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Saturday 28th March

Working with the Kids at Home

Psychotherapist Siobhan Murray is in studio to talk about the challenges of managing work from home and parenting.

Working from Home

There are clearly lots of concerns about employment rights over the next couple of months, but what about things on the home front? Liam Geraghty has been hearing about how working from home is going for some.

Small Business Concerns During Covid-19

Fredericka Sheppard, a member of the Small Firms Association National Council and an MD of Voltedge HR Consultancy addresses the concerns of small businesses during Covid-19.

Good Deeds or Good PR?

During this crisis companies and entrepreneurs have been offering free things to health care workers or to pay for doctors to fly home. Many of these offers have been criticised online. Eoghan Tomás McDermott from the Communications Clinic tells us whether we should be wary of these good deeds or if people are being far too cynical.

The History of PPE

€28 million worth of personal protection equipment such as masks, gloves and goggles are due to arrive in Ireland tomorrow. It comes as healthcare workers complained about the shortage of protective equipment in our hospitals. Trevor Vaugh, from Maynooth University explains the origins of such products.

Economic Impact of Covid-19

We are joined by economist Colm McCarthy and Tony Foley, Assistant Professor in Economics from Dublin Business School who are telling us how the new lock down measures will affect Ireland's economy. And Suzanne Lynch, Washington Correspondent with the Irish Times tells us more about the situation across the pond.

Saturday 21st March

Heroes on the Front Line

In the midst of the chaos caused by this virus, there are people working hard on the frontline. Everyone from checkout operators in supermarkets, to delivery drivers, to nurses and doctors, are all toiling away to keep society running. Liam Geraghty has been talking to some of our everyday heroes.

Irish Tech Tackles Coronavirus

Health and Technology experts across Ireland are working together to tackle the spread of coronavirus. We are joined by Martin Curley, Digital Lead at the HSE, Conor McGinn of Akara, Sonia Neary, CEO of Wellola; and Eamonn Costello of Patient M Power who are telling us how they are working to prevent coronavirus spread.

Shutting up Shop - O'Neills on the Side-line

Sportswear manufacturer O’Neills announced drastic measures in the face of the Coronavirus outbreak, as they’ve had to lay-off 750 of their staff at their factory. They are the largest employer in Strabane in Co. Tyrone and I’m joined by Managing Director of O’Neill’s Kieran Kennedy.

Coronavirus Impact on the Charity Sector

As the Coronavirus outbreak sparks lots of social media initiatives to help the most vulnerable through the crisis. It seems charitable organisations aren’t faring so well, as fundraising events and collection-days continue to be cancelled. Suzanne Connolly is the CEO of Barnardos and she tells us how Barnardos are managing through the crisis.

Brendan Graham Interview

We are joined by Irish singer-songwriter Brendan Graham who penned the Eurovision hits 'Rock n Roll Kids' and 'The Voice'. Graham talks about the cancellation of Eurovision and how redundancy brought him to music.

Patrick Honohan

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the world’s economy won’t be known for months to come - but yesterday Davy Stockbrokers predicted that Ireland's economy could contract in 2020, after several years of growth. Former Central Bank governor Patrick Honohan explains what effects this crisis may have on our economy.

Saturday 14th March

Trad Tales

With most St Patrick's Day events being cancelled it will be a blow to many people including traditional Irish musicians around the country who would usually get a boost in gigs this time of year. But what is it like to work as a professional playing traditional Irish music? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

Around The World

Now from bunkers to business class travel - let’s go to some more stories about the coronavirus around the world. Siobhan O’Connell of Business Plus Magazine is here to discuss what's going on Around The World

Vintage Kitchen

There are plenty of signs of good community spirit around the country, with businesses doing what they can to help them. One business who started a trend this week was the Vintage Kitchen in Dublin. Chef Sean Drugan has offered free meals to medical staff, to help them while they work on the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak.

Jaime Heaslip

On the rugby pitch Jamie Heaslip wasn’t afraid to get stuck into rucks. Since retirement he’s kept that up in the field of business, investing in various companies including Pointy which sold for around 140 million euro to Google and now with his involvement in Flender, a company that’s looking at shaking up business lending. Does he miss rugby?

Businesses React To COVID-19

As schools, creches, museums and galleries close, businesses all over the country are wondering whether to stay open, whether they can afford to close and whether they can survive the hit of COVID-19. We speak to various small business owners and an aviation expert to see how various industries are dealing with the coronavirus.

Saturday 7th March

Cheltenham Bound

There were bets on as to whether the famous Cheltenham racing festival would be called off. We called out to Gavin Cromwell’s yard in Co Meath yesterday to meet the trainer and the owners of one of the festival hopes. Darver Star is owned by Lotto winner Simon Fagan and breeders Pat Cluskey and Sean Fanning.

