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Saturday 18th May

Key to Songwriting Success

Tonight the Eurovision Song Contest finals will be held in Israel. Ireland was knocked out of the competition in the Semi Finals, but as Liam Geraghty has been finding out there's no shortage of songwriters in Ireland.

Around The World

Siobhan O'Connell from Business Plus Magazine talks us through the business stories that caught her eye this week.

The Career of a Cartoonist

Liza Donnelly has been making her living from the art of drawing for over forty years. She joined the New Yorker as a cartoonist in the 70's and has been capturing America’s biggest events ever since.

Irish Horse Racing Legend Noel Meade

Earlier this week Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary decided to disembark from horse racing after two decades in the race. We spoke to horse trainer Noel Meade, who has trained a number of horses owned by the Ryanair boss.

National Broadband Plan

After seven years, four ministers and a 3 billion euro price tag, Granahan McCourt, the last firm standing, has won the bid for the National Broadband Plan. The man tasked with delivering the scheme is Peter Hendrick, CEO of National Broadband Ireland.

Saturday 11th May

Business on the Mind

With the construction and hospitality industries looking at mental health, are many others following suit? Performance coach, Shane Cradock, says businesses need to do more to tackle mental health issues.

Reconstructing Mental Health

During the night and into the early hours of this morning, thousands of people from all over the country walked from Darkness into Light to raise money for mental health awareness charities. The construction industry has started to look at mental health. Liam Geraghty has been finding out more.

Swimsuits and Sponsorship

In 1952, Catalina Swimsuits founded Miss Universe and Miss USA in Long Beach, California. Every year, between 80 and 100 countries send a candidate to compete, with Ireland’s event taking place later this summer. We spoke to its director Brittany Mason. A former Miss Universe, she is in Miami trying to secure sponsorship for the Irish contest.

Non BS Innovation

Some sectors are well known for their jargon and unusual job titles, such as digital overlords and innovation Sherpas. Lots of the titles centre around innovation. The tech sector claims to be one of the most creative and innovative, but David Rowan is not convinced. He’s the author of Non Bullshit Innovation.

A Story of Connections

Sharon McCooey is one of the leading lights in Ireland’s tech sector. She heads up LinkedIn, employing over 1,000 people in their Dublin office. She talks to us about troubles in tech, mentoring and LinkedIn's business model.

A New Climate For Business

Ireland became the second country in the world to declare a climate emergency this week. It was welcomed by environmental campaigners such as Greta Thunberg. But what are the implications for business? We spoke to Lisa Ryan, lecturer in energy economics in UCD and David Maguire of BNRG Renewables.

Saturday 4th May

Bowled over: Pulling Cricket From The Ashes

This week saw a lot of Cricket action in Ireland. On Tuesday a new European cricket league – the Euro T20 Slam - was launched in Dublin and yesterday Ireland played England in Malahide. Our own wicket keeper Liam Geraghty has been meeting the people who play the sport professionally.

Innovative Solutions for Irish Innovation

Dómhnal Slattery and his company Avolon have taken it upon themselves to research the best global practices in terms of innovation. They’ve come up with a strategy that aims to put this country ahead of others.

Why Women Make Better Leaders

A lack of confidence has been cited as a reason why the long term unemployed find it hard to return to work. An over supply of confidence is something Dr Tomas Chamarro Premuzic has been exploring. He's the author of 'Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?'

Tackling Long Term Unemployment

There are still almost 200,000 people receiving benefits. Under half of those are long-term unemployed. To look at ways of solving long term unemployment we spoke to Minister Regina Doherty, Activist and Artist Grace Dyas and Entrepreneur Jim Breen.

Tina McKenzie Making Her Mark

Recruitment shortages in health, IT and other sectors have been making headlines recently. Tina McKenzie is very familiar with the world of recruitment. She’s been working in the area for over 20 years. She’s one of the biggest players in Ireland, as the CEO of Grafton Recruitment.

