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Sunday 11th April

Full Show Podcast - 11th April 2021

Lessons from the Influenza pandemic a century ago; War and Peace in a Docklands Hotel; and a preview of the new TG4 documentary 'Uimhir 6'.

War and Peace in a Docklands Hotel

Joe Mooney of the East Wall History Group, and historian Liz Gillis on the storied history of the LNWR Hotel at North Wall Quay.

Influenza Pandemic

To discuss echoes and lessons from the pandemic a century ago that can inform our present situation, Myles is joined by Dr Ida Milne.

Sunday 4th April

Full Show Podcast - 4th April 2021

The Suez Crisis of 1956; the Great Famine archive collection known as The Distress Papers; and a new book re-evaluating Charles Stewart Parnell.

Parnell and his Times

Joep Leerssen, editor of the new collection on Charles Stewart Parnell.

The Distress Papers

Elizabeth McEvoy of the National Archives, talks about the Distress Papers, and a few of the stories revealed in the famine archive collection.

The Suez Crisis

To discuss the 1956 Suez crisis in Egypt, Myles is joined by Dr Hussein Omar, Lecturer in Modern Global History at University College Dublin.

Sunday 28th March

Full Show Podcast - 28th March 2021

Animals in 19th century Dublin; the Irish language in Liverpool; plus the life and legacy of Arthur Griffith.

Arthur Griffith

Colum Kenny, author of the book 'The Enigma of Arthur Griffith - Father of Us All'

The Irish Language in Liverpool

Tony Birtill, author of the book 'A Hidden History - The Irish Language in Liverpool'

Animals in 19th Century Dublin

Myles is joined by Juliana Adelman, author of the book 'Civilised by Beasts - Animals and urban change in nineteenth-century Dublin'

Sunday 21st March

Full Show Podcast - 21st March 2021

The life and 1928 Presidential campaign of Al Smith; Criminal Irish women in 19th century America; and a global perspective on the Irish revolutionary period.

Global Irish Revolution

Myles is joined by Dr Darragh Gannon of Queen’s University Belfast, who for years now has been researching how interactions across national boundaries shaped Ireland’s revolution.

Bad Bridget

Leanne McCormick and Elaine Farrell join Myles to talk about their research into criminal and 'deviant' Irish immigrant women in 19th century America.

Al Smith

Colm Flynn reports on the life and 1928 Presidential campaign of Irish-American Al Smith, the first Catholic to run for President as a major party nominee.

Sunday 14th March

Full Show Podcast - 14th March 2021

How a WW2 ship sinking is remembered in County Donegal; The Black Death in Ireland; and the Pearse Street Ambush in March 1921.

Pearse Street Ambush

Historian John Dorney joins Myles to talk about the 14th of March 1921 - a day of political violence in Dublin City.

The Black Death in Ireland

Angela Keogh, author of the historical novel 'The Winter Dress' talks about The Black Death's arrival in Ireland.

SS Mohamed Ali El-Kebir

Marc McMenamin reports on the sinking of a British troop ship during WW2. Featuring Donegal local historians Seosamh O'Cellaigh and Brian Drummond.

Sunday 27th December

Full Show Podcast - 27th December 2020

We'll revisit the documentary 'Curious Journey', an oral history of Ireland's revolution; and Cormac Moore joins us to talk about the Government of Ireland Act of 1920.

Birth of the Border

To talk about the Government of Ireland Act of 1920, and the first steps towards partition, Myles is joined by historian Cormac Moore.

Curious Journey

Timothy O'Grady shares two stories of revolutionary veterans featured in the 1970s documentary 'Curious Journey', and Liz Gillis also joins Myles to talk about the importance of this documentary work.

Sunday 20th December

Full Show Podcast - 20th December 2020

The origins of airline food; The life of Saint Nicholas; Three centuries of Irish country furniture and furnishings; and reflections on the Irish railway munitions strike of 1920.

Irish Railway Munitions Strike

Alex White gives a personal perspective on the Irish Railway Munitions Strike of 1920.

Irish Country Furniture and Furnishings

Design Historian Claudia Kinmonth joins Myles to talk about vanishing social history she found within Irish farmhouses and cabins. Her new book is 'Irish Country Furniture and Furnishings, 1700 - 2000'

Saint Nicholas

Colm Flynn reports from Vatican City in Rome, he interviews Father John Wauck about the story of Saint Nicholas.

Food and Aviation

Bryce Evans joins Myles to talk about his new book ' Food and Aviation in the Twentieth Century: The Pan American Ideal'

Sunday 13th December

Full Show Podcast - 13th December 2020

The story of The Lifeboat Mona; The Burning of Cork; Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental shares his childhood memories; And the career and disappearance of bandleader Glen Miller.

