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Saturday 19th September

The Return of the Tape

In March we saw the worst sales for albums in over 60 years, but it has picked up slightly since then. Musicians are doing everything they can to bring in sales including special parcels for fans - with vinyl, CD and even tape copies of their albums. Did we ever think we would see the return of the tape? Liam Geraghty has been checking it out.

Claddagh Records

We all know it’s been a tough time for musicians throughout Covid 19, but one record company is getting a new lifeline. Claddagh Records - a mecca for traditional Irish music over the years was recently bought over by Universal. We’re joined by musician Peadar O’Riada, who was immersed in Claddagh from a very young age.

Retail Rage

Many will have seen viral videos of anti mask protesters over the last few weeks, but there is also growing anger in local shops. Retail rage is a new reality for retailers all over the country. Here to tell us more and how they are coping is Tara Buckley of RGDATA - The representative association for over 3,000 local shops throughout Ireland.

Bedding in On-Line

It looks like many of us are going to be staying at home for a while. During the lockdown there was a huge increase in on-line spending particularly on clothes, gaming and home improvements. They were the perfect conditions for Deirdre McGettrick's company

Shebeens and Secret Knocks

While the restaurants and pubs are shutting up shop it remains to be seen whether parties will continue to happen in people’s homes. Our own Siobhan Maguire has been looking into the secret world of the sheebeen and some of the most unusual lengths people are going to to recreate the pub at home.

Dublin Lockdown

The Government restrictions that were introduced overnight in the capital have caused upset and concern among business owners. We’re joined in studio by Martin Harte from The Temple Bar Company and Angela Ruttledge of the Woodstock restaurant in Dublin 7.

Saturday 12th September

Businesses Prepare for a Winter Outdoors

As the evenings start closing in businesses must look at how they will adapt for the colder months. It seems we’re going to be spending the autumn socialising outdoors as much as possible. With that in mind some businesses have been getting their Hyyge on as Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

Pioneering Women

You would think that by 2020 we wouldn’t have any more announcements about women breaking new boundaries. But recently the first female Commander in the history of the Irish Naval Service was announced - Roberta O’Brien. To look back through some stories of pioneering women in industry, we’re joined by historian Dr Angela Byrne.

Tackling Hate Speech

A father and son duo have developed technology that aims to root out hate speech and defamatory comments on regular media and social media. Conor Brady, former editor of the Irish Times, and his son Neil who also has a background in journalism, have developed Caliber AI. They describe the technology as a spell check for defamation.

Previous Pandemics

It has become painfully obvious that we haven’t conquered the threat of infectious diseases just yet. But what can we learn from previous pandemics and the impact they had on economies around the world? Is there any possible silver lining to Covid? Eoin McLaughlin, senior lecturer in economics in UCC has been looking back through time.


It's getting tough for workers in all sectors but especially in retail, travel and hospitality. Debenhams workers have maintained pickets since April, however they’re not the only ones on the frontline of the pandemic - we’re joined by Liquidator Declan de Lacy, Jack Kenny, co-owner of One Life Fitness gyms and Ethel Buckley of SIPTU.

Saturday 5th September

Michael Fry loves Pens

Earlier this week we spotted Michael Fry dance with his new office chair on Twitter. You have to get excited about something when you’re not taking the daily commute back into the office. We asked him to pen a piece about his love for the chair, but it quickly swivelled into an ode to the office.

Mills and Boon

Daisy Cummins, or as she’s otherwise known Abby Green, has just published her 50th Mills and Boon book - she writes between three and four a year. Daisy is known for setting pulses racing with lines like 'his deep-set eyes were dark, but not brown, golden. His skin was dark too. There was stubble on his jaw.'

Adopt a Shop

It’s the heart of Dublin that Tim Carey had in mind when he tweeted about adopting a number of cafes and shops in Dublin that he feels need support due to Covid 19. He has decided to buy something from each shop every week or two in order to give them support. His tweet has started an online momentum with #Adoptashop.

Tommy Collison - Inclusive Education

Tommy Collison is head of business development at Lambda School - a college in the States that tries to help disadvantaged students get a foothold in the tech industry. They don’t charge people for their education, but instead ask for 17% of their income for their first two years working. Tommy himself took some classes at the school

Break Up with Make Up

As more of us stay at home and away from offices and nights out, personal grooming has taken a different tack. While the makeup industry is crumbling, leisure wear brands are out the door and people are spending more on skincare. Liam Gerghty has been finding out about the breakup with makeup.

Is Anyone Making Money?

The governemnt are encouraging people to open their wallets in the new stay and spend initiative. But is anyone in retail or hospitality making any money as Covid and restrictions rumble on? We’re joined by Arnold Dillon, Director of Retail Ireland, Claire Nash of Nash 19 Restaurant in Cork, and Ann Chapman of Stonechat Jewellers in Dublin.