Saturday 27th April

The Power Of Branding

As Storm Hannah leaves thousands without power along The Wild Atlantic Way it could be hard to imagine how you could craft the sometimes chaotic coastline into a top tourist destination as successfully as what has been done with the Wild Atlantic Way. Miriam Kennedy of Fáilte Ireland discussed the power of branding in studio.

A Tale of Textiles and Take-overs

Foxford Woolen Mills was founded in the late 1800s, it's had plenty of ups and downs through the years. Joe Queenan, is the Managing Director of the company.

Is Fast Fashion Destroying our Planet?

April has been a busy month for Extinction Rebellion protests and Earth Day events, and now we're in Fashion Revolution Week. The movement was started after the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh, and it calls for more transparency in the fashion industry. Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been meeting the Irish businesses trying to curb fast fashion.

A Limerick Woman with all the Power

Two-time Entrepreneur of the year finalist, Eleanor McEvoy has run businesses in food, telecommunications and electricity. She became the first entrepreneurial ambassador with Northern Ireland and is now entering the business of solar power.

Feargal Quinn's Legacy

Aged twenty-three, Feargal Quinn, a legend of Irish retail set up his first supermarket. Almost 50 years later, he sold the Superquinn chain of shops for 450 million euro. To discuss his legacy is the man who published his three books Michael O’Brien, from O’Brien Press, Pat Kelly, a friend and former Regional Manager for Superquinn and Damien O’Reilly, senior lecturer in TU Dublin.

Saturday 20th April

Profiting From Communions and Christenings

This weekend our shopping centres will be full of giant Easter bunny mascots and egg hunts. Easter is no longer just a religious celebration, but a commercial one too. And more businesses are cracking open this market. We’re joined by Natasha Gillies of Diamond Events.

The Knives are out for the Butcher Business

This weekend is one of the busiest in the year for butchers. But how are our butcher shops surviving when they’re pitted against supermarkets? Our own carnivore Liam Geraghty has been meeting the next generation of butchers who've taken the reigns of the family business.

Business Culture

Former Irish international Niall Quinn suggested that a new FAI chief executive should be an understated and anonymous person who could rebuild trust. But how do you go about rebuilding trust and changing the culture of an organisation? We’re joined by Mark Byrne, Strategy Director at MCCP, an agency which specialises in culture transformation.

From Medici to the Met

Composers, painters and sculptures through the ages have often relied on the generosity of patrons in funding their masterpieces. So, the wealthy have been commissioning the arts for a very long time. UCC academic Dr Hiram Morgan talks about the history of this trend.

The Business Built from Coffins and Clay

The Fanagan family are celebrating 200 years in business of death this month. The seventh generation of the family are now involved in operations. They’ve buried famous politicians from Erskine Childers to Charles Stuart Parnell, celebrated poets and paupers. David Fanagan and his nephew Robert Fanagan joined me in studio.

Funding Notre Dame

Within hours of Notre Dame’s spire becoming engulfed in flames, two of the richest men in France donated millions to help rebuild the church. Their offers sparked criticism. We’re joined by social policy analyst Camille Loftus and Eamon Delaney, director of the Hibernia Forum talk about what the rich should or shouldn't spend their money on.

Saturday 13th April

Poetry for Brexit

Some leading politicians in the UK have started quoting poetry to help them cope with the Brexit chaos. Poet Colm Keegan discusses whether we should we all turn to poetry to help us cope with our neighbour’s woes.

Siobhan Murray

Life coach and author of the Burnout Solution Siobhán Murray needed some of her own head space after working in the music industry in her 20s. She left the industry and gravitated towards a career in psychotherapy and life coaching. So are employers paying enough attention to their employee’s wellbeing? She joins us in studio.

The Business of Space

It was a big week for space projects, researchers released the first-ever image of a black-hole and an Israeli Spaceship crashed into the moon. Scientist and engineer Dr Niamh Shaw, talks about the growth of private investment in space.

Brexit Update

Brexit has been extended until October 31st, but what does that mean for the goods that are stockpiled here and business generally? Richard talks to Liz Fulham, CEO of Sales Optimize and John McGrane director general of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce.

