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Saturday 21st April

Book Industry

The few years ago the idea of the demise of the printed book seemed inevitable given the unstoppable march of technology. In Ireland the publishing industry is going through what could be seen as a golden age with Irish writers producing best sellers & readers spending more money in the shops. Richard is joined by Maria Dickenson, MD of Dubray Books & Sarah Davis Goff, co-founder of Tramp Press.

Escape Rooms - Liam Geraghty

Escape Rooms is an emerging industry that invite you & your friends or colleagues to be locked in a room together, inside there are clues & puzzles to work together to figure your way out! Liam Geraghty reports.

Employers & Disability

The statistics around disability & employment in this country make for stark reading. Around 13 percent of the population are registered as having a disability but less than one third of the people with disabilities of working age actually have jobs. Joining Richard in studio this morning are Ross McCarthy, MD of Keystone Procurement, Colin Phelan & Seónaid O'Murchadha, project manager with the Employer Disability Service.

Profile - Deirdre McGlone

According to the National Geographic magazine the coolest place on the planet right now is county Donegal, which has been going from strength to strength as a tourist destination. Deirdre McGlone, who has been on the frontline of the battle to build that reputation for nearly 30 years now, joins Richard in studio.

Hard Border

Yesterday Taoiseach Leo Varadkar warned the EU could pull the plug on negotiations in June if Britain fails to put forward a coherent plan for the border. Joining Richard this morning is author & Journalist Darrach McDonald who has just published a book titled 'Hard Border: walking through a century of Irish partition'.

Saturday 14th April

Gender Quotas

Earlier this week Bank of Ireland announced a plan to boost the number of women at the top of the organisation with a commitment that from the end of 2021, all new management & leadership appointments would follow a 50:50 male female ratio. While gender balance is of course admirable, critics argue that quotas inevitably unfairly undermine the abilities of all candidates in recruitment processes. Claire McGing, gender quotas researcher at the Social Sciences Institute of Maynooth University joins Richard this morning.

Petite Products - Liam Geraghty

From big business, large corporations or giant-multi-companies, this week The Business goes the other end of the spectrum to the teeny tiny companies with the petite products. Liam Geraghty reports.

Automation - John McCarthy

The inevitable growth of self-driving cars has given rise to understandable suspicion about the real world impact of machines carrying out tasks that used to be carried out by humans. In studio is Associate Director at the Engineering Consultancy Arup & he heads up their Intelligent Mobility Unit.

Brexit - are Irish businesses ready?

According to the UK's Secretary of State for exiting the EU, David Davis, the final trade deal between the two unions is '90% complete' but his words werent enought to set Irish eyes smiling, as both the Central Bank & PwC published reports that make grim reading. Joining Richard in studio this morning are Anne Lanigan, Head of Enterprise Ireland's Brexit Unit & David McGee, Brexit Task Force Leader for PwC Ireland.

Profile - Martin McVicar

Monaghan man Martin McVicar joined a local engineering company straight out of school & it set him on a career path that would lead to co-founding his own forklift-manufacturing business just nine years later. Through innovative design, both the vehicles & the warehouses they operate in, make his company Combilift a world leader with an annual turnover in the hundreds of millions.

Saturday 7th April

Company Culture

You have been through the interview & were successful in the various rounds of psychometric testing that now form such a crucial part of the modern recruitment process. Walking into the unfamiliar office on day one as the shiny new staff member is where the real test starts & the key challenge you face is figuring out what the culture of the company is, whether it is good or bad. Louise Campbell, Managing Director of Robert Walters Recruitment Ireland joins Richard in studio.

E-Sports - Liam Geraghty

Last month was a busy one in the calendar for E-Sports players & fans. Several competitive video gaming tournaments took place incuding Three Ireland's E-Stars which kicked off recently in Dundalk & the final takes place in Three Arena in Dublin in May. Liam Geraghty brings us this report.

Avril Copeland

Richard is joined by Avril Copeland, an entrepreneur who has recently won a major contract with the NHS in the UK to develop a new product called Hacka Health which helps people with Cyctic Firbrosis manage their treatment & keep all that great progress news moving in the right direction.

Budget 2019

With Budget 2019 a little over six months away claims on Paschal Donohoe's coffers are already being made. The Teacher's Conferences this week emphasised the support that is out there for pay restoration of those employed post 2011 & there are many groups who will seek to invade Paschal Donohoe's so-called fiscal space. In studio with Richard this morning is Jack Horgan-Jones, chief reporter with the Sunday Business Post.

