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The History Show Sunday 7 January 2018

Anniversaries Coming Up in 2018

Anniversaries Coming Up in 2018

On this week’s programme, we’re looking ahead to some of the many significant and interesting anniversaries that will fall during the coming year. 

1918 of course saw a momentous general election in Ireland; a conscription crisis; the introduction of voting rights for women on these islands, and the outbreak of the deadly so-called Spanish Flu.

Aside from the events of 1918, we’ll also be looking at other anniversaries which are coming up in this new year, including some of the many important events of 1968. That was a tumultuous year of protests around the world, and notably in the United States. the year when two of the most iconic American political figures of the 20th century - Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy - were assassinated.

Our guests throughout the programme are Mark Duncan, a director of Century Ireland, Katherine McSharry of the National Library of Ireland and Daniel GearyAssociate Professor in American History at Trinity College Dublin.

We also hear a report from Lorcan Clancy about the sinking of the mailboat the RMS Leinster in 1918 - he speaks to Stephen Ferguson, Assistant Secretary of An Post and author of the book The Post Office in Ireland: An Illustrated History.

Plus, to mark 50 years since Chester Beatty's death and the donation of his vast collections to the people of Ireland, Rhona Tarrant reports from the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin and speaks to its director Fionnuala Croke.

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