Glenn Miller

Lorcan Clancy reports on the military career and disappearance of bandleader Glenn Miller, 76 years ago.

Tomi Reichental

Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental tells our reporter Conor Sweetman about his experiences during World War 2, and why he decided to speak out about them in recent years.

The Burning of Cork

Michael Lenihan talks to Myles about the Burning of Cork a century ago, one of the most infamous Crown Forces reprisals of the War of Independence.

The Lifeboat Mona

Colm Flynn reports on the real life tragedy that inspired the song 'The Lifeboat Mona'. He speaks to folk singer Peggy Seeger and lifeboat captain Murray Brown.

Sunday 6th December

Full Show Podcast - 6th December 2020

Electioneering and propaganda from 1917-1921; The intelligence war against the IRA during the Troubles; And the story of the two Irishmen who joined the Waffen SS.

Hitler's Irishmen

Reporter Marc McMenamin talks to Terence O'Reilly about the story of two men from Ireland who joined the Waffen SS during World War 2.

The Intelligence War Against the IRA

Thomas Leahy joins Myles to talk about the intelligence war Against the IRA during the Troubles.

Electioneering and Propaganda

Elaine Callinan joins Myles to talk about her new book 'Electioneering and Propaganda in Ireland, 1917-21: Votes, Violence and Victory'

Sunday 29th November

Full Show Podcast - 29th November 2020

We preview the new major TV documentary on the Irish Famine; tell the story of the enigmatic skyjacker D.B. Cooper; and open up the new book 'Women and the Irish Revolution'

Women and the Irish Revolution

Myles is joined by Linda Connolly, editor of the new book 'Women and the Irish Revolution: Feminism, Activism, Violence'

DB Cooper

Colm Flynn reports on the story of the enigmatic outlaw who hijacked a plane and stole 200,000 dollars from the US Government in 1971.

The Hunger

Professor Peter Gray joins Myles to talk about a few aspects of the Great Famine, and preview a new major TV documentary on the subject.

Sunday 22nd November

Bloody Sunday 1920

Myles Dungan and guests explore the events of Bloody Sunday. the 21st November 1920. We hear from Liz Gillis, Éanna de Búrca, James Durney, Fergus Sammon and Cathy Scuffil.

Sunday 8th November

Charles de Gaulle in Ireland

Grace Neville joins Myles to talk about the time Charles de Gaulle spent in Ireland in 1969, a story told in the new TG4 documentary 'De Gaulle in Éirinn'.

Sunday 1st November

Full Show Podcast - 1st November 2020

One hundred years on from his execution, we explore the life, death and legacy of Kevin Barry; and the story of the Tenters - the first housing scheme in a newly independent Ireland.

The Tenters

Maria O'Reilly talks to Myles about the history of 'The Tenters', the first housing development scheme in a newly independent Ireland.

Kevin Barry

We hear from Siofra O'Donovan and Eunan O'Halpin, two relatives of Kevin Barry who have both published books about his life, death and legacy.

Sunday 25th October

Full Show Podcast - 25th October 2020

On this week's programme - the links between cholera and vampire myths which influenced Bram Stoker; the republican oral history collection of Uinseann MacEoin; and a story from the Irish War of Independence in County Roscommon.

Irish War of Independence in Roscommon

Lorcan Clancy visits County Roscommon to meet Tommy Murray - who has researched his own family history during the Irish War of Independence.

Uinseann MacEoin Oral History Collection

Dr Tomás Mac Conmara talks to Myles about an oral history collection which sheds light on Irish republicanism in the first half of the twentieth century.

Cholera and Vampire Legends

Myles is joined by historian Mary Muldowney, who talks about how vampire myths were associated with cholera epidemics, and the European fear of vampires that fed into Bram Stoker's 'Dracula'.

Sunday 18th October

Full Show Podcast - 18th October 2020

We remember and pay tribute to the extraordinary life of Dr Margaret MacCurtain; and we hear about a new book on the history of women in Irish foreign affairs.

Women and Irish Foreign Affairs

Myles speaks to Dr Ann Marie O'Brien, author of the new book 'The Ideal Diplomat - Women and Irish Foreign Affairs, 1946 to 1990'

Margaret MacCurtain Remembered

We remember the distinguished historian, educator and human rights activist who died recently at the age of 91. Myles is joined by Sinead McCoole, Margaret Kelleher and Diarmaid Ferriter.

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