Profile - Gary Lavin

Gary Lavin started out his working life in professional rugby but a devastating injury early on forced him to look at other opportunities. In 1999 Dubliner Gary came up with the idea of adding vitamins to low-sugar drinks as an alternative to the high calorie sports beverages domination the market at the time. His product Vit-Hit is selling 15 million bottles a year.

Saturday 31st March

Immune to Change

There are points in the calender, start of the new year and the coming of Lent, which is ending soon that we try to impose change on ourselves. Michale Comyn, broadcaster & leadership coach joins Richard in studio to discuss if we are underestimating how difficult it is to transform ourselves?

Chocolate Factories - Liam Geraghty

It is easy to assume that the serious chocolate market is cornered by Belgium & Switzerland but here in Ireland, the artisan chocolate scene is growing & thriving. Liam Geraghty brings us this report.

Aidan Kehoe, skOUT - Risk Management

Richard speaks to county Laois man Aidan Kehoe who discovered that the secret to success often lies in being lucky enough to meet the right people & being savvy enough to impress them when you get the chance.

Big Tech Stock Prices

With the fallout of Cambridge Analytica revelations continue to have reverberations almost two weeks after the scandal broke, the stock prices of the big five tech companies Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix & Google come under pressure. In studio with Richard is Ellen Tannem, technology journalist at Silicon Republic.

Profile - Colm Hanley

Richard speaks to Colm Hanley, the man in charge of Skelligs chocolate, based in rural West Kerry overlooking the Skellig Islands, the UNESCO World Heritage site which gives the company its name.

Saturday 24th March

Biz Around the World

Siobhan O'Connell of Business Plus Magazine & joins Richard in studio this morning for our monthly look at some of the week's international stories from the four corners of the globe.

Liam Geraghty - Monster Factory

We all have dreams of what we want to be when we grow & Kildare woman Kate Walshe's case, she wanted to make monsters & now she is doing just that. Liam Geraghty reports.


The words 'Trade War' are looming large in headlines around the globe, with the US & China as the two main players. Prof Eamonn Walsh from UCD Smurfit School has been looking at the the rate China has been advancing technologically over the last decade & founder of Universal Sourcing Services International, Seamus Greaney joing Richard in studio this morning.

Profile - Fergus Linehan

The Edinburgh International Arts Festival was launched 71 years ago & Dubliner Fergus Linehan took on the mantle of Director in 2015. Fergus joins Richard in studio this morning.

Data Mining

A US owned, London based political consultancy called Cambridge Analytica found itself very much in the international spotlight as an investigative report published by The Observer, alleging that the company had sourced the personal data of over 50 million US Facebook users for use in targeted ad campaigns. Eddie O'Mahoney, Head of Trading Core & Eoghan Doyle, partner at Phillip Lee Solicitors join Richard in studio this morning.

Saturday 10th March

Sorry – Colette Sexton

Now in life and in business knowing when to apologise is a key skill that, if deployed well, can mark a person out as being steeped in self knowledge and brave enough to show just a scintilla of weakness. Richard was joined by by Colette Sexton News Correspondent with the Sunday Business Post and columnist with


The Jacobs brand has a history and heritage in this country that went back the generations. Well Dublin City Council now manages the Jacobs Factory Archive, and right now in City Hall, there is a fascinating exhibition on the company’s century and a half of baking in Dublin. Sinéad Egan found out more.


The decision to go public – to IPO, to float on a stock market – is a stressful one at the best of times but what if that flotation is happening in a market far, far away from home. My next guest, Brendan O’Riordan, is the CEO of Zutec, an Irish firm which provides software for construction professionals to manage their data.

Trade wars

Mario Draghi and President Trump, who signed an order on Thursday imposing a 25% tariff on imports to the U.S. on steel, and a 10% one on imports of aluminium.The big fear, is that these measures might lead to a 'trade war'. Richard was joined studio by Frank Barry, Economist at TCD, by Gina London, a veteran CNN broadcaster.

Helena Morrissey

This morning, our guest is one of the most high profile women working in the City of London – Dame Helena Morrissey is one of the very few women who have ever made it to CEO level in an investment bank. Now Head of Personal Investing at Legal & General, Helena has just published her first book and she joined Richard from London.

Saturday 3rd March

Swallow Boxes

The latest Countryside Bird Survey shows an alarming 40% decline, One man in Co. Kerry has turned to real estate for birds as a solution, and in doing so, founded a fledgling business for himself. Liam Geraghty has the story.