Saturday 25th July

Music Venues get a New Lease of Life

Musicians have had to get used to performing without an audience in recent months. Music venues have always been a moveable feast in the music industry. We see old cinema halls all over the country transformed. Stuart Clarke of Hot Press joins me now to remember some such venues.

Businesses React to the July Stimulus

We’re joined by two business owners who were with us back at the start of May. Domini Kemp, co-founder of the Itsa food group and Ronan Lynch, (Chairman of the Licensed Vintners Association) and owner of The Swan pub.

Persuading People to Spend their Savings

Businesses across Ireland waited patiently this week to hear news of the July stimulus plan. But will the ‘staycation’ tax rebate get those who have been saving to open their wallets or are people too used to not spending? To tell us more we’re joined by Behavioural Economist Liam Delaney.

Memory Loss

This week Donald Trump assured major news organisations that there is nothing wrong with his memory. But are we all experiencing some memory and cognitive problems with the strange world at the moment? We’re joined by organisational psychologist Melrona Kirrane.

Covid Resolutions

During lockdown many people have been trying their hand at a new skill. To make us all feel inadequate Taylor Swift recorded and delivered an album that’s been getting rave reviews. Liam Geraghty hears the stories of people who’ve finally finished Ulysses or woven pieces that rival the Bayeux Tapestry.

Interview with Paul Reid

The HSE has been front and centre of the news for many months now, its employees hailed as the vital frontline staff that saw our country through the first wave of a global pandemic. However, its CEO Paul Reid now faces the task of leading the health services into the challenges of the winter months and a possible second wave of the virus.

Saturday 18th July

The Wedding Business

Tara Fay, Luxury Event and Destination Wedding Planner and John Burke, owner of The Armada Hotel at Spanish Point in Co. Clare talk about the current struggles in the wedding business. We are also joined by Dave Browne, lead singer of the band Picturehouse, and the wedding band The Controversial Allstars who perform at up to 50 weddings a year.

Patricia Scanlon of Soapbox Labs

Many of us have been experiencing home schooling this year. Patricia Scanlon of Soapbox Labs has developed new voice tech for children to help with reading skills. The technology is licensed to other companies to use for toys, robots and games and the company recently landed over 6 million in series A funding.

Turning Away Tourists

There was unease this week about international tourists who are coming to Ireland for holidays. American visitors have always got a very warm welcome in Ireland, but the reception has been a lot cooler this time round. This has left many businesses in a very tricky position turning away customers. Liam Geraghty has been hearing their stories

Ryanair - Eddie Wilson

It’s been another turbulent week for the aviation industry. It's looking like neither the United States nor the UK are likely to be on the ‘Green List’ of safe countries for travel. Ryanair have announced plans to cut up to 1000 flights between Ireland and the UK in coming months. I’m joined by the CEO of Ryanair Eddie Wilson.

Saturday 11th July

The Death of the Tie

It looks like the tie might be a thing of the past. It doesn’t lend itself very well to working from home and to make matters worse there’s strong evidence that they’re potential germ carriers. Could this pandemic spell the end of the line for the tie? We asked the dapper Fashion designer Peter O’Brien for his thoughts on the death of the tie.

Angrynomics - Mark Blyth

It’s been a summer of protests as the pandemic has brought the roots of disadvantage and anger into sharper focus. Our next guest Mark Blyth has been looking at the causes of anger in Western democracies and how to fix it in his new book Angrynomics. We caught up with him earlier.

Privacy and Covid

The pandemic has thrown up all kinds of concerns regarding privacy. One of the areas where we’re seeing issues emerge is around temperature checks in workplaces, bars and restaurants. But should we be concerned about this? We’re joined from Waterford by Rachel Finn of Trilateral Research, a company that specialises in data ethics.

Bright Guys

We’re joined by two brothers in business. New entrants to the energy market, Ciaran and Stephen Devine from Derry are the people behind Bright a tech based energy company. They started out in the energy sector in their mid twenties when they set up a renewable energy power plant in their home county.

Making Mistakes in Work

There have been umpteen stories in the news recently of politicians making mistakes - a drink driving scandal, ministerial appointments that prompted one local newspaper to call it “a cabinet fit for Cromwell” and the Bobby Storey funeral controversy - to mention just a few. Our reporter Liam Geraghty and others own up to their own mistakes.

Tánaiste Leo Varadker

We’re joined by Tánaiste Leo Varadker, the new Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment.

Saturday 4th July

Tik Tok

Barely a day has passed in the last few months without a new TikTok sensation appearing on our screens. This week, the $100 bn dollar app announced that it is going to base its European Privacy Headquarters here in Ireland. We're joined now by Aifric O’Connell, 2FM DJ and former TikTokker for more.

