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Saturday 23rd March

Clearing the Mind with Creativity

From fitness retreats to other ways to get away from it all, more and more people are looking towards creativity breaks as a way of clearing the mind. Liam Geraghty reports

From Stomach Crunches to Crunching Numbers

Kathryn Thomas of Operation Transformation fame has transformed her love of fitness into a business. Four years ago she set up Pure Results Bootcamp. But is her business fighting fit? She joins us in studio.

A Comedic Take on Brexit

Brexit is far from funny, but some people have been mining it for a few laughs. But is Brexit comedy like the negotiations tricky to maneuver and does it require a number of takes to get it through? Actor Seamus O’Rourke and comedian Alison Spittle discuss.

Whats New for Brexit

Well the visuals from Brexit looked a little more promising this week. But is a crash out scenario less likely? We’re joined in studio by Brigid Laffan, Director of the Global Governance Programme of the European Union and from London by Tom McTague, Chief UK correspondent for Politico.

Profiting from Pictures

Jerry Kennelly has been immersed in creative businesses for his entire life, beginning with his parents photography business in Co.Kerry. He made headlines in 2006 when he sold Stockbyte to Getty Images. Since then he set up, a junior entrepreneurship programme, and is a judge in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Saturday 16th March

Giving Paddywhackery the Boot

It seems that shamrocks and shillelaghs are being rejected by some Irish companies in favour of more modern symbols. Liam Geraghty takes a look at the businesses embracing more imaginative views of Ireland.

Dublin’s Wrestling Queen

Later today my next guest will be taking part in Scrapper Mania at the national stadium in Dublin. She’s one of the most popular wrestlers on the OTT wrestling scene. Karen Glennon from Rathfarnham in Dublin goes by Martina the Session Mot, a pyjama-clad party animal.

Milking the St Patrick’s Day Marketing Machine

Tomorrow the world’s tallest building, Niagara Falls and the Sydney Opera House will go green as part of St Patrick’s Day global celebrations. But how does the day stack up financially, are we getting our money’s worth from our Patron Saint? Conor Brophy, Communications Director with Teneo Ireland a CEO advisory firm, joins us in studio.

Brexit Exposes Exporting Failures

As Brexit battles enter their next phase, the whole debacle is showing up an over reliance on the British market for many Irish businesses. We’re joined by Martin McVicar, Managing Director of Combi-lift, Alison Cowzer, of East Coast BakeHouse and Cormac Healy of Meat Industry Ireland to discuss.

Crops, Crisps and Rollercoasters

Our first guest was making millions from farming in his early twenties but less than ten years later, he owed the banks a small fortune. Left with nothing, he raffled his farm and set up Largo Foods. Since then he gobbled up the crisp market with Perri, Hunky Dorys and later Tayto. Ray Coyle joins us in studio.

Saturday 9th March

The Caviar Conundrum

Russia was once the biggest producer of caviar, but China has surpassed them in production of the delicacy. Farmed caviar has become commonplace so why does it remain so expensive? Dr. Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire a lecturer in culinary arts in DIT has been looking into it for us.

A Trucking Tale

It looked like Brexit arrived early this week as angry French customs union officers increased checks in the northern city of Calais leading to queues of trucks up to 40 miles long. We’re joined by two sisters who help own and run family business, O’Reilly Transport Ireland, a haulage company that has been on the move since the early 1970s.

Rebooting Doc Martens

It looks like we’re seeing a resurgence of the old reliable Doc Martens. There are few styles of boots that have enjoyed seven decades of popularity, but it looks like Docs are flavour of the moment for fashionistas, models and Instagram influencers. Liam Geraghty has been taking a look back at the brand’s past.

Diamond Dealing from Dublin

Chupi Sweetman-Durney is a Wicklow woman who sells her jewellery across the globe. Only in the diamond business for 6 years, she’s in more than 60 countries including Russia and China. She tells her story.

The Future of Europe

French President Emmanuel Macron called for a renaissance of the European Union earlier this week. Richard spoke to former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, former Minister for European Affairs and CEO of Vulcan Consulting Lucinda Creighton and former Irish Ambassador Ray Bassett on the European Union beyond Brexit.

Saturday 2nd March

Death at the Disco

Another Dublin cultural haunt, the Screen Cinema, was torn down this week. So is commercial gain trumping cultural pursuits? Hugh Linehan, Arts and culture editor with The Irish Times, Samantha McCaughren, business editor with the Sunday Independent and Barry Devlin of the Horslips discuss.

Singing in the Workplace

Liam Geraghty has been looking into the benefits of singing in workplaces. Studies show that choral singing improves our mood, and decreases, stress, depression and anxiety.

