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Sunday 17th February

Full History Show Podcast - 17th Feb 2019

The history of the single transferable vote; memories of the 1971 'Contraceptive Train'; and the story of the 1919 Belfast Engineering Strike which paved the way for a shorter working week.

Belfast Engineering Strike

Padraig Yeates joins Myles to talk about the 1919 strike which brought the city of Belfast to a halt, and paved the way for a shorter working week.

The Contraceptive Train

Julien Clancy speaks to Nell McCafferty about her memories of the 1971 'Contraceptive Train', and historian Jennifer Redmond joins Myles to talk more about this event and the modern history of contraception in Ireland.

The Single Transferable Vote

To talk about how and why Ireland embraced the single transferable vote, and why it’s still going strong a century on, Myles is joined by Elaine Callinan and David Farrell.

Sunday 10th February

Full History Show Podcast - 10th Feb 2019

Subjects include the Common Travel Area; the Liffey Ferry; the prison letters of Constance Markievicz; and a story of Irish Military Intelligence during WW2.

Luke Smith and Irish Military Intelligence

Marc McMenamin reports, he speaks to Luke Smith, whose father Luke P Smith worked for Irish Military Intelligence during WW2. Then, Marc joins Myles in studio to talk more about Smith and his recent book 'Codebreaker'.

Constance Markievicz - Prison Letters

Lindie Naughton joins Myles to discuss her book 'Markievicz: Prison Letters and Rebel Writings'.

Liffey Ferry

Lorcan Clancy reports from the historic Liffey Ferry which is being relaunched tomorrow. He speaks to former skipper Richie Saunders, Jimmy Murray of the Irish Nautical Trust, and new skipper Thomas Murray.

Common Travel Area

The history of the Common Travel Area is discussed by Piaras Mac Éinrí and Gavin Barrett.

Sunday 3rd February

More Than Concrete Blocks

Ellen Rowley talks to Myles about her book 'More Than Concrete Blocks: Volume 2, 1940–72, Dublin city's twentieth-century buildings and their stories'

Club Elizabeth

Julien Clancy talks to Jim Fitzpatrick about his memories of Club Elizabeth, a legendary Dublin nightspot in the 1970s.

Escape from Lincoln Prison

Mícheál Ó Doibhilín talks to Myles about the prison break of Eamon De Valera, Sean Milroy and Sean McGarry on the 3rd of February 1919. We also hear from Ian McGarry, a nephew of Sean, about his own family's involvement in the escape.

The Amritsar Massacre

Kate O'Malley talks to Myles about one of the most notorious episodes in the history of British colonial rule in India.

Full History Show Podcast - 3rd Feb 2019

On this week's programme - The Armitsar Massacre of 1919; Eamon De Valera's escape from Lincoln Jail one hundred years ago today; memories of halcyon days, police raids and dancing the night away at Club Elizabeth in the 1970s; and we look at some of Dublin's overlooked buildings and architectural history.

Sunday 27th January

Women in Politics and Public Life

Historian and curator Sinead McCoole and former Minister Niamh Breathnach discuss the exhibition running at Dublin Castle.

Thomas Moore Reimagined

Simon Morgan talks about the life of Ireland's 'National Bard' Thomas Moore, and his band 'The Moorings' perform the song 'Oft In The Stilly Night'.

Grace O'Malley

Anne Chambers talks about her recently republished book 'Grace O’Malley: The Biography of Ireland’s Pirate Queen 1530 – 1603'.

Full History Show Podcast - 27th Jan 2019

Anne Chambers on the 16th century feminism of Grace O'Malley and why she's an inspirational role model for 21st century women; The music, life and legacy of Ireland's National Bard, Thomas Moore; and one hundred years of Irish women's participation in politics.

Sunday 20th January

The First Dáil and The Soloheadbeg Ambush

We discuss the first meeting of Dáil Éireann, 100 years ago on the 21st January 1919. Also, we assess the significance of the Soloheadbeg Ambush on the same day in Tipperary - often cited as the opening shots of the Irish War of Independence.

Sunday 13th January

Dublin Markets

Ciaran McCabe and Orla Fitzpatrick preview their talks at the upcoming conference 'Buying and selling: Dublin's markets 1500 to the present'

Nano Nagle - The Life and the Legacy

Deirdre Raftery talks about her book about Nano Nagle, founder of the Presentation Order of nuns and a pioneer of Catholic education in Ireland.

They Shall Not Grow Old

Peter Jackson's film, and the practice of colourising and transforming historic footage is discussed by Lar Joye, Ciara Chambers and Orla Fitzpatrick.

Full History Show Podcast - 13th Jan 2019

We discuss Peter Jackson's film 'They Shall Not Grow Old' and debate the use of colourisation and other digital effects on historic footage; explore the life and legacy of Nano Nagle; and preview an upcoming conference on the history of Dublin markets.

Sunday 6th January

Full History Show Podcast - 6th Jan 2019

the story of America's deadliest school massacre in Bath, Michigan in 1927; How the Library of Alexandria, lost in antiquity, has been re-imagined for the 21st century; and the tale behind a handwritten letter from Samuel Beckett, which is housed in the Little Museum of Dublin.

Samuel Beckett Letter

Julien Clancy speaks to John Hughes about the handwritten letter from Samuel Beckett, which is on display at the Little Museum of Dublin.

