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Sunday 18th November

Explore Your Archive Week

Niamh Ní Charra and Catriona Crowe discuss Explore Your Archive Week which runs until next Sunday 25th November, with events taking place nationwide highlighting the value of archives.

An Immodest Proposal

Catriona Crowe shares an archive letter from the collection of suffragette Lucy Kingston - an 8 page marriage proposal from her suitor Samuel Kingston, which is remarkably frank in its discussion of sexuality.

U.S. Mexico Border

Jonathan Creasy reports from the Texas borderlands on the history of the frontier between Mexico and the USA.

Michael Collins: The Man and the Revolution

William Murphy and Anne Dolan discuss their new book 'Michael Collins: The Man and the Revolution'.

The History Show 18th Nov - Full Show Podcast

On this week's programme: Michael Collins - the man and the revolution; A look back at the history of the US / Mexico border; Catriona Crowe shares an 'immodest proposal' from the archives; and we hear about some of the events taking place for Explore Your Archive Week.

Sunday 11th November

The History Show - Armistice Day Centenary

To mark the centenary of Armistice Day in 1918, we hear individual stories from World War One - and the reaction to the formal end of the fighting on the home front.

Sunday 4th November

Housing and Ireland

Joseph Brady, Ruth McManus and Frank Quinn give a historical perspective on the housing crisis.

The Girl Who Sued to Play Baseball

Colm Flynn meets Maria Pepe, who fought to overturn the ban on girls playing Little League baseball in the 1970s.

Sunday 28th October

Rediscovered Map of Georgian Dublin

Finnian Ó Cionnaith talks to Myles about a long forgotten map of Dublin from 1799, a critical moment in the history of Ireland.

Leonard Bernstein

Writer and musician Jonathan Creasy takes a look back at the life and work of Leonard Bernstein, and the influence he's had on some of today's Irish musicians.

Allenstown - Ireland's Lost Gaeltacht

Myles is joined by Martin O’Halloran, a native Irish speaker from Allenstown and the author of a forthcoming book called 'From Clonbur to Allenstown', telling the story of the Gaeltacht resettlement in County Meath.

America's Oldest Bowling Alley

Lorcan Clancy reports from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the old style corner tavern 'The Holler House' - the home of the oldest surviving bowling alley in the USA. We hear from the owner, 92 year old Marcy Skowronski.

Bram Stoker's Childhood on Buckingham Street

Hugo McGuinness and Mary Muldowney tell Myles about Bram Stoker's overlooked childhood years in Dublin's north inner city, and the local folklore that might have influenced the author.

The History Show 28th Oct 2018 - Full Show Podcast

Bram Stoker's childhood years in Dublin's inner city; America's oldest bowling alley; The story of Ireland's 'lost Gaeltacht' in Allenstown, County Meath; A look back the life and career of Leonard Bernstein; and we examine a rediscovered map of Dublin from 1799.

Sunday 21st October

Influenza Pandemic

To look back at the Great Flu pandemic a century ago, Myles is joined by Ida Milne and Howard Philips.

Rosemary Smith

In our occasional series Here's the Thing, Julien Clancy uncovers the stories behind some of the objects on display in the Little Museum of Dublin. Tonight's piece is about a photograph of a remarkable & pioneering sportswoman - motorsport pioneer Rosemary Smith.

Northern Ireland Border

Darach MacDonald and Patrick Mulroe join Myles to talk about the history of the border, from partition to present day.

The History Show 21st Oct 2018 - Full Show Podcast

On this week's programme - the history of the Northern Ireland border from partition to present day; the story of motorsport pioneer Rosemary Smith; and we look back at the Great Flu pandemic a century ago.

Sunday 14th October

Alcohol and Ireland

On this special episode, our subject is ‘Alcohol and Ireland’. From beer-drinking habits in the 16th century, right up to the lifting of the Good Friday drinking ban this year – we explore how drinking culture has interacted with our nation’s history.

Sunday 7th October

Northern Ireland's '68

To discuss civil rights in Northern Ireland in the context of global revolt, Myles is joined by journalist Tom McGurk and Simon Prince of Canterbury Christ Church University.

New York's First Female Firefighter

Reporter Colm Flynn speaks to Brenda Berkman, the first woman ever to be hired by the New York City Fire Department.

The Sinking of the Leinster

Philip Lecane and Michael Kennedy join Myles to discuss the sinking of the mailboat the RMS Leinster in 1918.

The History Show 7th Oct 2018 - Full Show Podcast

The sinking of the RMS Leinster in 1918; New York's first female firefighter tells her story of discrimination and determination; and we look back at the Derry civil rights march of October 1968, in the context of the global revolt that year.

Sunday 30th September

Frederick Douglass and Ireland

We hear some voices from the launch of Christine Kinealy's new book 'Frederick Douglass and Ireland: In His Own Words', then historian Cecelia Hartsell tells Myles more about the abolitionist's life and work.

The Irish Independence Film Collection

Lar Joye, Kasandra O'Connell and Ciara Chambers discuss the Irish newsreel footage from the period 1900-1930, which is now available online.

Biafra and the Origins of Concern

Colette Kinsella reports, and Myles is joined by John O'Loughlin Kennedy, a co-founder of Concern.

