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Saturday 30th June

Personal Brand - Louise Campbell

On Monday morning at work, have a scan around your office, are you surrounded by Scrum ninjas, Digital prophets & Directors of Better, do you have a an equally evocative job title that makes you & your job sound cool? The fact is that modern job title arms race has accelerated in recent years. Louise Campbell of Robert Walters Recruitment Agency joins Richard in studio.

Wrestling - Liam Geraghty

For wrestling fans, the 80s are often referred to as the 'Golden Age' as the expansion of cable televison & pay per-view, coupled with the efforts of promoters brought wrestling to a wider audience. Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been looking at the growing wrestling scene in Ireland.

Max Benjamin

Ten years ago Wickow brothers, David & Mark van Den Bergh developed the Max Benjamin brand of candles out of a craft candle enterprise their sister Orla founded in the late 1990s. Their scented candles & diffusers are now sold around the world in 45 different countries. David & Mark join Richard in studio this morning.

Rediscovery Centre

Underneath the candy-striped chimney of one of Ballymun's most iconic buildings is a community business dedicated to getting more out of the things we throw away. The Rediscovery Centre refurbishes & recycles everything from furniture to fashion, bicyles to paint, all of which are then sold in the centre's eco store. Sinéad Egan reports.

Profile: Mary McKenna - Tour America

Richard is joined by Mary McKenna, founder & MD of Tour America, a company that has survived Nine-Eleven, the Icelandic ash cloud & an earth-shaking recession & yet has never failed to profit.

Saturday 23rd June

Music - Gráinne Cotter

The jazz singer Gráinne Cotter sings 'Change Me'.

Local Businesses

Irene Hamilton is the founder of Scattery Island Tours, Gerard Talty is the co-owner and founder of Wild Irish Seaweed and Jean McCabe is the owner of the Willow chain of ladies boutiques, which has stores in Ennis and in Galway City.

Brendan O'Regan

In Shannon Airport, a bronze bust of Brendan O’Regan takes pride of place, commemorating a man whose imagination grew Shannon airport into what it is today. Brian O’Connell, Brendan’s biographer and Matthew Thomas, CEO of Shannon Group.

Doolin Aran Ferry

Doolin is the home of entrepreneur Eugene Garrihy who added a new 200-seater ferry - Star of Doolin - to his business Doolin2Aran Ferries just two weeks ago. The investment is the biggest ever made in a single vessel on the west coast of Ireland.

Denis Brosnan

Denis Brosnan is best known of course for his work as Chairman and CEO of Kerrygroup. He was the chairman of Horse Racing Ireland for 22 years until 1993. In 2009, he was made chairman of the Mid-West Task Force. He’s now chair of the Limerick ReOrganisation Group, the Limerick Ecomonic Forum and Limerick 2030 Strategic Development.

Shannon Airport

Live from the Departure’s Area of Shannon Airport

Saturday 16th June

Older Wiser - Job Hunting

Job hunting at the best of times is challenging but add maturity of years into the mix, candidates can find themselves facing biases they really should'nt have to. Michael Comyn, broadcaster & executive coach joins Richard to talk about the challenges facing a person of actual lived experience in the world fitting into a new corporate culture.

Cryptocurrency - Liam Geraghty

There has been a sharp drop in the price of bitcoin & other virtual currencies after South Korean crptocurrency exchange Coinrail was hacked last weekend. Are they just a fad? Liam Geraghty brings us this report.

Future of Social Media Marketing

Facebook as a media platform took a beating earlier this week with news that fewer people use the platform to consume news. The Reuters Institute report citied user concerns about privacy & the complication of distinguishing real from fake news as factors in the decline. In studio are Jenny Taaffe, CEO of iZest Marketing & James Dunne, strategic planning directo at Teneco PSG.

Tax Haven - Foreign Direct Investment

This week a report from a group of academics in the US & Denmark called 'The Mission Profits of Nations' named Ireland the world's 'biggest tax haven' & former Greek Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis accused us of free riding on the rest of Europe. Are our low tax rates finally hitting a wall? Frank Barry, Economist at the Trinity School of Business joins Richard in studio.

Profile - Tom Keogh - Keoghs Crisps

Richard is joined by Tom Keogh whose family have for over 200 years been growing potatoes in north county Dublin but it was Tom Keogh's decision in 2007 to start making crisps out of surplus spuds that put the Keogh's family brand on a global stage.

Saturday 9th June

Invest in Art

When it comes to investment, Irish people have always been obsessed with property, but should we be taking after our wealthy Swiss neighbours & considering the art market as a good home for our spare millions. Roseanne McDonnell, organiser of Art Business Summit Ireland joins Richard in studio.

