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Saturday 18th January

Election Slogans

Well election 2020 kicked into gear this week, and already it’s shaping up to be an unpredictable ride. We’ve heard criticism of some of the slogans the parties have adopted. We ask John Fanning, Lecturer at the Smurfit Business School and Kate Shanahan, Head of Journalism at TU Dublin if our politicians could learn anything from business.

History of Uniforms

This week, the Aer Lingus uniform was given an update by fashion designer Louise Kennedy. Originally designed in brown by Sybil Connolly in 1945, it only adopted its signature green colour a few years later. But who came up with the idea of uniforms for workplaces originally? Writer Jessica Traynor has been finding out

George Monbiot

There was traffic chaos in the heart of Dublin this week when around 100 tractors arrived to stage a protest, once again, about the price of beef. George Monbiot thinks we should discourage anyone from going into animal husbandry. His documentary ‘Apocalypse Cow’ enraged some for declaring that the future of food will leave farming in the past.

Dry January

In this month of fresh starts and good intentions, ‘Dry January’ has become a popular trend. But something that started out as a one-month challenge to go without alcohol seems to be becoming more and more prevalent throughout the calendar year, as our reporter Liam Geraghty has been finding out:

Ross Lewis

Ross Lewis is a legend of the Irish restaurant trade. He opened his restaurant Chapter One in 1993 and went on to achieve a Michelin star, survive a recession and train a number of award-winning chefs in the process. Originally from Cork, his name is now synonymous with high-end dining in Dublin

Saturday 11th January


Last year we kicked off our series about people working in your town that make it a brighter place. We featured a barber called Philip Connolly in Glasthule. Rachel got in touch with us about her pilates teacher in Ballybough in Dublin, so we sent our reporter Liam Geraghty along to meet her.

Managing The Menopause

It’s a stage in life that can have a huge impact on the lives of some women. Derry and Strabane Council became the first in Northern Ireland to commit to putting in place a ‘menopause policy’. We speak to Mary McLoughlin – HR Officer with Derry City and Strabane District Council and by Dr Deirdre Lundy GP and expert in women’s health.

Around The World

Disney tapping into goodwill and superfandom, Indian weddings getting the squeeze and cities of the future. These are some of the stories making headlines around the world this week and Siobhan O’Connell of Business Plus magazine is here to tell us more about them.

Problems at Boeing

The airplane-manufacturer Boeing is in crisis as it stumbles from one damaging headline to the next – this week, a series of internal communications were leaked to investigators and it didn’t look good. To look at the implications for Boeing we’re joined by retired Air Corps Lieutenant Colonel and airport safety & security auditor Kevin Byrne.

Shetland Tony, The Bun and Piece of Cake

We’ve been asking you for stories of nicknames in the workplace, and there are plenty of them pouring in. Liam Geraghty has been hearing about some favourite nicknames.

Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar is the original East End lad made good. Leaving school in Hackney aged 16, he began selling electronic goods out of a van he bought for just £50. He later founded Amstrad in 1968 and 50 years later holds an estimated worth of 1.2 billion pounds. He was a former chair of Tottenham Hotspur and he's presented The Apprentice for 15 series.

Saturday 4th January

'Weirdos' and 'Misfits'

This week, Dominic Cummings sparked outrage in a lengthy blog-post calling for ‘weirdos' and 'misfits’ to apply for work at 10 Downing Street. But is this inappropriate or maybe the best way of finding the staff you really want? Eoghan Tomás McDermott from The Communications Clinic joins us in studio.

Digital Detox

Techies in Silicon Valley are ditching their devices and going on digital detox breaks. Many are even banning their children from using the devices they created. Liam Geraghty considers taking a digital detox and looks at how social media is crossing into our working lives.

Future Trends

The last ten years has seen huge changes in terms of technology, retail and science. This time ten years ago we rarely heard of Netflix. Stripe and Tinder didn't exist. So what developments can we expect in the 2020s? We're joined by Michael McLoughlin of Amarach Research and Marie Boran from the Irish Times.

Tips for Saving Money

What do Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran and Tyra Banks have in common? Apparently they’re all very proud of their frugality. With Christmas over and many of us literally going down the back of the sofa to look for euros. Consumer Journalist Siobhán Maguire joins us with some tips for saving money.

She's in Fashion

We talk to fashion designer Helen Steele, who has survived the ups and downs of the fickle fashion industry. Her distinctive, brightly-coloured clothes have been worn by celebrities from Saoirse Ronan to Rita Ora. As well as continuing to work on her own line, she’s about to launch another collection of athleisure-wear with Dunnes Stores.

Saturday 14th December

Yuletide Etiquette

Towns all over the country will be packed this weekend as busy Christmas shoppers tear about clutching bags and wrapping paper. But spare a thought for the shopkeepers behind the tills, when you ask for that out of reach item. Ann Chapman who runs Stonechat Jewellers in Dublin, is here to dispense advice on how to be a considerate shopper.

Bookshops Booking The Trend

Well if you were to pay attention to the stats, you might be considered a bit bonkers to run a bookshop. As more and more people migrate to Amazon and purchase e books, why would anyone want to pay rent and manage a bookstore. Our own book lover, Liam Geraghty has been meeting some of those who are doing just that.