Working From Home

With more people being encouraged to work from home due to the coronavirus, the idea might make some people shudder. But are there benefits to working from home? We ask two such people, whose current colleagues mainly have four legs. Stand-up comedian Gearoid Farrelly and Dr Rebecca O’Neill, Project Co-ordinator for Wikimedia

Containers From China

We’ve heard about things like hand sanitisers being sold out in shops. So where are we at in terms of shipments coming in from places like China? Have they been held up and will our shops and shelves be massively impacted? Liam Geraghty has been chatting to those waiting for the products coming in from the high seas.

Corona Compensation

The Financial Times is reporting fears of a global recession off the back of the continued coronavirus crisis. But what happens here if businesses are shut down? Who’ll get paid and who won’t and should the businesses themselves be compensated? We ask Colleen Cleary, Employment Law specialist with CC Solicitors and Danny McCoy, CEO of IBEC.

Bob Geldof On Business, Boris and Bling

Bob Geldof is well known as the lead singer of the Boomtown Rats and creator of Live Aid. But before all the fame and glory, he worked in an abattoir, busked and was an underground music editor. He left school without doing his Inter Cert. The rich lists say he’s worth over 50 million euro. We asked him about his life in business.

Saturday 29th February

Frugal Or Tight?

Earlier we heard from Chris Oechsli about Chuck Feeney's extraordinary generosity and frugality. So where is the difference between being tight and being frugal? Eoin Sweeney has been looking into it for us.

Coronavirus In The Workplace

Should you have the option of working from home? Can an employer ask you not to take holidays in a particular place and what about the NHS asking staff to shave their beards? We ask Joyce Rigby-Jones, Joint Managing Director of Voltedge HR Consultancy and Julie Galbraith, Partner and Employment Law specialist at Eversheds Sutherland

Tailor Made

Sticking on minding your money and frugality, Chuck Feeney is well known for his threadbare suits and worn clothes. Which brings us neatly to a character who Rachel got in touch to tell us about. She suggested our dapper reporter Liam Geraghty pay a visit to tailor Henry Dixon as part of our local characters series. Here's how he measures up.

Chuck Feeney's Billions

Chuck Feeney spent years building up a multi billion dollar fortune. A fortune that he has spent the last 35 years giving away. Through Atlantic Philanthropies Feeney gave almost 9 billion to various causes. Later this year the company’s accounts are set to hit zero. We speak to the man who manages the money, Christopher Oechsli.

Coronavirus Update

From trouble for travel companies to opportunities for others, we take a look at the impact the coronavirus has had here and internationally. We're joined by consumer journalist Siobhán Maguire and Conor McMahon of the Sunday Times

Saturday 22nd February

Fishing For Business

We look at a daughter and father operation that just marked it’s 60th year being officially opened in Dublin’s Temple Bar. Rory’s Fishing Tackle is the longest running retail shop in the area. We popped in for a visit, hoping that they hadn't 'gone fishing'

Bloomberg V Trump - Battle Of The Billionaires

The Battle of the Billionaires is heating up with personal digs about each other’s physical appearance. Billboards appeared yesterday in cities with slogans like 'Donald Trump lost the popular vote' Marion McKeone is a journalist with the Business Post, we asked her about their rivalry and just how wealthy Bloomberg is.

Murder On The Dancefloor

Club music doesn’t regularly feature up there with other art disciplines, but there are moves afoot in Germany to give nightclubs the same cultural status as opera houses. Should we do something similar here? Liam Geraghty has been getting his dancing shoes on to find out more.

From Dublin To Belgrade

Keeping the EU in mind we’re joined by a Dubliner who is in the final stages of pulling together an Irish festival in Belgrade. Jas Kaminski, the son of a Polish holocaust survivor who became an Irish citizen, will host the Hot House Flowers and Jim Sheridan in Belgrade as part of the festival.

European Budget Battles

Brexit has left an estimated 75 billion euro hole in the EU’s budget. A summit aimed at fixing the problem ended without agreement last night. The question is should everyone keep paying the same and get less or pay more to get the same. We ask former MEP Brian Hayes, who is very familiar with budgetary process and wrangling.

Saturday 15th February

The Secret Life of The Waiter

On the morning after the night before - are you still feeling loved up, left out, or light of pocket? Valentines is of course one of the busiest nights for restaurants. But what do the restaurant staff see on the night, loving couples or lots of loathing! We get the inside view from Aoife Carrigy, a waiter for 15 years, now a food writer.

The Art of Compromise

The papers are full of the machinations of Government formation, who is going to match with who. It’s all about compromise Aura McMenamin has been finding out what would you be unwilling to compromise over, and we speak to Sabina Walsh from the Mediator Academy and Louise Campbell from Robert Walters Recruitment Ireland about political compromise

Stock Market V Society

There were some people in a tizzy about the prospect of a Sinn Fein led Government. It looked like the markets weren’t responding very positively. But by the end of the week they had recovered all those losses. As a country should we be concerned at all about what the markets think? We ask activist Grace Dyas and CEO Paul Sommerville.