Irish Beauty Industry - Liam Geraghty

According to a recent report the worldwide skincare products industry is forecast to reach 135 billion dollars by 2021 & Irish skincare companies will be vying to make their contrution to that figure. Liam Geraghty brings us this report.

Extreme Ireland - Keith McDonald

Keith McDonnell is the founder & owner of Extreme ireland Adventures, a tour operator that brings people around the country from Dublin to see the sights and what started as a yearly break from his IT career, has grown into a sizable multifaceted business with 130 employees.

Profile: George Mullan

Richard's guest left a career in pharmaceuticals when he bought a compny that made playing pitches, in 2001 George Mullan took over Support in Sport of SIS pitches & in the 17 years since, the trajectory of the company has been up. Out of the 12 new pitches being put into stadiums for the World Cup in Russia his summer, SIS got the contract for six of them.


It has been an eventful week on Planet Brexit, UK PM Teresa May's position on the border backstop has been welcomed as a positive first step & of course it has an end date of 2021 which May agreed to after Brexit Secretary David Davis threatened resignation for the 5th time. In studio is John McGrane, DG of the British Irish Chamber & Michael White, former political editor of The Guardian is on the line from London.

Saturday 2nd June

Siobhán O'Connell

Buisness Around the World - Our monthly look at the week's international stories

Rupert Hogg

Cathay Pacific

Kingsley Aikens

Networking - Just schmoozing or a path to success?

Listed Buildings in Dublin City

A report by Liam Geraghty

Orla Kiely

Celebrating 21 years in design and 20 years with the Kilkenny Shop

Gina London and Tony Foley

The Trade War

Saturday 19th May

Writing as a Career

Words Ireland is running a special one day event next Friday to bring together writers at various stages in their careers to talk about how to get the most out of their creative gift... The event takes place at IMMA as part of the International Festival of Literature in Dublin. Novelist Mia Gallagher, Ruth Hegarty managing editor of publications at the Royal Irish Academy and Maureen Kennelly Director of Poetry Ireland discuss writing as a career.


Today, many people will watch the fairy-tale wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle. Reporter Liam Geraghty met with people behind Ireland's wonder weddings.

Luke Saunders and Studyclix

Luke Saunders is a science teacher from County Sligo who has developed a business around helping young students get through exams successfully and intact. Luke spoke about founding his business

Monaghan Mushrooms

Ronnie Wilson is the CEO and founder of Monaghan Mushrooms, a business which supplies more than 40% of the UK market, and which has operations in countries like Germany, Holland, and Canada in addition to the UK and Ireland. Ronnie Spoke with Richard about his business, exports and Brexit.


Oil prices edged above eighty dollars a barrel for the first time in four years, causing alarm that the mythic high prices seen six or seven years ago could be on the cards. Jack Horgan Jones, Chief Reporter at the Sunday Business Post, joined Richard in studio to discuss prices, supply and politics of oil.

Saturday 12th May

International Careers - Louise Campbell

If making the next step in your career is proving more difficult than you might have anticipated, consider whether international experience is the difference between you & the other candidates in the waiting room. Louise Campbell, MD at Robert Walters Recruitment joins Richard in studio.

Drag Queens - Liam Geraghty

With only two weeks to go before the American reality show RuPaul's Drag Race - announces the winner to become America's Next Drag Superstar, Liam Geraghty takes a look at the working lives of Irish drag queens.

Property Prices

With rising prices & soaring rents, the Governor of the Central Bank, Philip Lane's cautious note on the future of property valuation in this country caught people by surprise earlier this week when he spoke to the Oireachtas Finance Committee. In studio is Dan O'Brien, columnist with Independent News & Media.

Frankie Sheahan - Pendulum Summit

Frankie Sheahan built his reputation on the rugby field but his career since retiring in 2009 has had just as much drama. An ill-fated venture into the property market saw him going through bankruptcy following years of litigation with Bank of Ireland. He has now established a company Front Row Speakers to supply well known people to deliver speeches at corporate events. Frankie joins Richard from our Cork studio.

Saturday 5th May

Don't bake

If you have ever worked in a pressurised team situation, you'll know the appreciaton that can go with the well timed tin of homemade brownies or flapjacks. But according to Richard's next guest, the path to career advancement is NOT lined with whisks & icing sugar. Colette Sexton, News Corr with the Sunday Busines Post & columnist with joins Richard.