The History Show 30th Sept 2018 - Full Show Podcast

On this week's programme - the origins of the charity Concern in response to the blockade of Biafra in 1968; we're setting up the projector and taking a look at the IFI's Irish Independence Film Collection; and the renowned abolitionist Frederick Douglas, whose time in Ireland as a young man was hugely influential on him.

Sunday 23rd September

Dublin Festival of History

Maeve Casserly talks to Myles about some highlights from the Dublin Festival of History programme.


Humanology is a new book which takes the reader on a journey across centuries and galaxies, to answer some burning questions about life and existence. To mark some scientific milestones covered in the book, Myles is joined by the author Luke O’Neill, Professor of Biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin.

The Hirschfeld Centre

Julien Clancy speaks to activist Toni Walsh who recalls the Hirschfield Centre, Ireland's first LGBT Community Centre.

14 Henrietta Street

We hear a report by Lorcan Clancy from Dublin's newest museum, then Myles Dungan is joined in studio by Charles Duggan and Ellen Rowley.

The History Show 23rd Sep 2018 - Full Show Podcast

Almost 300 years of Dublin's social history at 14 Henrietta Street; The story of the Hirschfeld Centre, a haven for Dublin's LGBT community in the 1980s; marking some scientific milestones from the new book 'Humanology'; and we explore some highlights from the Dublin Festival of History programme.

Sunday 29th April

Marx Conference

Chandana Mathur give some details of an upcoming conference on Karl Marx taking place at Maynooth University.

What The British Did to India

Our April book club choice is 'Inglorious Empire: What the British Did to India' by Indian historian and parliamentarian Shashi Tharoor. Myles is joined by Chandana Mathur, Dermot Dix and Kate O'Malley.

Columbia University Protests

Jonathan Creasy reports from New York on the demonstrations that took place at Columbia University in April of 1968.

Windrush Generation

Kate O'Malley talks to Myles about the Windrush Generation and the recent controversy surrounding them in Britain.

The History Show 29th April 2018 - Full Show Podcast

On this week's programme - the Windrush Generation; the Columbia University Protests of 1968; our April book club choice Inglorious Empire surveys two centuries of British misrule in India; and we preview a major conference in Maynooth on Karl Marx.

Sunday 22nd April

The History Show 22nd April 2018 - Full Show Podcast

On this week's programme: Should we celebrate 'Republic Day' as our national day?; The story of Willie Halpin's 1916 Rifle; A peek into the new publication 'The Cambridge History of Ireland'; And we look at the records of the New York Emigrant Savings Bank.

New York Emigrant Savings Bank

Catriona Crowe brings us the records of the New York Emigrant Savings Bank, which represent a wealth of historical and genealogical information about 19th century Irish emigrants.

Cambridge History of Ireland

Editors Jane Ohlmeyer and Tom Bartlett on the new four volume publication 'The Cambridge History of Ireland'.

Willie Halpin's Rifle

We investigate the story of Willie Halpin's Rifile, which he claimed he hid at City Hall during the 1916 Rising. Lorcan Clancy reports from City Hall, we hear from Hugo McGuinness, Councillor Nial Ring and Archaeologist Franc Myles.

Republic Day

Diarmaid Ferriter on the proposal to celebrate 'Republic Day' as a state event on the 18th April, the anniversary of Ireland becoming a Republic in 1949.

Sunday 15th April

The Conscription Crisis

Myles Dungan and guests Ciaran Wallace, Liz Gillis and Padraig Yeates discuss the Conscription Crisis of 1918.

Sunday 8th April

Father Joseph Mallin

Father Joseph Mallin was the last surviving child of an executed 1916 leader. He died recently at the age of 104. A Jesuit priest, Father Mallin lived in Hong Kong since leaving Ireland for missionary work in 1948. Liz Gillis joins Myles to talk about Father Mallin.

Maamtrasna Murders

Myles is joined by Niamh Howlin from the Sutherland School of Law at University College Dublin, who was commissioned to review the Maamtrasna murders case in 2015 by Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

John Patrick O'Sullivan

Marc McMenamin reports on the story of John Patrick O'Sullivan, a key figure in the Irish counter espionage unit during World War Two.

1968 US Presidential Election

Liz Gillis shares audio from the RTÉ Archives which illuminates the generation-defining US Presidential election of 1968.

Russia and Diplomacy

Judith Devlin and Geoffrey Roberts give a historical perspective on the current diplomatic crisis between Russia and the west.

The History Show 8th April 2018 - Full Show Podcast

Diplomatic tensions between Russia and the west; The US Presidential election of 1968; John Patrick O’Sullivan, a key figure in Irish WW2 counter espionage; The 1882 Maamtrasna murders; and we remember Father Joseph Mallin.

Sunday 1st April

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

Lorcan Clancy visits the Irish Emigration Museum and speaks to deputy museum director Jessica Traynor and the museum's founder Neville Isdell.


Aidan O'Sullivan and Liam Downey talk about history of hurling, and in particular what archaeology can tell us about our national game.

Claudette Colvin - The Original Rosa Parks

Claudette Colvin is a native of Montgomery. Alabama and a civil rights pioneer. Colm Flynn met with Colvin at her home in New York, and she told him her story.

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