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Saturday 27th February

The Big Fella's Slippers

A pair of cobalt blue slippers, each proudly emblazoned with the head of a wolf, sent social media into a bit of a frenzy this week. The slippers belonged to the Irish revolutionary leader Michael Collins. Do items belonging to him always cause such a stir? We’re joined by Ian Whyte of Whyte’s Auctions.

A Close Shave in Castlebar

Tom Murphy has had a colourful past in business. He started as a travelling salesman, worked for pharmaceutical companies, and went on to set up his own company Pamex in Mayo. They’re currently in talks with Amazon about distribution of one of their products in the US.

Why Women are Poorer Than Men

The WHO warned that the pandemic would impact the lives and incomes of women more than men and it looks like this is the case. Startling numbers of women leaving work as a result of Covid-19. In the US the ratio of women working has fallen to its lowest point since 1988. Annabelle Williams, author of Why Women Are Poorer Than Men, joins us.

A Taxing Situation

Business taxes were in the news again this week. The EU pressed ahead with a new law forcing multinationals to reveal their tax payments and activities in member state. So does this spell bad news for Ireland and the corporate tax take? We’re joined by Seamus Coffey, economics lecturer in UCC.

Missing the IT Crowd

Remote working comes with some problems - isolation, overeating, miscommunication and not being able to stroll down the hall to tech support when our computer has given up the ghost. Our own whizkid Liam Geraghty has been dialling up tech support to ask if he should try turning it off and on again?

Return to the Workplace

There’s been a lot of speculation about how workplaces will change because of Covid. A workplace survey has findings from 250 companies on whether we will return to the office full time. We’re joined by Sigmar Recruitment’s Robert MacGiolla Phádraig, founder of the Talent Summit and Laura Phelan, occupational psychologist and MD at Aon.

Saturday 20th February

Waterworks at Work

It's been a tough start to the year, particularly as we hear about a further 9 or 10 weeks of Covid-19 restrictions. But what about when it all gets too much and you want to have a cry, should you try to avoid waterworks at work? Liam Geraghty has been finding out more as he dishes out the tissues.

An Apology is in the Eir

Late in 2020, Eir CEO Carolan Lennon landed in hot water over comments made about their operations in Sligo. She joins us to discuss the fallout and how the company is working to improve its services.

A Crisp Deal

Brexit has been a bad deal for many, but for our next guest it’s been a bonus, with crisp products selling like hot potatoes. We're joined by Tom Keogh, founder and managing director of Keogh’s Crisps, who have just signed a deal with the Waitrose supermarket chain in the UK.

When the Chips are Down

There’s a lot of concern about the slim pickings of chips around - no not Friday night chips - but computer chips. Elaine Burke, editor of Silicon Republic has been digging into the data for us

Hops and Glory

Husband and wife team Libby Carton and Rick LeVert took a leap of faith eight years ago when they ditched their graphic design agency to start their own brewery. Kinnegar began as a pilot facility in their back garden in Rathmullan and now produces 800,000 litres a year and exports across Europe.

Ulster Bank Departs

After 160 years of operating here Ulster Bank announced its exit from the Republic of Ireland. So what does this mean for its 1.1 million customers, 2,800 staff and a €20.5 billion loan book? We're joined by Brian Hayes, Chief Executive of the Banking and Payments Federation Ireland.

Saturday 13th February

Roses are Dead

We might have to reword the old Valentines poem 'Roses are red, violets are blue' to 'Roses are dead, buy something new'. It seems that the dozen red roses are not so cool anymore. To tell us more is the very cool Diarmuid Gavin.

Work Won't Love You Back

We’re always told work at something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. It might not feel like it at the moment but our next guest thinks it’s all a con anyway. She wants employers to admit that they just want you to work, and your welfare is pretty far down the pecking order. Sarah Jaffe is the author of Work Won’t Love You Back.

Dinner in a Box

This Valentines we can’t go to our local romantic food spot. Some might say, great, I don’t have to look at miserable couples pretending to enjoy each other’s company but it’s hard going for the restaurants. To compensate some restaurants have taken the whole idea of take out to a whole new level as Liam Geraghty has been finding out .

Maurice Healy

Maurice Healy has business interests in China, the States, Poland and even Uganda. He grew up in Skibereen, Co Cork and now runs the Healy Group. They specialise in importing and exporting food ingredients, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

The Economic Implications of the Pandemic

It looks as if the Government is planning to maintain high level restrictions until Easter. But what are the implications of all of this for our economy? We’re joined by economist Colm McCarthy.