Cork City Football

With so many sectors, behind the scenes most of the business of football is more about managing the day-to-day than generating big-figure headlines and when things get really tough sometimes the only people that have what it takes to stay the course are the those who are doing it purely out of love. Niamh O'Mahoney, Head of Development at SD Europe joined Conor on the show.


John McGrane, Director General of the British-Irish Chamber of Commerce, Margaret Doyle, a partner at Deloitte UK and Justin Urquhart-Stewart who is the co-founder and Manging Director of Seven Investment Managemnt joined Conor on the phone.

Retailers after the Blizzard

It's been an extraordinary week. One in a generation levels of snow fall, and a country effectivley in shut down mode for the last several days. A difficult and complicated situation for retailers and business owners, juggling the parallel demands of bottom lines and staff safety.

Saturday 24th February

How To Be A Better Colleague

Is your workplace at times a bit like a war-zone? Do you have a colleague whose irritating habits & behaviours drive you close to the edge? Louise Campbell is here to give us some approaches we can utilise to ease the frustration.

Personal Shopping

Love it or hate it shopping is part of modern life. Liam Geraghty has been on the trail of the people who aim to make it a smoother experience, personal shoppers!

Agricultural Technology - The Power of Insects

Paul Finnerty is Chairman of Yield Lab, an Ag Tech Venture Capital Fund on the lookout for innovative Irish companies to invest in. Alvan Hunt is CEO of Hexafly who received their investment last year and aims to bring an insect farming revolution to the world

RTE's Five Year Strategy - Dee Forbes

This week RTE launched their latest Five Year Strategy which looks towards a digital future. It also hopes to gain more secure public funding. Dee Forbes joined us in studio to discuss the strategy.

Peggy Johnson - Microsoft

Peggy has been in the global tech sector for the last 30 years and as Executive V.P. of Business Development at Microsoft she is an outspoken advocate of women in tech.

Saturday 17th February

Biz Around the World

Well Siobhán O’Connell of Business Plus Magazine and joins me now for our monthly look at some of the week’s international stories from the four corners of the globe.

Shop Signs

They say never judge a book by its cover but should you judge a shop by its shop front? Well many lovers of the traditional Irish shop front are doing just that as they seek to preserve the iconic looks created by trades-people and artists of previous generations. Liam Geraghty has looking in the window.

Future of work

One of the key concerns of workers looking to the future is not so much how their job will change over time, but whether their job will cease to exist at all. So are we looking at another industrial revolution. Richard was joined by Ger McDonough, Director of People and Organisation of PwC Ireland.

Norman Crowley

Richard's first guest this morning is a serial entrepreneur and investor who has made a lot of money by having a keen eye for the next big thing. These days, the issue of climate change is at the heart of Norman Crowley's enterprises. He started the energy efficiency business Crowley Carbon in 2009.

Saturday 10th February

Psychometric Testing

Well if face to face interviews weren’t stressful enough, add the possibility of psychometric testing into the mix and the process of switching jobs becomes enormously more complicated. Broadcaster Michael Comyn who, in addition to presenting The Leap of Faith, conducts psychometric testing for companies around the country, joined Emma in studio.

Liam Geraghty

As many of you listening this morning will know, Ireland’s schools are on a mid-term break next week and happily there's no shortage of weird and wonderful smaller attractions up and down the country hoping for an increase in footfall. Liam Geraghty has been meeting these little businesses punching above their weight.

Employee Engagement

Marina Bleahan is the Managing Director of ActionCOACH Ireland, a business coaching and training firm that specialises in addressing such issues.

David McKernan

Our guest this morning  was into coffee before it was hip  and to be fair, the concept of freshly ground coffee as we know it today was as niche as it gets in Ireland of the 1980s, when David McKernan was making his way into the business


Ian Guider joined Emma in studio this morning to discuss the dip in the markets this week.

Saturday 3rd February


Reporter Liam Geraghty takes a look at the possibilities that the Irish National Opera can bring to those working in the arts.

Rugby Money

It's twenty three years since rugby became professional. Former Irish hockey international and now Head od Advisory Services at Esportif International Hannah Bowe discussed managing rugby talent and the economic analysis of clubs with Richard.

Angel Investing

John Phelan is the national director of the Halo Angel Business Network, John spoke with Richard about the relationship between investors and startups.

Remote Working

Co founder of recruitment company Abodoo Vanessa Tierney and Occupational Psychologist at PinPoint Career Coaching John Deeley, joined Richard in studio to discuss working from home, the positives and negatives as well as the benefits for both employers and employees.

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