Pat Kiely Interview

This week Pat Kiely ended a career spanning over 20 years working at the heart of TV3 now Virgin Media. A former ad man, Pat is now setting up his own business venture. He joins us in studio.

Moving to a Rural Town

We’ve heard of many people who see a future working from home and are now considering a move to the countryside. Counties around Ireland have jumped on this opportunity to show the benefits of moving to a rural location. Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been finding out more.

The Future for Urban Spaces

To look at whether there’s anything we can do to rescue retail and restaurants and maybe re-imagine our towns and cities we’re joined by Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect; and Nick Corcoran, Co-founder of Cardinal Capital.

Emer McLysaght's Farewell to Shops

Walking through many of our cities, towns and villages it’s tough to see some businesses have decided to shut up shop for good. Author Emer McLysaght has been reflecting on when we’ve been here before and the closure of some of her favourite shops.

News - Travel Issues

The National Public Health Emergency Team are telling people to only travel if necessary. With our own tourism industry on its knees you can imagine our first guest will be of the same opinion. We spoke to Maurice Pratt, the acting chairman of the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation.

Saturday 27th June

Jazz Week in Dublin, 1925

It’s Derby weekend at the Curragh and festivities are bound to be curtailed a bit. This time 75 years ago, the same event was taking place, with a very different atmosphere. I’m joined by Tim Carey, historian and author of the book Dublin Since 1922 to tell us more.

Making Art During the Pandemic

Working from home has been tough going for many, trying to monitor kids, colleagues and calls at the same time. So how has it been for creatives trying to produce work when payments and audiences have been thin on the ground? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

WorkHuman - Eric Mosley

The pandemic has been detrimental for some sectors, but our next guest's company has been flourishing. Founded by Eric Mosley - Workhuman has achieved ‘unicorn’ status - meaning it’s now valued at over €1 billion. The company specialises in company rewards for workers. We spoke to Eric about growing up in Tallaght and building his business

What Do We Want in a Post Pandemic Society?

There’s been lots of speculation about how the pandemic will change society. To look at how some of these profound changes might play out here we’re joined by Fintan O’Toole, Irish Times columnist; Áine Kerr, co-founder of Kinzen; and Bríd Horan, co-chair of Balance for Better Business.

Government Formation - Mark Paul

The three parties have all signed off on the Programme for Government, but what’s in it for business? We’re joined by Mark Paul, business affairs correspondent with The Irish Times.

Saturday 20th June

The Future of Entertainment

The world of entertainment has been looking very different of late. Musicians, comedians and other artists are facing tough times ahead as they navigate how to get the show back on the road. In some countries they’re looking to shake up the entertainment scene and Liam Geraghty has been looking at the future of entertainment.

Future for Film and TV Production - Andrew Lowe

This accelerated reopening is bound to be good news for cinemas up and down the country. But for the makers of films and television dramas the pandemic has been particularly challenging. We are joined now by the Chair of Audio Visual Ireland, Andrew Lowe from Element Pictures.

Brogan Cousins - Family Business

While the GAA has been on hold Bernard Brogan and James Brogan’s company Pep Talk has been thriving. It seems the pandemic has focused some companies on the importance of well being and performance in the workplace. Pep Talk, a workplace well being app, is the second company for the cousins to set up together.

Can Staycations Save Tourism?

“The summer is not lost” - said the Taoiseach as he announced that travel restrictions will be lifted at the end of the month, allowing people to holiday anywhere within the country. So can the Staycation, that much-maligned term, save our tourism industry? Consumer journalist Siobhan Maguire has been looking into it for us.

Dillon's Restaurant

For some businesses social distancing and no seasonal trade mean it simply wasn’t possible to keep going through the pandemic. Dillon’s Restaurant in Timoleague in West Cork, set up by Richard Milne and his partner Valeria Ventura, was a Michelin-recommended cosy nook. We spoke to them about how Covid-19 forced them to close up shop.

Government Announcment

What will June 29th look like for you? A morning at the gym, a haircut and stuffing yourself with popcorn at the cinema. Last night the Government announced that most lockdown restrictions will be eased by June 29th. We’re joined by Ian Talbot - Chief Executive of Chambers Ireland and Tony Foley economist and lecturer in DCU for more.

Saturday 13th June

Bye Bye Cash

One side-effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the encouragement of people to tap their cards rather than pay cash. So will the notes and coins in our wallets slowly become a thing of the past? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.


Our next guest has written a book on Jeff Bezos. In the book he says the Amazon boss stresses to colleagues that the company could implode any day and he looks at the range of sectors Amazon is targeting - from transport to healthcare. We caught up with Brian Dumaine, author of Bezonomics earlier.

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