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The Business Saturday 10 January 2015

The Business

The Business

A weekly look at the world of business and personal finance with Richard Curran

Emmett O'Connell

Emmet O'Connell is son of Irish emigrants - his father from Sligo, his mother from Cork - and was raised in New York. He was responsible for several stock market launches with oil, gas and minerals companies, including Eglinton Oil and Gas. He was also involved in a shipping business and a Russian Telecoms venture. Most recently he's been involved in the Great Western Mining Corporation. In the past, he has been referred to as "Ireland's answer to JR Ewing"....

David Drumm

This week a Massachusetts Judge Frank Bailey delivered a damning ruling relating to the former Anglo Irish Bank Chief David Drumm. The judge found that he was "not remotely credible", his conduct was "fraudulent", and his court statements replete with "outright lies". He isn't the only person involved in the banking crash who is being sued for money. To look at some of the other names in the mix we were joined by Editor of the Sunday Business Post, Ian Kehoe, and Forensic Accountant with Grant Sugrue, Liam Grant.

Felix Abt

North Korea has been in the news recently, following allegations that the country was involved in hacking into files belonging to Sony Pictures Entertainment. What is life really like in the closed kingdom of Kim Jong-un? We caught up with Felix Abt, who spent several years living and working in that country as a businessman, and has just published a book called 'A Capitalist In North Korea: My 7 Years Living In The Hermit Kingdom' .

Telling Lies at Work

Have you ever told a porker at work? It seems lots of us tell lies quite routinely. People who lie are said to be highly emotionally intelligent; they're also brainy and have strong social skills. So what do we lie about? Who do we tell lies to? Why do we do it and, more importantly, is lying always wrong? Richard was joined by Social psychologist, Karen Hand to steer us through him lying jungle.

Morning Gloryville

The dark days of January are brightening for some hardy workers who are trying to get a spring in their step on these winter mornings... If you feel like shaking off the cobwebs and raving your way into the day, you could go along to Morning Gloryville, like our reporter Liam Geraghty did.

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