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Saturday 4th July

Tik Tok

Barely a day has passed in the last few months without a new TikTok sensation appearing on our screens. This week, the $100 bn dollar app announced that it is going to base its European Privacy Headquarters here in Ireland. We're joined now by Aifric O’Connell, 2FM DJ and former TikTokker for more.

Pat Kiely Interview

This week Pat Kiely ended a career spanning over 20 years working at the heart of TV3 now Virgin Media. A former ad man, Pat is now setting up his own business venture. He joins us in studio.

Moving to a Rural Town

We’ve heard of many people who see a future working from home and are now considering a move to the countryside. Counties around Ireland have jumped on this opportunity to show the benefits of moving to a rural location. Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been finding out more.

The Future for Urban Spaces

To look at whether there’s anything we can do to rescue retail and restaurants and maybe re-imagine our towns and cities we’re joined by Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect; and Nick Corcoran, Co-founder of Cardinal Capital.

Emer McLysaght's Farewell to Shops

Walking through many of our cities, towns and villages it’s tough to see some businesses have decided to shut up shop for good. Author Emer McLysaght has been reflecting on when we’ve been here before and the closure of some of her favourite shops.

News - Travel Issues

The National Public Health Emergency Team are telling people to only travel if necessary. With our own tourism industry on its knees you can imagine our first guest will be of the same opinion. We spoke to Maurice Pratt, the acting chairman of the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation.

Saturday 27th June

Jazz Week in Dublin, 1925

It’s Derby weekend at the Curragh and festivities are bound to be curtailed a bit. This time 75 years ago, the same event was taking place, with a very different atmosphere. I’m joined by Tim Carey, historian and author of the book Dublin Since 1922 to tell us more.

Making Art During the Pandemic

Working from home has been tough going for many, trying to monitor kids, colleagues and calls at the same time. So how has it been for creatives trying to produce work when payments and audiences have been thin on the ground? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

WorkHuman - Eric Mosley

The pandemic has been detrimental for some sectors, but our next guest's company has been flourishing. Founded by Eric Mosley - Workhuman has achieved ‘unicorn’ status - meaning it’s now valued at over €1 billion. The company specialises in company rewards for workers. We spoke to Eric about growing up in Tallaght and building his business

What Do We Want in a Post Pandemic Society?

There’s been lots of speculation about how the pandemic will change society. To look at how some of these profound changes might play out here we’re joined by Fintan O’Toole, Irish Times columnist; Áine Kerr, co-founder of Kinzen; and Bríd Horan, co-chair of Balance for Better Business.

Government Formation - Mark Paul

The three parties have all signed off on the Programme for Government, but what’s in it for business? We’re joined by Mark Paul, business affairs correspondent with The Irish Times.

Saturday 20th June

The Future of Entertainment

The world of entertainment has been looking very different of late. Musicians, comedians and other artists are facing tough times ahead as they navigate how to get the show back on the road. In some countries they’re looking to shake up the entertainment scene and Liam Geraghty has been looking at the future of entertainment.

Future for Film and TV Production - Andrew Lowe

This accelerated reopening is bound to be good news for cinemas up and down the country. But for the makers of films and television dramas the pandemic has been particularly challenging. We are joined now by the Chair of Audio Visual Ireland, Andrew Lowe from Element Pictures.

Brogan Cousins - Family Business

While the GAA has been on hold Bernard Brogan and James Brogan’s company Pep Talk has been thriving. It seems the pandemic has focused some companies on the importance of well being and performance in the workplace. Pep Talk, a workplace well being app, is the second company for the cousins to set up together.

Can Staycations Save Tourism?

“The summer is not lost” - said the Taoiseach as he announced that travel restrictions will be lifted at the end of the month, allowing people to holiday anywhere within the country. So can the Staycation, that much-maligned term, save our tourism industry? Consumer journalist Siobhan Maguire has been looking into it for us.

Dillon's Restaurant

For some businesses social distancing and no seasonal trade mean it simply wasn’t possible to keep going through the pandemic. Dillon’s Restaurant in Timoleague in West Cork, set up by Richard Milne and his partner Valeria Ventura, was a Michelin-recommended cosy nook. We spoke to them about how Covid-19 forced them to close up shop.

Government Announcment

What will June 29th look like for you? A morning at the gym, a haircut and stuffing yourself with popcorn at the cinema. Last night the Government announced that most lockdown restrictions will be eased by June 29th. We’re joined by Ian Talbot - Chief Executive of Chambers Ireland and Tony Foley economist and lecturer in DCU for more.

Saturday 13th June

Bye Bye Cash

One side-effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the encouragement of people to tap their cards rather than pay cash. So will the notes and coins in our wallets slowly become a thing of the past? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.


