanya Sweeney is a freelance journalist & .broadcaster & if you were to ever take a look at her Facebook page you’d be forgiven for thinking she is living life to the full, close with her family, friends, holidays, fun & all that! But behind this Tanya fights with depression & the stigma with taking anti-depressants.

The Dark Web

Over the past few weeks you will have heard a lot of talk on TV & Radio about the Ashley Madison extra marital affairs website. Millions of users had their personal details leaked onto the internet, details that are buried in what's called 'the dark/deep web'. To explain more about this cyber psychologist Ciaran McMahon joins Dave in studio.

Tuesday 25th August

Body Dysmorphic Disorder - BDD

It is often misunderstood as excessive vanity, but in fact, is a serious psychiatric condition that causes torment for the sufferer, affects a small percentage of people, mostly young adults but that figure is growing. In studio with Dave is Colette Kearns, Snr Cognitive Behavioural Therapist at St Patrick's Mental Health Hospital in Dublin.

George Boole & Professor Moriarty

The inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle's creation, literature's most ingenious villain, Professor Moriarty & Sherlock Holmes archenemy was apparently, George Boole who was Prof of Mathematics at UCC Cork between 1849 & 1864. Joining Dave from our Cork studio is Des MacHale, Boole's bioghrapher & Bill Liao, co-founder of CoderDojo.com

Adult Gaeltacht

When we hear the word Gaeltacht, we think of teenagers spending 3 weeks in the summer learning Irish, céili dancing & making friends. Is it the same experience if you return later in life? Dave is joined by Michael McCaughan who has just completed a 3 week adult Gaeltacht experience & he joins us from our Galway studio.

Monday 24th August

Swimmers - Michael O'Reilly & Brendan McEvilly

Swimmers Michael O'Reilly & Brendan McEvilly were with us last month as they were about to embark on their trip around the country to find the top 40 best swimming spots on the coast of Ireland. Michael & Brendan are in studio with Dave before heading to Eniscrone in Sligo this weekend.

Stephanie Rainey, singer songwriter

To go from being relatively unknown to a viral star overnight, a dream for many, a reality for Cork singer songwriter, Stephanie Rainey. Her song 'Please don't Go' has so far been watched by over a quarter of a million on YouTube & Stephanie joins Dave from our studio in Cork.

Teen Model - Darcy Brittain-Dissont

Joining Dave this morning from our Belfast studio is Brenda McCleary & her 13 year old daughter, Darcy Brittain-Dissont, who is being hotly tipped as Ireland's next top model.

Friday 21st August

The week's trending stories

Media analyst Stephen O’Leary joins Dave now to look back at what’s been trending during the week. Tanya Sweeney has also joined us & Pat Fitzpatrick in Cork stays with us.


With the birth of twins on the rise, it is no longer odd to see double-buggies all around the towns in Ireland. Joining Dave this morning is a twin himself, journalist Pat Fitpatrick is in our Cork studio.

Thursday 20th August

Book - The Way we Were (Mid-life Crisis)

We have all heard of it, but is it just a myth or does it really exist? Sinead Moriarty's new novel 'The Way we Were' details a husband's mid-life crisis & how it affects his wife & children & possibly changes their life forever. To tell us a little more about the book, Sinead joins Dave in studio.

Wednesday 19th August

Ferdia MacAnna

In studio with Dave is Ferdia MacAnna, tv & film director, novelist, screenwriter & occassional rock & roller who will be playing in his Rocky de Valera guise in Dublin's iconic Toner's pub for the first time in 35 years!

Cosmetic Surgery - Dr Peter Prendergast

Although experts warn that chasing beauty through costmetic surgery is a mark of low self-esteem or could even be a psychological disorder called Body Dysmorphia. Yet many young women continue to use cosmetic procedures to enhance their looks. Joining Dave in studio is Dr. Peter Prendergast, Director of Venus Medical cosmetic surgery, Dundrum.

Endurance Cyclist - Ultan Coyle

Ireland has a proud history in cycling, Stephen Roche, Sean Kelly, Dan Martin & Nicolas Roche but it you think the 2000km 3 week Tour de France is tough, Ultan Coyle from Dundalk has just completed the Transcontinental - 4300km in 11 days. Ultan joins Dave from a UK studio.

Tuesday 18th August

Waltons Music Competition - Musical Families

On yesterday's show we celebrated the arrival of The Sound of Music into Dublin's Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, so now we are launching our search for Ireland's Most Musical Family & a fabulous prize to go with it. Our Series Producer Ana Leddy joins Dave in studio.

Marraige Relationship Programme

Retrouvaille is the name of a programme designed to heal & renew marraiges. It has been growin steadily since it first started here in Ireland a number of years ago. In studio with Dave are a married couple who have done the programme & now want to help other couples, Marion & Pat Duff.