A Scottish Lament on Brexit

The prospect of a second Brexit referendum is once again on the table, an extension of article 50 looks likely too. But our next guest is dismayed with Prime Minister Theresa May and he's a firm believer that a crash out Brexit is the most likely contender. We're joined by Mark Blyth, a professor of political economy at Brown University.

Trump Economics

American President Donald Trump, was the butt of some criticism from the Former Chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen this week. But is Yellen's criticism fair, are his economic policy all that bad? Declan Jordan an economist in UCC joined us from Cork.

Drugs and Drink in Hospitality

Heavy drinking, drug taking and depression are huge issues within the hospitality sector according to our next guests. Elaine Murphy, Director of The Winding Stair Group and Janet Clarke, General Manager at The Woolen Mills, are spearheading a campaign to promote positive mental health within the industry.

The Business Brexiteer

Tim Martin is the founder and chair of Wetherspoons and one of Britain's most famous Brexiteers. He has a chain of 900 pubs and hotels across the UK and Ireland. He himself is worth over £700 million. He was in Ireland this week visiting some of his pubs. He joins us from Belfast.

Saturday 23rd February

Making A Name In Comedy

The business of comedy is well known as a tough gig, but is it lucrative? We sent our own funny man Liam Geraghty out behind the scenes, to see how hard it is to make a living as a stand up.

Parisian Glamour & Weeds in Cork

This week Denis Cotter of Paradiso, the well known vegetarian restaurant in Cork and his supplier Ultan Walsh of Gort na Nain farm were awarded 'collaboration of the year' at the world restaurant awards. They join us in studio to talk about their working relationship.

Art of Negotiation

With all the red lines, ill chosen words, over heard jibes, accusations of bullying, and lots and lots of bluffing could Brexit teach us a thing or two about the art of negotiation? Andy Black, poker player and business consultant and Louise Campbell, organisational psychologist, were on the show to discuss.

Controlling Drones

This week a drone sighting shut down operations at Dublin airport. Flights were suspended for a short period. While very mild in comparison with the recent incidents at Heathrow and Gatwick, for some it was a worrying development. Julie Garland, the CEO of Thunder Tiger Aviation, is in the drones business.


Yesterday, Government published emergency legislation to deal with a no deal scenario and said it hoped the bill would never be enacted. To look at what exactly a no deal scenario looks like for us, we're joined by Liz Fullen, CEO of Sales Optimize, Sue O'Neill of the Small Firms Association, and Jonathan McMillen from Enterprise Ireland.

Saturday 16th February

Mother Jones

Sticking with workers rights, later this month, Cork City Council is going to decide whether to call a new bridge in the city after Mother Jones. The famous Cork trade unionist is up against a number of well known names for the honour. Poet Dave Lordan is hoping Mary Harris wins, and he’s written a piece for us to explain why.

Parents in the Workplace

Later this month the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation is publishing a future of jobs strategy. One of the other things it's looking at is how to address more flexible working arrangements that benefit all, particularly working parents. We're joined by employer Rena Maycock, lawyer Julie Austin and HR expert Ian McGowan Smyth.

Fed up with Philanthropy

Our next guest is fed up with the notion that billionaire philanthropists should be relied upon to help save the world. In his book, Winner Takes All, Anand Giridharadas takes aim at the super rich. He says they’re obsessed by social action, but at the same time are hoarding opportunities for themselves.

Artists Drawing A Line

There's a growing movement among creatives who say they've had enough of being asked to work for free. Companies are asking them to produce content in return for exposure. Liam Geraghty has been finding out more.

She's in Fashion

Cork native Samantha Barry was appointed editor in chief of Glamour Magazine just over a year ago. The 80-year-old title has been ground-breaking in the past, but like lots of other magazines, its circulation sales have been declining. Samantha joins us to discuss her vision for the publication.


There were interesting and unusual stories emerging this week relating to Brexit. Aviva joined a long line of companies to announce the transfer of assets to Ireland, while the NHS began stock piling body bags. We're joined by Callum Burroughs from Business Insider and Fiach Kelly from the Irish Times.

Saturday 9th February

A Tap through Time

It seems like credit cards are going out of fashion somewhat. As more and more of us opt to use contactless and even our phones to pay for goods and services, the sight of a credit card it seems is becoming less common. Liam Geraghty reports on the history of the credit card.

Michael Dawson

Imagine selling your company for €100 million? A company you've built from scratch. What would you do? Michael Dawson has done just that with his company Gift Voucher Shop, the company behind One4all gift vouchers.