Our next guest has written a book on Jeff Bezos. In the book he says the Amazon boss stresses to colleagues that the company could implode any day and he looks at the range of sectors Amazon is targeting - from transport to healthcare. We caught up with Brian Dumaine, author of Bezonomics earlier.

Saving SMEs

As government formation talks continue, it seems progress has been made around the economic recovery plan, agriculture and direct provision. The future is unclear for businesses - many of which reopened this week. We’re joined now by John Moran former secretary general at the Dept of Finance, and chairman of the coalition SME Recovery Ireland.

The Slave Trade

Councils around the UK are reviewing the ‘appropriateness’ of certain monuments, and here in Ireland, there have been calls to remove two monuments which glorify slavery as well. But who were these slave-traders and what impact did their actions have on the world economy? We're joined now by UCC lecturer Kate Hodgson for more.

Dylan Bradshaw Interview

Hairdressers are waiting to find out if they can open on June 29th, as has been suggested. It will come as a massive relief to mop-heads with fringe-fatigue all around the country, with many a kitchen scissors returned to the cutlery drawer. We’re joined by one of the country’s best known hairdressers Dylan Bradshaw.

Saturday 6th June

Online Oddities

It’s been a strange few months of empty high streets and boarded up shops. As a result, much of the footfall has instead gone online. Facebook is even getting in on the action, after announcing their new shopping platform recently. But what are the more unusual things that people have been buying? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

A View from New York: John Fitzpatrick

Staying with New York and an Irishman in that city, we’re joined by hotelier John Fitzpatrick, of Fitzpatrick Hotels. He has had the task of keeping a hotel ticking over amid riots, an ailing economy and a pandemic

A View from New York: Gillian Tett

We caught up with Gillian Tett of the Financial Times who is based in New York to ask her what the atmosphere is like in New York as protests and riots continue across America. We also asked her how this might affect Trump's reelection campaign.

Dee Ahearn

We spoke to Dee Ahearn who runs summer camps catering for over 9000 children with serious illnesses in need of respite. Unfortunately the charity she heads up, Barretstown, won’t be able to open this year, unless testing is in place. We asked her how her and her staff have managed to build an on-line offering for children in the pandemic.

Reopening Early

We’re joined by former Rugby star Tommy Bowe, who has his own clothing and footwear lines; and Rebecca Harrison, owner of Fishers of Newtownmountkennedy to see how the clothing sector may begin to reopen. We’re also joined by Professor John Fitzgerald, an economist. To look at whether reopening earlier will have a positive impact on the economy.

Saturday 30th May

Unlikely Irish Fashion Hits

Paul Mescal, the star of Normal People has set fashion trends again in his O’Neill shorts. The former Kildare player completed the look with sunglasses, prawn-cocktail crisps and a few cans of pink gin. We're joined by fashion stylist Courtney Smith, to find out more about what other Irish fashion trends have made an international impression.

Weddings During the Pandemic

Couples across the country who were due to be married have had to get used to the idea of a prolonged engagement because of Covid. More than 5,000 people have signed a petition calling on the government to provide more clarity for couples around numbers permitted for gatherings in the coming months. Liam Geraghty has been checking out the issue.

Interview with Rutger Bregman

Rutger Bregman has published a second book, Humankind: A Hopeful History. In it he advocates that people are intrinsically good and he says it’s high time companies and governments start to trust their people. We spoke to him and asked if we are beginning to see an introduction of a universal basic income.

Twitter and Trump

This week, for the first time, Twitter has taken action against some of President Donald Trump's tweets. This provoked the President to issue an Executive Order which attempts to remove some of the legal protections of social media companies. Liz Carolan, Executive Director of the organisation Digital Action tells us more.

Bingo Halls to Bingo Loco

Our next guests were inspired on a road trip to come up with a different kind of bingo and they’ve gone global with the idea. Will Meara and Craig Reynolds along with their friend, Stephen Lawless, a psychiatric nurse by training founded Bingo Loco.

Working While Parenting

The issue of childcare has been causing increased frustration for parents who are struggling with work and business. RTE news reported that childcare will be available to parents returning to work from June 29th. We’re joined by Aileen Hickey, CEO of Parentline, and by Adam Weatherley of ISME for more on what they’ve been hearing from parents.

Saturday 23rd May

The End of the Office?

As more and more businesses are allowing employees to continue to work from home, are we looking at a future without office gossip or teaspoons left on the side of the sink? We are joined by Radio and TV producer Eoin Sweeney and comedian Alison Spittle to talk about the future of the office.

Domhnall Slattery

This week there was more bad news on the aviation front - from Cityjet making staff redundant, to news of job losses at Dublin and Cork airports. Meanwhile planes all over the world remain grounded. We spoke to Domhnal Slattery, CEO of Avolon - one of the world’s largest aircraft leasing companies.