When Love and Business Merge

Yesterday restaurants bulged and florist sales shot up as lovebirds all over the country spent precious moments together for Valentine's Day. But imagine spending all your time with the one you love. Our own lothario Liam Geraghty has been meeting couples who are partners in life and business.

John Burke: A Life In Hotels

John Burke of the Armada Hotel has been in the hotel business all his life. He took over the business from his Dad in 1999. A lot has happened since, the business has grown substantially, he’s been in trouble with the banks and even climbed Mount Everest. We go back to the early days, when his father set up his business 50 years ago.

Saturday 8th February

The German Who Brought Animation to Ireland

This year is the 10th anniversary of the first Irish animation nomination at the Oscars. It was for Kilkenny's Cartoon Saloon, The Secret of Kells. In the last decade Irish animation has continued to grow and grow. Our reporter Liam Geraghty has gone right back to the start to find out about one of the pioneers in Irish animation.

Platform Wars - Netflix V Hollywood

The red carpet rivalry is in full action mode again this year as Netflix vie to win the Best Picture category. It seems like Hollywood isn’t ready for the ‘meet cute’ yet as they keep the streaming service at arms length. Has the way we watch films changed? We ask Ruth Barton, Head of the School of Creative Arts at Trinity College

Coronavirus- Impact on Trade

The coronavirus is making headlines again. Over 700 have died from the virus, including the doctor who blew the whistle on its very existence. And it’s really started to impact on trade to and from China. We’re joined by Frank O’Mahony, Managing Director of Wilson Architecture and Samantha McCaughren, Business Editor with the Sunday Independent

The Business of the Baton

In the Dolby theatre in LA, Irish woman Eimear Noone will make history as the Academy Awards’ first female conductor. She’ll be guiding the 42 piece orchestra through their paces on five scores. Her colleague David Brophy feels there’s a lot that managers and leaders can learn from this world of music

Hubbard's Casting

We’re joined by Ros and John Hubbard. One of their early protégés Saoirse Ronan is in line for an Oscar this weekend. Ros and John have been central in the world of movie casting for years now. They were early champions of talent such as Kate Winslet, Sienna Miller, Colin Farrell and Jonathan Ryes Meyers. Is it as glamorous as it sounds?

Saturday 1st February

The Lonely Life of a CEO

Last week one of our guests spoke about how isolated you can feel at the top of an organisation. It sparked a big reaction from managers an d CEOs. Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been sussing out the world of the CEO.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is an issue we’ve been hearing lots about recently - but what about the companies who are going behind the scenes to investigate potentially bogus claims? Robert Nolan is Chair of the Irish Professional Private Investigators Association. We ask him how he investigates potentially false claims.

Brexit: Future Trade

Kosovo, Morocco, Georgia, Switzerland. These are some of the countries with which the UK has formed ‘continuity trade deals’ with. High on their list of priorities is a deal with America, but what will their future trading relationship with their nearest neighbour - the EU - look like? We ask David McGee, PWC’s Brexit Ireland Lead.

Michael O’Brien and Svetlana Pironko

Our next two guests have spent all of their working lives in publishing. Michael O’Brien and Svetlana Pironko have been together for over 10 years, but work in different parts of the industry. O’Brien press has published over 2000 books. Svetlana runs a not for profit publishing company. We ask them if their lives are as cerebral as it sounds

The Brexit Divorce

Sticking with Brexit, for those on the remain side of the fence in the UK this weekend will be particularly tough. We asked Derry writer Seamas O’Reilly well known for his newspaper columns and his twitter profile 'Séamas It Ever Was' to give his thoughts on the UK leaving

Brexit: The Morning After

Well, it’s finally happened – last night at 11pm the UK officially left the European Union after 47 years of membership, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson calling it a ‘new dawn’. But what’s the mood like this morning, now that the dust has settled? We ask Sky News Correspondent, Enda Brady and Former Conservative Party MEP Edwina Currie

Saturday 25th January

Public Speaking

Campaigning for Election 2020 is well and truly underway, with the first head-to-head leaders debate taking place during the week. The Taoiseach’s pause over the drug taking question got people going. To learn more about the ways of public speaking, we ask public-speaking supremo Rowan Manahan

Are Cities Losing Their Hearts?

While the housing crisis makes headlines in the general election campaign, the discussion about what development we want to see in our cities continues. Candidates are being quizzed about the future of our urban areas. Liam Geraghty has been meeting people around the country to hear their concerns about the future of our high streets

Vicky Pryce: Women Vs Capitalism

This week saw the world’s leading economists come together for the summit at Davos to discuss issues such as Brexit. Vicky Pryce is no stranger to that world - she’s worked in senior posts in private finance and UK government sectors. She has written a book called ‘Women vs Capitalism: Why We Can’t Have It All in a Free Market Economy’.


It was announced that the composer and conductor Eimear Noone from Galway, is to be the first ever woman to take charge of the orchestra at the Academy Awards. But what about the music score industry is it a lucrative one? We ask Sarah Glennane, CEO of the Screen Composers Guild and composer Jonathan Casey of Envision Sound

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