The Joy of Work

As the Christmas season comes upon us, loneliness and feeling detached can come into focus. Often, people with disabilities can feel the most isolated. We speak to two people who have joined the workforce despite their disabilities - Adam Young and Anna Brennan, and also by Catherine Kelly, who is Director of Services at the organisation WALK.

What Business Can Learn From Boris

The UK election certainly had its fair share of blusters, buffonery, blatant lies and bonkers moments. But are there lessons that business could learn from this election? For instance should you hide in a fridge when someone wants to talk to you? Conor Brophy of Teneo has been pouring over the election to see what companies can learn

Frozen Veg and Family Fall-outs

Sam Dennigan is a familiar name here, a wholesale company with offices in Cork, Dublin and Spain. But Sam Dennigan, a grandson of the original Sam Dennigan, has branched away from the family business to set up his Strong Roots brand based around frozen veg. He's now taking on the US market, which makes up 33% of the global frozen food market.

What Will Boris Do Next?

Boris Johnson and the Tories really swept to victory. But what are the implications for our economy? What kind of Brexit does Boris Johnson really want? It’s now the time for the real Boris to stand up? We ask Sonia Purnell, commentator and author of Boris : A Tale of Blond Ambition and Brendan Keenan from the Irish Independent

Saturday 7th December

History of the Christmas Card

In an era of emojis and memes, one traditional mode of greeting is still hanging on in there. Experts say there was a decline of the greeting card industry in the mid-1990s but that has stopped in the last five years as millennials opt to go old school. Liam Geraghty has been taking a look at the history of the Christmas card.

Jenny Radcliffe, People Hacker

Breaking into buildings, dodging security, conducting online scams, these criminal activities are all in a day’s work for Jenny Radcliffe, who counts high net-worth footballers and celebrities among her clients. The ‘People Hacker’ is paid by companies to test the weak points in their security systems.


The founder of Maximum Media, Niall McGarry, stepped down following controversy over a click farm being used to falsely inflate user numbers. A click farm is where a large group of low paid workers are hired to click on paid advertising links multiple times. We discuss this problem and the growing distrust in tech with Dr Johnny Ryan of Brave.

Expense Scandals

This week Fine Gael TD Dara Murphy was in hot water over the Dáil expenses he claimed while working in a job in Brussels. He isn’t the first person in politics or business to have their expenses questioned. Gráinne Ní Aodha from The Journal has been looking at some other examples for us.

Walter O’Brien

Walter O'Brien has one of the highest IQs in the world, with an estimated IQ of 197. As a teenager he made headlines when he hacked NASA from his family’s farm in Kilkenny. Now he runs Scorpion Computer Services, a company which works with the US Military, high net worth individuals and Film production studios. His life inspired the TV series, Scorpion.

Saturday 30th November

White Water Rafting

Dublin City Council came under fire after it was revealed that it’s considering spending 23 million euro on a white water rafting centre and polo pool in North Dublin. Councillors will decide next month whether to go ahead with the idea. Michael Fry has been imagining what’s been going on behind the scenes with those who came up with the idea.

Sustainable Gifts

It seems that there’s a real movement towards a sustainable Christmas with companies in some towns requesting reduced packaging from their suppliers and customers looking for ethically produced products. Liam Geraghty gives us the story all wrapped up.

Drugs Trade in Ireland

Irish criminals are exporting drugs as far as Australia, so says a published Europol report. Europol noted gangs are expanding their operations in rural towns, rather than simply selling to dealers. To look at the money involved we’re joined by Pat, a former criminal who served time in two Irish prisons and Nicola Tallant from The Sunday World.

The CryptoQueen

The dramatic introduction of Dr Ruja Ignatova on stage as she toured the world persuading people to invest in One Coin. It has all the hallmarks of a Hollywood story. The businesswoman persuaded millions to hand over their savings to invest in her crypto currency and then she disappeared. Petula Martin of RTÉ has been following the story

Francesca McDonagh

It was a bad week for Bank of Ireland with glitches and outages causing frustration for many, all in the lead up to pay day and the biggest shopping day of the year - Black Friday. Francesca McDonagh is the chief executive of the bank. From Croydon in South London originally, she took over as head of Bank of Ireland two years ago.

Saturday 23rd November

Flower Seller

The Flower sellers of Grafton St were in the news this week when a multinational real estate firm caused a bit of a stink by saying that the flower stalls were cluttering up the street and suggested that they move.. The public jumped to defend the sellers and the firm has apologised. Liam Geraghty caught up with some of them on Grafton Street.