Crossword Makers

Crosswords have been helping to keep many people sane since the lockdown began. So who are the people behind those black and white puzzles that get the grey matter going? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

Publishing in a Pandemic

There was good news this week for Irish author, Louise Nealon as she’s received a six figure deal for her coming of age novel. But what about publishing during the pandemic? How do you get attention when book fairs and tours have been cancelled? We’re joined by literary agent Marianne Gunn O’Connor and Lisa Coen of Tramp Press.

Sean Brett

Sean Brett is the founder and chief executive of Steeltech - a company which designs and manufactures sheds and garages. It employs 170 people and has a turnover of 20 million euro. He caught up with Sean earlier and I first asked him what sort of an impact has Covid 19 had on his business so far?

Saturday 16th May

History of the Address

All over the country, Gardai at checkpoints are quizzing people as to where they’re coming from, in some cases asking for addresses. Deirdre Mask has penned a book on the history of the address. We spoke to her earlier and I asked her about how addresses played a role in combating epidemics in the past - most famously cholera.

Brian Pennie

At a time when calm, mindfulness and resilience are necessary survival tools, we asked PhD student, recovered drug addict and author of the book ‘Bonus Time’, Brian Pennie to share his experience of working through difficult times.

Shane Curran Interview

Whether the Leaving Certificate would go ahead has been a source of stress and anxiety for many young people around the country. Two years ago, Shane Curran was one of those students, now he’s building his company Evervault, with big name investors on board. Their hopes are that it will become a billion dollar company.

Leadership in Lockdown

The announcement this week by Twitter that its staff will be allowed to work from home forever, made many people who are longing to return to the office recoil in horror. So, as a manager, how do you lead people when you aren’t there? We're joined by Ciara Conlon, Founder of Spirit Leadership and Ian McClean, Founder of Flowgroup Change.

On the Road with Couriers

Some of the busiest workers in the country these days are couriers and postal workers. Working up and down the country, knocking on doors, with packages, parcels and presents. So, just what are they delivering? Liam Geraghty has been finding out

Phase 1: Businesses Reopening

Come Monday morning the first phase of opening up the country will begin. So, how do we make sure staff and customers are safe as we reopen? We’re joined by Helena Ryan of Cooga Safety in Limerick, Ian Talbot, Chief Executive of Chambers Ireland and Gerry McCormack, Deputy general secretary of SIPTU

Saturday 9th May

Connell's Chain

Jewelry makers are delighted as one costume choice in the new drama Normal People has taken on a life of its own. The chain worn by Connell in the series has become an icon in itself and it even has its own Instagram account. But why is there such an obsession with this piece of jewelry? Our reporter Liam Geraghty tries to unchain the mystery.

A Donegal Man in China

Joe Kelly, a Donegal man, is one of Hauwei’s most senior executives. He’s vice president of their corporate communications. We caught up with him to ask about how life in China is returning to normal and the country's growing tensions with the United States.

This Non Sporting Life

The GAA announced this week that the championship will not be taking place this summer, maybe in the autumn. But beyond the GAA how are other sports faring financially with the cancellations of summer events? We’re joined by Golfer Paul McGinley a board member of the Ryder Cup and Fintan Drury of Platinum One.

Bewleys: The End of an Era

The closure of Bewley’s on Grafton St put the rents issue in sharp focus for everyone this week. It sparked lots of outrage with letter writers to newspapers upset at the loss of 110 jobs and a national treasure. Historian Niamh Puriseil has been exploring our love affair with Bewleys

The Future of the High Street

With weeks more of restrictions to go we have top question how many businesses will be able to open their doors again. We speak to Beth Horton of the Docklands restaurant and deli, Brian O’Callaghan a partner with William Fry Solicitors and Damien O’Reilly a lecturer in retail management at TU Dublin about the future for businesses post covid.

Saturday 2nd May

Are the Breadmakers Worried?

Our social-media feeds have been flooded with pictures of people’s sourdoughs, as we compete to see who can bake the best bread while stuck at home but are the breadmakers worried that when this is all over we’ll all be so great at baking that we won’t want their work? We asked our reporter Liam Geraghty to look into this.

Day Jobs or Dream Jobs?

In the face of so much bad news, we are seeing so many creative, innovative solutions to the problems we are facing. Collie Ennis and Jessica Ray have been innovative in terms of their own careers, doing a day job while keeping their true passions alive all the while.

The Changing Workplace

Ravin Jesuthasan of Willis Towers Watson is a leading international expert in HR and he believes working from home is here to stay. He sees more workplaces sharing employees, more automation, more people working in the gig economy and demands for more money for all frontline workers. We caught up with him to ask him more.

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