Tour Guides - Liam Geraghty

Liam Geraghty donned on his shorts, shades & camera & met up with Tour Guides who cater to the non-english speaking market.

Vivagreen - Russell & Garrett Walsh

Brothers Russell & Garett Walsh have been designing, producing & distributing biodegradable products since long before it was the Cause du Jour. Under the name Vivagreen, they have developed disappearing pins for golfing, gardening & camping, disappearing bags for use with your brown bins & a new spray to make moss from your path disappear. Russell & Garrett join Richard this morning.

Brexit Opportunities

With less than a year to go there are plenty of reasons to be pessimistic about the impact it will have on the Irish economy. With the announcement of a Chinese company's new half-billion dollar bio manufacturing facility in Dundalk, there are probably going to be some opportunities across the sectors for us to benefit our neighbour's rash decision. In studio with Richard are Ann McGee, MD of Pharmalex, a pharma industry consultancy & Andrew Tziali, a partner with Phillip Lee Solicitors, who is currently heading up the establishment of a new London office for the Dublin based law firm.

Profile: Stephanie Meadow

Stephanie Meadow is from Jordanstown in County Antrim & when she was 14 years old, she was responsible for her entire family moving to the US, so that she could attend a golf academy there. She is within pitching distance of qualifying for the prestigious & lucrative LPGA Tour. Richard speaks to Stephanie about what goes into forging a career on the fairways.

Saturday 28th April

Business Around the World

Siobháin O'Connell of Business Plus Magazine & joins Richard in studio for our monthly look at some of the week's international stories from the four corners of the globe.

Business of Pets - Liam Geraghty

Tomorrow all creatures great & small gather in Smithfield Square, Dublin for the annual free, family friendly event, Pets in the City. Our own newshound, Liam Geraghty has been meeting the businesses makin it easy for you to pamper your pooches!

Aldagh McDonogh: Morgan McKinley

Richard is joined by Aldagh McDonogh who has just been appointed CEO of Morgan McKinley, a Cork-based recruitment company that has 800 employees in 10 countries around the world.

Ann Chapman - Retail Now

The news that Amazon's quarterly revenue is up 43% on last year must put ice in the veins of traditional retailers, as online shopping reshapes consumer behaviour. Richard is joined by Ann Chapman, founder & owner of Stone chat jewellery, who has been watching & experiencing the changing landscape for retailers.

Padraic Ward - Roche Pharmaceuticals

Richard first guest this morning is Padraic Ward, an Irishman that has recently been appointed Group Head of Pharma for Europe & he is in Dublin this week to receive this year's Alumni Award from the UCD Quinn School of Business.

Saturday 21st April

Book Industry

The few years ago the idea of the demise of the printed book seemed inevitable given the unstoppable march of technology. In Ireland the publishing industry is going through what could be seen as a golden age with Irish writers producing best sellers & readers spending more money in the shops. Richard is joined by Maria Dickenson, MD of Dubray Books & Sarah Davis Goff, co-founder of Tramp Press.

Escape Rooms - Liam Geraghty

Escape Rooms is an emerging industry that invite you & your friends or colleagues to be locked in a room together, inside there are clues & puzzles to work together to figure your way out! Liam Geraghty reports.

Employers & Disability

The statistics around disability & employment in this country make for stark reading. Around 13 percent of the population are registered as having a disability but less than one third of the people with disabilities of working age actually have jobs. Joining Richard in studio this morning are Ross McCarthy, MD of Keystone Procurement, Colin Phelan & Seónaid O'Murchadha, project manager with the Employer Disability Service.

Profile - Deirdre McGlone

According to the National Geographic magazine the coolest place on the planet right now is county Donegal, which has been going from strength to strength as a tourist destination. Deirdre McGlone, who has been on the frontline of the battle to build that reputation for nearly 30 years now, joins Richard in studio.

Hard Border

Yesterday Taoiseach Leo Varadkar warned the EU could pull the plug on negotiations in June if Britain fails to put forward a coherent plan for the border. Joining Richard this morning is author & Journalist Darrach McDonald who has just published a book titled 'Hard Border: walking through a century of Irish partition'.

Saturday 14th April

Gender Quotas

Earlier this week Bank of Ireland announced a plan to boost the number of women at the top of the organisation with a commitment that from the end of 2021, all new management & leadership appointments would follow a 50:50 male female ratio. While gender balance is of course admirable, critics argue that quotas inevitably unfairly undermine the abilities of all candidates in recruitment processes. Claire McGing, gender quotas researcher at the Social Sciences Institute of Maynooth University joins Richard this morning.

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