Boozing and Schmoozing

Drinks company Pernod Ricard has found itself in hot water, with former employees complaining to the French labour court that they were under constant pressure to drink on the job. But there must be other ways to win over clients. To let us in on some of the techniques used in the art of ‘schmoozing’, we speak to psychotherapist Siobhan Murray

Dirty Rotten Colleagues

We’re often told to be authentic at work but it seems some people are perhaps being a little bit too authentic. Too at ease with colleagues - leaving mouldy cups lying about, clipping their toenails, to letting their smelly lycra linger in the air. Is this a problem also sweeping across Ireland? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

Bill’s Billions

It seems that Bill Gates has overtaken Jeff Bezos as the wealthiest person in the world - the difference between them now is just 1.3 billion dollars. Small Fry! So how many times would you have to win the euro millions to enjoy the same levels of wealth? To pour over the numbers we ask consumer journalist, Siobhán Maguire


The issue of migrants risking their lives to enter the country was back in the news this week, when 16 people were found in a refrigerated container on a ferry travelling from France to the Irish port of Rosslare. We speak to two people working in this area, Graham Parker, CEO at Kontainers and Anne Lawlor, CEO of Journey Protector.

Enda O’Coineen

Enda O’Coineen is very familiar with choppy waters in life and business. He has solo sailed around the world, taken on business in post communism Eastern Europe and even tried to reach America in a rubber dinghy. Recently h e has moved into the turbulent world of newspapers. He bought the Sunday Business Post, and promised a very different offering

Saturday 16th November

Friends Reunion - The Money

They were on a break! Friends ran for 10 seasons, ending in 2004, but the six cast members have continued to make money minute after minute since then. Now, the show is tipped for a comeback, with the full cast reportedly on board. So who will rake it in this time round? We ask journalist Taragh Loughrey-Grant.


Two multi-nationals have just become the latest employers to introduce paid paternity leave. Diageo piloted this earlier in the year, with the announcement of 26 weeks of paid paternity leave for every employee regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Diageo’s Chief HR Officer Mairead Nayager was the driving force behind the scheme.

Discrimination in the Workplace

In recent weeks, anti-migrant sentiment has been in evidence from protests in various parts of the country. Are we seeing an increased hostility in the public discourse? Does this translate to incidents of discrimination in the workplace? We ask Professor Mark Bell from TCD, who specializes in employment and discrimination law.

Banking Culture

KBC group chief executive Johan Thijs apologised for comments on the country’s tracker mortgage scandal. He had criticised the Central Bank, calling on them to “come on, guys, turn the page”. Is there still a huge gulf between the regulators and those they regulate? We ask Professor Niamh Brennan from the UCD Centre for Corporate Governance.

Behind The Paywall

Of course Waterford Whispers News is not the first publication to partially duck behind a paywall. As online advertising revenues decline, more and more companies and even individuals are charging people for their material. Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been speaking to some of them.

Colm Williamson, Waterford Whispers

Colm Williamson is the creator of Waterford Whispers News, the satirical web-site that has been in and out of trouble for about ten years. With headlines such as “Beyonce set to perform at Trump impeachment half-time show” Now, they’ve decided to follow other organisations and go down the subscription route.

Saturday 9th November

Climate Business

Well, sticking with climate change - there are a number of Irish companies and businesses going above and beyond to try and achieve a zero-carbon status. They say it helps win over customers and even attract new staff… Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been meeting the businesses doing their bit for the planet

Climate future

One of the more unexpected images in the news this week was of a group of people in swimwear, protesting climate change. To talk through some of the trends for consumers and companies we’re joined by Tomas Sercovich, CEO of Business in the Community Ireland, and Professor John Walsh from UCD

Regulating Porn

Earlier this week, two children were sentenced for the murder of Ana Kriegel. Although they were only 13 at the time, one of them had thousands of graphic, violent pornographic images on his phone. What are the responsibilities of the platforms hosting pornography? We ask Dr Kate Dawson, from the Active Consent Programme at NUIG.

Paul Krugman

Sticking with high-end investments, and the 1% who can afford to pay out phone book numbers for art - this is an area that my next guest knows a thing or two about. Paul Krugman is an economist and nobel laureate, and he is in Ireland taking part in the Kilkenomics Festival of economics and comedy in Kilkenny this weekend.

Barbara Dawson Hugh Lane

The controversial question of ownership of the Hugh Lane collection of paintings has been cropping up over the years. WB Yeats, Lady Gregory, Michael Collins and Jack Lynch are among the many who have fought to bring the collection back to Ireland. Barbara Dawson has been at the helm of the Hugh Lane Gallery for a quarter of that century.

Kevin Lunney Attack Latest

It's seven weeks after Kevin Lunney was tortured by a gang who abducted him from near his home in Fermanagh. During police raids of properties here and in England, a suspect died. He has been named as Cyril McGuinness, also known as “Jimmy Dublin”. So what does this mean for the investigation? We ask retired Chief Superintendent John O’Brien.

Saturday 2nd November

Rich Girl Face

‘Rich Girl Face’ is the name given to a certain look that many women are paying through the nose to achieve. Men too are spending more on trying to look younger. But some are complaining that it’s an example of the wealthy gaining unfair advantage on those less well off. We speak to Roe McDermott, journalist with the Irish Times and Hotpress.

Juggling Everything

The term rat race has been around for a long time. Some suggest it’s been used as far back as the late 1930s and the fact that it's still used now shows that not a whole lot has changed. People are still trying to make a living, while having a life and feeling exhausted the whole time. Liam Geraghty has been finding out more.

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