The New Library of Alexandria and Cultural Recovery

A discussion on cultural loss - in Egpyt, Ireland and elsewhere. Myles is joined by Ismail Serageldin, founding director of the New Library of Alexandria, and historian Peter Crooks of Trinity College Dublin.

America's Deadliest School Massacre

Lorcan Clancy reports from Bath in Michigan on the Bath School Disaster of 1927. We hear from Bath resident Michelle Allen Burnett, a direct descendant of the tragedy, and author Arnie Bernstein.

Sunday 30th December

1918 General Election

Myles Dungan and guests discuss the pivotal Irish General Election of 1918. We hear from Elaine Callinan, Diarmaid Ferriter, Mary Muldowney and Niall Murray.

Sunday 25th November

Maamtrasna Murders

Margaret Kelleher talks to Myles about her new book 'The Maamtrasna Murders: Language, Life and Death in Nineteenth Century Ireland'.

Photographer Bill Doyle

Julien Clancy reports, he speaks to Anthony Farrell about the life and work of the late photographer Bill Doyle.

Oral History of North Inner City Dublin

Myles is joined by Aideen Leonard, Mary Kennedy and Sonya Shannon, all of whom have been recording interviews with local people in Dublin's north inner city, and collecting their experiences and memories.


Rhona Tarrant speaks to Thulani Mabaso, a former Robben Island inmate who is now a tour guide at the same prison.

The History Show 25th Nov - Full Show Podcast

This week ... one man's experience of the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa; An Oral History of Inner City Dublin; Photographer Bill Doyle remembered; and we look back at the infamous Maamtrasna Murders case.

Sunday 18th November

Explore Your Archive Week

Niamh Ní Charra and Catriona Crowe discuss Explore Your Archive Week which runs until next Sunday 25th November, with events taking place nationwide highlighting the value of archives.

An Immodest Proposal

Catriona Crowe shares an archive letter from the collection of suffragette Lucy Kingston - an 8 page marriage proposal from her suitor Samuel Kingston, which is remarkably frank in its discussion of sexuality.

U.S. Mexico Border

Jonathan Creasy reports from the Texas borderlands on the history of the frontier between Mexico and the USA.

Michael Collins: The Man and the Revolution

William Murphy and Anne Dolan discuss their new book 'Michael Collins: The Man and the Revolution'.

The History Show 18th Nov - Full Show Podcast

On this week's programme: Michael Collins - the man and the revolution; A look back at the history of the US / Mexico border; Catriona Crowe shares an 'immodest proposal' from the archives; and we hear about some of the events taking place for Explore Your Archive Week.

Sunday 11th November

The History Show - Armistice Day Centenary

To mark the centenary of Armistice Day in 1918, we hear individual stories from World War One - and the reaction to the formal end of the fighting on the home front.

Sunday 4th November

Housing and Ireland

Joseph Brady, Ruth McManus and Frank Quinn give a historical perspective on the housing crisis.

The Girl Who Sued to Play Baseball

Colm Flynn meets Maria Pepe, who fought to overturn the ban on girls playing Little League baseball in the 1970s.

Sunday 28th October

Rediscovered Map of Georgian Dublin

Finnian Ó Cionnaith talks to Myles about a long forgotten map of Dublin from 1799, a critical moment in the history of Ireland.

Leonard Bernstein

Writer and musician Jonathan Creasy takes a look back at the life and work of Leonard Bernstein, and the influence he's had on some of today's Irish musicians.

Allenstown - Ireland's Lost Gaeltacht

Myles is joined by Martin O’Halloran, a native Irish speaker from Allenstown and the author of a forthcoming book called 'From Clonbur to Allenstown', telling the story of the Gaeltacht resettlement in County Meath.

America's Oldest Bowling Alley

Lorcan Clancy reports from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the old style corner tavern 'The Holler House' - the home of the oldest surviving bowling alley in the USA. We hear from the owner, 92 year old Marcy Skowronski.

Bram Stoker's Childhood on Buckingham Street

Hugo McGuinness and Mary Muldowney tell Myles about Bram Stoker's overlooked childhood years in Dublin's north inner city, and the local folklore that might have influenced the author.

The History Show 28th Oct 2018 - Full Show Podcast

Bram Stoker's childhood years in Dublin's inner city; America's oldest bowling alley; The story of Ireland's 'lost Gaeltacht' in Allenstown, County Meath; A look back the life and career of Leonard Bernstein; and we examine a rediscovered map of Dublin from 1799.

Sunday 21st October

Influenza Pandemic

To look back at the Great Flu pandemic a century ago, Myles is joined by Ida Milne and Howard Philips.

Rosemary Smith

In our occasional series Here's the Thing, Julien Clancy uncovers the stories behind some of the objects on display in the Little Museum of Dublin. Tonight's piece is about a photograph of a remarkable & pioneering sportswoman - motorsport pioneer Rosemary Smith.

Northern Ireland Border

Darach MacDonald and Patrick Mulroe join Myles to talk about the history of the border, from partition to present day.

The History Show 21st Oct 2018 - Full Show Podcast

On this week's programme - the history of the Northern Ireland border from partition to present day; the story of motorsport pioneer Rosemary Smith; and we look back at the Great Flu pandemic a century ago.

Sunday 14th October

Alcohol and Ireland

On this special episode, our subject is ‘Alcohol and Ireland’. From beer-drinking habits in the 16th century, right up to the lifting of the Good Friday drinking ban this year – we explore how drinking culture has interacted with our nation’s history.

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