Martin Shanahan

The Taoiseach is not travelling to the US for St Patrick’s Day. He had said he would if he was invited, but it looks like he’s going to have the joys of a virtual call instead. This could be disappointing news for our first guest this morning. We’re joined by Martin Shanahan of the IDA.

Saturday 6th February


Many of us have been turning to music to get some head space from the pandemic. But what about being a musician trying to record a piece when the kids are screaming in the background or dogs are barking on the street? And when you’re recording with an orchestra and everyone plays together, what happens then? Liam Geraghty has been finding out

Snow Gritters

We’re joined by two men from South Dublin County Council who demonstrate true grit when the snow and ice hit. Roads inspector Mick Redmond, and area engineer John McCormack. Mick has worked as a snow gritter for 25 years.

When the Mid-life Crisis Strikes

This week Jeff Bezos stepped down as CEO of Amazon, the company he founded more than 25 years ago. He says he wants to focus on other interests such as climate change, The Washington Post and Blue Origin. Although he says he’s not retiring some people are wondering whether this is a mid life crisis? Mark Paul from The Irish Times joins us.

Sonia Deasy

Pivot has been the business buzzword of the pandemic. After the last recession our guest, Sonia Deasy underwent a severe pivot that has proved to be very profitable. She and her husband Padraig left behind their high end photography business and set up a skincare brand Pestle and Mortar now employing 20 people and selling in over 25 countries.

Insurance for Hospitality

The High Court has ruled that four pub owners are entitled to be compensated by FBD Insurance for disruption to their businesses due to Covid-19. This may affect claims made by more than 1,000 Irish pubs and restaurants. Supermacs founder Pat McDonagh and Angela Ruttledge, Co-owner of Monck’s Green and Olives Room restaurants join us in studio.

Saturday 30th January

Pillow Queens

We're joined by one of the finalists in the RTÉ Choice Awards, Sarah Corcoran of the band Pillow Queens. They’re the ultimate double jobbers; holding down day jobs while releasing their debut album. The album has received huge attention and rave reviews from among others James Cordon.

Gigs in the Pandemic

This time last week the Oklahoma band The Flaming Lips defied the odds with space bubble concerts. So could this be the way forward for all of us who are missing gigs and a solution for the entertainment industry in dire straits? We’re joined by Jim Carroll, chairman of the RTE Choice Awards judging panel.

Wall Street Take Down

In scenes reminiscent of The Big Short, Wall Street came under fire this week as lots of small traders ploughed money into GameStop leaving Wall Street reeling. To look at how this might play out we’re joined by Jon Ihle, deputy business editor, of the Irish Independent.

Double Jobbing Joys

From the city that never sleeps to the growing number of Irish people who barely have time to sleep because they're double jobbing. Liam Geraghty has been looking at the growing phenomenon of holding down two jobs.

Beyonce and Biden

As the Bidens settle into the White House, our guest has seen a bounce in business off the back of her role in creating Jill Biden’s inauguration outfit. Laura Weber’s company LWPearl embroidered flowers from each state as well as a quote onto the new First Lady's coat, dress and mask.

Brexit Business Moves

It seems more British companies are moving here post Brexit but are they just postbox businesses or will they create jobs? We’re joined by John McGrane, Director General of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce and Cormac Fitzgerald, Managing Partner of CPA firm Fitzgerald & Partners in Kinsale.

Saturday 23rd January

Finding Inspiration in Darkness

It can be hard to concentrate at the moment as Covid-19 cases remain high, but are there ways to find inspiration in the darkness and maybe create work that is worthwhile or even beautiful? Actor and writer Margaret McAuliffe has been looking at how dark times can produce great work.

Be Kind or Get Fired

Many people found the message of kindness and respect in Joe Biden’s inauguration speech this week really inspiring. But how important is kindness in the world of work? We’re joined by Yseult Freeney, Professor of Organisational Psychology at Dublin City University’s Business School

Young Collectors

Is your spare room a shrine to teddy bears? Is your cabinet a display for thimbles from around the world? Collectors across Ireland have contributed to a surge in online auction sales for the likes of Sothebys and Ebay throughout the last number of months. This is a whole new generation of collectors as Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

New York, New York

New York has been suffering a lot during this pandemic. According to local officials it’s on life support as 300,000 residents have moved out. So, how can such a metropolis find its pulse again and persuade people that it’s still a great place to live? Architect and presenter of RTE’s Home Rescue Róisín Murphy joins us.

Designing Dublin

Many well known buildings across Ireland were designed by our next guest, his grandfather and great grandfather. David Browne, is the former president of the RIAI and managing director of RKD. a firm which employs over 150 people and is famous for landmarks like the Guinness Storehouse.