Profiting from Productivity

White House schedules leaked this week show the President spends 60% of his day on unstructured 'Executive time'. Is unstructured time helpful for success and productivity? Yseult Freeney, associate professor of organisational psychology at Dublin City University, takes a look at the world of time and productivity.

Movie Magic and Mathematics

You may be surprised to hear that some of the scenes in Pixar’s UP were created by an algorithm. More and more movie studios are hiring companies who use artificial intelligence to decide whether a movie should be made. Marcus Du Sautoy is a British Mathematician and the author of The Creativity Code which explores the future of creativity.

Cinema Success Story

'The Favourite' is up for twelve awards at the BAFTAs this weekend and has been nominated for ten Oscars. Ed Guiney and Andrew Lowe set up Element Pictures in 2001. Since then, they've produced films like 'Room', 'The Lobster', and 'The Guard'. Ed and Andrew join us now.


Emily O' Reilly, European Ombudsman, brings us the view from Brussels.

Saturday 2nd February

The Rise of Street Art

This week a giant mural dedicated to the Channel 4 hit comedy Derry Girls was unveiled in the city. In recent years street art has grown in popularity with many commercial businesses jumping on the trend and even collectors are keen. Earlier we caught up with one of the street artists behind the mural, Karl Porter of UV Art.

Brexit Bloopers

When it comes to Brexit, it seems every week someone puts their foot in it with misinformation, mistakes, even open mics. This week there were a few real bloopers. Journalist Lise Hand talked through some of them in studio.

A Tech Solution for Brexit

Katy Hayward, political sociologist at Queens University Belfast and Andrew Bird, Chief Executive of Digital Transformation firm GS Marketplace on whether there is a technical way out of the Brexit conundrum.

Making Money from Music

This week not one but two Luke Kelly statues were unveiled in Dublin. His presence on the streets will not only be a lovely distraction for Irish people, but some are hoping it will be a boost for tourism too. Liam Geraghty has been meeting some businesses that are making money from our musical heritage.

House Repossessions

This week the Dáil backed a Sinn Féin bill that aims to give mortgage holders power to block the sale of their loans to vulture funds. The Central Bank warned this may lead to increased interest rates. Michael Somers, former chief executive of the National Treasury Management Agency and David Hall of the Irish Mortgage Holders Association discuss.

Michael O'Flynn

Michael O'Flynn, and his brother, John set up O'Flynn construction in the 70’s. He's the developer behind the tallest building in the Republic, the Elysian in Cork. After the crash, €2 billion of his group's loans were passed to Nama and he became one of their top ten debtors. He joins us in studio.

Saturday 26th January

Pop Up Gaelteacht

Bars all around the country and even overseas have been topping up their profits as Gaelgeoirs are popping in for pints in Pop Up Gaeltachts. Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been propping up a bar to find out more.

Influencing the Market

Influencers were getting a grilling this week as ‘’Fyre: The greatest party that never happened’’ was released on Netflix. It's been an unregulated sector, so is that about to change? We're joined by Eimear McManus, founder of the Digital Works Agency.

Nurses Strike

On Wednesday 40,000 nurses are due to strike across the country, the HSE say 15,000 out-patient appointments will be cancelled as a result. Our next guest, former industrial relations correspondent for the Irish Independent Gerald Flynn covered picket lines, sit-ins and strikes for a decade. He spoke about the history of nurses’ strikes.

Profits from Peptides

Nuritas is an Irish company that's aiming to use Artificial Intelligence for healthcare purposes. Founded in 2014 by mathematician Nora Khaldi, Bono is one of their investors. We're joined by the Chief Executive of the company, Emmet Browne.

Singing for every OperaTunity!

Andrew Gavin and Corina Ignat are two young opera singers who are fighting it out this weekend to impress in the Veronica Dunne International Singing Competition. They've taken a break in their vocal warm ups to chat to us.

Caroline Casey on Davos

Disability rights activist and Dubliner Caroline Casey was making waves in Davos this week. Previously a regular at the event, in 2006 she promised that she wouldn't go back unless she managed to get disability as a focus on the main stage. This week she launched an initiative called Valuable 500 and she joined us from Davos to tell us more.

Economic Predictions

The Irish Central Bank and the European Central Bank issued some warnings about economic conditions here and elsewhere this week. Even the German Government downgraded growth forecasts in a leaked document. Tony Foley, a lecturer in DCU's business school, joined us to dissect these figures.

Saturday 19th January

Tommy Guns and Tanks

The European Union was formed in the aftermath of World War II to unite countries economically and politically in order to secure lasting peace in the region. This week we met William Sullivan at the Irish Military War Museum in Co Meath, the museum was inspired by that period.

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