Walk Requirements

Our walks attract between 600 and 1,500 walkers – we’ve no way of knowing how many in advance, but weather is likely to be a factor. Can your walk accommodate this volume? At its narrowest point, how many people can walk side-by-side? Note: walks that involve crossing stiles are a problem for us because of the large numbers.
• Most walkers will arrive in cars. Where do you propose to accommodate several hundred cars? Ideally, we’d like the car park area to be right beside the start of the walk – rather than bussing people from a car park to the walk.
• On our walks, most are not seasoned walkers. Walkers range in age from 8-80, so we like to stay on paths most of the time, and avoid steep slopes. We need to avoid rough terrain.
• The walk we’re looking for should normally take an experienced walker no more than 90 minutes start to finish with no breaks [this is to allow for delays by inexperienced walkers; delays resulting from the large volume of people; and the delays caused by recording pauses and the performance break at the half-way point]. Allowing 45 minutes for breaks and performances, we want the walk to take beginner walkers no longer than two-and-a-half hours in total.
• Ideally, the starting point should be the same [or very near to] the end point [a loop walk], where walkers will be given complimentary tea, coffee, and soup/rolls. So we need an indoor space [maybe a hotel or a community centre?] with toilets and a team who can put on a modest spread for a large crowd.
• We will need at least 20 local stewards wearing high-visibility vests to help organise on the day [directing parking; at the beginning and end of the walk – as well as spread throughout the crowd. We need some of these to have first aid training – and for all stewards to have mobile contacts for those with first aid training. Could the local Civil Defence / St. John’s Ambulance assist?
• During the walk, we like to interview interesting local characters  or well-known performers [writers, comedians, or musicians] with a connection [however tenuous] to the area… can you suggest to us a list of likely contenders? We’re also interested in local people who have unusual personal stories / experiences [e.g. people who have achieved something unusual or overcome great personal challenges].



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