Book - Dot Con

Many of you may have been the target of a scam email, a scheme designed to con you out of your money or your personal details such as your bank account numbers. Standard practise is to delete, but one person decided to take action & engage & wrote a book about it. Comedian James Veitch joins Dave from a studio in the UK.

Monday 17th August

Internet Privacy Invasion

How would YOU feel if someone surreptitiously photographed you naked in a private place & it went viral on social media & are there any laws in place to prevent it? Dave spoke to Dr Rachel O’Connell, a London-based global expert on internet safety on what is called 'revenge porn' sharing private images of people wthout their consent.

Friday 14th August

Whats Trending with Stephen O'Leary

Stephen O'Leary from the company 'Olytico' to take a look at some of the viral & trending stories from the past week. Jackie, Brent & Ruth are also in studio with Dave.

Ruth O'Neill

Ruth landed herself a job as a tv reporter on E! News - the entertainment channel in America. Ruth initially debuted on our screens here as a contestant on TV3's Total Xporsure & left Ireland in 2010. Ruth joins Dave in studio.

Jackie Lavin

It has been rather a tumultous couple of years for Jackie Lavin. Following the business she ran with Bill Cullen went into receivership, they had to sell their hotel in Muckross. Jackis is nothing if not resilient & back on the up! Jackie joins Dave in studio.

Thursday 13th August

Wakeboard Champion - David O'Caoimh

From golf, to rugby, to horse racing – Ireland has enjoyed some top level sporting achievements this year. But we have also beaten the competition in more offbeat fields. Dubliner David O’Caoimh has just taking gold at the European and African Wakeboarding Championships in the Netherlands & he is in studio with Dave this morning.

Crystal Swing Wedding

Crystal Swing have been busy touring and gigging ever since that video went viral five years ago, working nonstop. This weekend is a big weekend for the Burke family as Dervla will be getting married. Joining Dave in studio are Mary, Dervla & Derek Burke.

Freediving - Feargus Callagy

Dave's next guest can hold his breath for over five minutes & he does it for fun! Feargus Callagy is a freediver, taking a single breath and diving deep into the sea, a sport that has been described as the most peaceful extreme sport.

Liveline on TV - Joe Duffy

There is a great development for Liveline as we heard a humour this morning that Joe is taking a Liveline spin-off to RTÉ TV. The show will be called 'Call Back' a follow-up to the stand out moments & stories from over the years. Joe is on the line to Dave to give us a little more information on what our TV viewers can expect.

Wednesday 12th August

Parents & Drugs: Tiglin Rehab Centre

The recent death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of singers Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown drew stark attention to how a parent's drug addiction can often adversely affect a child. The Tiglin Rehab Centre in Wicklow deal with such families& joining Dave in studio are Phil Thompson, Tiglin's CEO & Paul, who has been through Tiglin's programme.

The Bad Education Movie

We've all had bad teachers but chances are none of us have had to endure what the pupils of Form K in Abbey Grove have to endure with Alfie Wickers in BBC3's Bad Education. Fans of the show will be interested to hear that The Bad Education Movie is out this month. Dave is joined by Alfie Vickers himself, Jack Whitehall.

Leaving Cert Results Day

Over the next few hours many young people & their parents all over the country will be getting the big news they have all been waiting for. Joining Dave from our Galway studio is Dave O'Connell, Editor of the Connacht Tribune & parent. In studio with Dave also we have Psychotherapist Stella O'Malley.

Tuesday 11th August

London Fashion Week, Danielle Romeril

If you haven't heard of Irish fasion designer Danielle Romeril yet, it won't be long before you do. London Based Danielle has worked for the likes of Alberta Ferretti and is about to show for the fourth season in a row at London Fashion week next month. Danielle dropped into studio this morning.

Play write Marie Jones, 'Fly Me To The Moon'

Belfast born Award winning writer, director and actor Marie Jones joined Dave in studio this morning to talk about growing up in Belfast, her disipline of writing, and her hugely succesful comedy 'Fly Me To The Moon' to Dublin next month.

Daithi O’Sé, Rose of Tralee Launch

Next Monday and Tuesday night, Irish people at home and abroad will be tuning into RTE ONE television to watch the annual Rose of Tralee 2015. Daithi O'Sé joined Dave in studio this morning giving us an insight into the festival.

Monday 10th August

Shane Lowry's Victory

We spoke to Sean Lowry, Shane Lowry’s uncle after his great win yesterday, as putted a final round 66 for 11 under par 269 to fend off a host of Major champions to lift the WGC Bridgestown Invitational at Firestone Country Club.

Love & Mercy, Brian Wilson

Deirdre Courtney who worked for the genius Brian Wilson for four years as a chef joined Dave today on the programme.

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