There's talk of passengers coming into Ireland facing quarantine for at least five days if they don’t arrive with a negative Covid-19 test. This week there’s been huge concentration on whether we should have mandatory quarantine at Irish airports. We're joined by Patrick Edmund from Altair Advisory to tell us more.

Saturday 16th January

Dealing with Distraction

Many working from home are being bombarded with distractions. So how do you keep your concentration when the doorbell is ringing with a delivery, the kids are constantly asking for food, and your mother keeps updating you on the numbers of Covid cases? We're joined by Psychologist Leisha McGrath to tell us more.

Eddie Shanahan on Retail

Most retailers have a lot to deal with at the moment, from shuttered shops to stock shortages. But is the Irish retail landscape facing into a better year and what have we learned from tough trading in a pandemic? We’re joined by Eddie Shanahan, Consultant for the Fashion, Craft and Retail sectors and Chair of Showcase Ireland.

Truckers and Tailbacks

With Brexit now in place we're starting to see pictures emerging of empty supermarket shelves. The Irish Freight Transport Association warns of significant issues over the coming weeks. To look at what’s happening at the ports, we’re joined by Brendan Dixon of Dixon Transport and Paul Grant; Stenaline’s trade director for the Irish Sea.

Employers on Remote Working

Working from home in a lockdown is not easy. We’re all working longer hours and taking less breaks. But some companies are making a concerted effort to bring an element of rest and play back into the working day. Cathal Divilly, CEO of Great Places to Work in Ireland tells us more.

Switching Off

The Government is considering legislation to allow people to switch off, employees too will have the right to ask their employers to work from home. Liam Geraghty has been looking at the importance of switching off.

Making Millions In Mayo

We're joined by Fidelma McGuirk, she was the CEO of but she left her job, friends and family behind and headed off West to set up a new business in Westport. The company Payslip looks after international payroll for multinational companies and is now worth tens of millions and has over 30 employees.

Saturday 9th January

A Virtual Hug

We’re joined by two sisters, Jacqui and Perry Meskell, who have set up their business, Huggnote, hoping to cheer us up in the lockdown.

Fake Commute

It’s been a tough start to the year for everyone. To keep sane many experts have suggested the idea of a fake commute, to leave your cornflakes, walk outside, pretend you’re going to work before coming back home again. Liam Geraghty has been finding out more.

Irish American Trade

This weekend marks the 60th anniversary of the American Irish Chamber of Commerce. So as Ireland emerged from the 1950s, how did this organisation come about? Mark Redmond, chief executive of the American Irish Chamber of Commerce joins us.

Mark Little

On Wednesday night we watched as an angry mob of protesters stormed the Capitol Building. But what role did social media companies have to play in all of this and will they be punished for their participation? We’re joined by Mark Little of Kinzen.

The Price of Brexit

Last week, we alerted you to some British retailers no longer selling into Ireland - the Republic and Northern Ireland - but that list has rapidly expand. Our own Siobhan Maguire is back with more details.

Moving on from Mothercare

The well known brand Mothercare was an early casualty of Covid-19. Ben Ward and his siblings, who inherited the franchise from their father, have set up a new business and Ben’s wife Anna Daly of Virgin Media’s Ireland AM has also set up a business during Covid. We caught up with them earlier.

Saturday 2nd January

New Year's Resolutions

Its the time of year for new year's resolutions. Is this yearly tradition important for businesses? And with the year that's in it is there any point in making them when there are so many unknowns? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

Post Pandemic Workplace

With crisis comes opportunity and for business leaders that means taking a fresh look at the workplace. We're joined by Jean Callanan, Marketing Strategist, and Chris Kane, author of ‘Where is my office? Reimagining the workplace for the 21st Century’ to talk about the future of the workplace.

Travel Reopening

Normally at this time of the year many are starting to plan their summer holidays. With the vaccine campaign underway, should we look at booking flights for later this year? We’re joined by travel journalist, Eoghan Corry.

Another Lockdown

It is not quite out with the old and in with the new, as we find ourselves in yet another lockdown. For Irish businesses forced to close their doors once again, the New Year presents new challenges. We’re joined by Eileen Fleming, owner of the Buff Day Spa in Dublin, and Mark McGowan, President of the Restaurants Association of Ireland.

Brexit's Impact on Consumers

What about the impact of Brexit on consumers? It’s not just businesses fearing the fallout. We’re joined by our own Siobhán Maguire, consumer journalist.

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