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The History Show Sunday 18 March 2018

The History Show

The History Show

On this week's programme - the history of the world's most notorious prison, Alcatraz; An ambitious project to digitally recreate the Public Records Office at the Four Courts which was destroyed in 1922; and to mark its 75th anniversary we delve into the archives of the Central Bank.



In June of 1962, three inmates dug their way out of the island fortress of Alcatraz, and were never seen again. It’s still not known whether or not they survived the freezing water and tricky currents of San Francisco Bay, and made it to freedom.

But earlier this year, it was reported that a letter, claiming to be from one of these inmates, was received by authorities in 2013. This of course has fueled further speculation about the escape, raising the possibility that at least one of the men is still alive.

To talk about the history of the prison, Myles is joined from our Cork studio by John Borgonovo, a historian at University College Cork and a native of San Francisco. Also, Colm Flynn reports from 'Ireland's Alcatraz' - Spike Island in Cork Harbour. 

Beyond 2022

Beyond 2022

On the 30th of June 1922, at the outset of the Irish Civil War, a cataclysmic explosion and fire destroyed the Public Record Office of Ireland at the Four Courts in Dublin. The fire consumed seven centuries of Ireland’s recorded history – but on the centenary of the 1922 blaze, the project Beyond 2022 will unveil Ireland’s ‘Virtual Record Treasury’ — a digital reconstruction of the Public Record Office of Ireland building and its collections. 

To talk about it Myles is joined by two historians from Trinity College Dublin, Peter Crooks and Ciaran Wallace, who are both on the project team.

Click here to visit the Beyond 2022 site and learn more. 

Central Bank Archives

Central Bank Archives

2018 marks the 75th anniversary of an important institution in Ireland – the Central Bank. To mark the occasion, a new exhibition can be seen in its new building on North Wall Quay. The extensive archives of the bank are now accessible in a modern reading room. As part of our occasional series ‘News from the Archive’, we hear from Catriona Crowe who’s been looking at these records.

One of these records is from 1946 - a rather difficult exam women had to pass to become clerks at the bank. If you want to take the test, click here to view or download a PDF. 

The exhibition currently taking place is called 75 Years of Change – The Story of the Central Bank of Ireland - click here to visit the website. 

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