Record Store Day

Today is record store day and all over the country shops have their masts flying high for vinyl. Our reporter Liam Geraghty has been meeting those for who vinyl is vital.

Peter Boyle

Peter Boyle’s jewellery business started off in a market stall under Derry’s walls. The business grew, he launched dozens of Argento shops over the years and last year the turnover reached £60 million. His latest project is an aqua park in Belfast complete with its own man made beach and 14 acre lake. He joins us in studio.

Saturday 6th April

Razor Sharp Dublin Barber

A couple of weeks ago we invited you to suggest people working in your town that make it a brighter place. We’re kicking off the series this week with Niall Kelly’s suggestion. His old barber Philip Connolly based in Glasthule in Dublin. Liam Geraghty went along to his shop to find out more.

The Cork Couple That’s Cream Of The Crop

Alan and Valerie Kingston have been in business together for many years. They run Glenilen Farm outside Drimoleague in West Cork, producing yogurts, cheesecakes and other products that they sell both here and in the UK. They tell us their story.

Financing a United Ireland

An opinion poll published in Britain found that 1 in 3 people there hope that Northern Ireland remains in the UK. The same number thinks Brexit makes a United Ireland more likely. Edgar Morgenroth, a DCU Business School Economics lecturer, Irish Independent columnist Martina Devlin, Historian Diarmaid Ferriter and economist John Simpson discuss.

Border Control

This week the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, promised to do everything in her power to prevent a “no deal” Brexit. She spoke after meeting Unionists and Nationalists who live along the border. They told her their stories of life during and after the troubles. We asked writer Eoin McNamee, to spell out why we can’t return to a hard border.

Family Fortunes

It was seen in the area around Ballyconnell and Derrylin as the last chance for former billionaire Sean Quinn and his family to strike a blow against IBRC. But this week, Quinn’s five adult children ended a lengthy legal battle with the State. The case cost the public 170 million. Talking about the case with us is author and journalist Ian Kehoe.

Saturday 30th March

Design for Women

In another international story this week - NASA was forced to cancel a space expedition because they didn’t have enough spacesuits for the all female crew. Liam Geraghty has been looking at other areas where women are being left behind in terms of design.

Around the World

News may have been dominated by Brexit this week, but what about some other stories from Around the World. Siobhan O’Connell, marketing director of Business Plus magazine joins us in studio.

The Highs and Lows of a Cannabis Business

Both recreational cannabis and CBD businesses are in strong growth mode, particularly in the United States. Similar growth is expected for Europe too. We’re joined by James Linden of Greenlight Medicines, a company which takes molecules from plants (including the cannabis plant) to develop pain relief for different diseases.

The Art of Statistics

Fake news and alternative facts, these are some lines used by politicians from Donald Trump to Boris Johnson. So what part does the misuse of statistics play in all of this? And are politicians, business leaders, economists and journalists responsible for the falling trust in institutions? David Spiegelhalter is the author of The Art of Statistics.

Theresa May’s Fading Red Lines

This week was supposed to be one of national jubilation for Brexiteers in the UK. Boris Johnson wrote in the Telegraph that he imagined “church bells ringing, bonfires flaming and Brexiteers weaving through the moonlit lanes of Sussex, half blind with scrumpy, singing shanties.' Instead the deadlock continues. Sebastian Payne of the FT joins us.

Capturing the Castle

Sammy Leslie knows all about running a business on the border. She took over Castle Leslie in her early twenties and hasn’t looked back since. Now a boutique five star hotel, it’s currently being extended. She joins us in studio.

Saturday 23rd March

Clearing the Mind with Creativity

From fitness retreats to other ways to get away from it all, more and more people are looking towards creativity breaks as a way of clearing the mind. Liam Geraghty reports

From Stomach Crunches to Crunching Numbers

Kathryn Thomas of Operation Transformation fame has transformed her love of fitness into a business. Four years ago she set up Pure Results Bootcamp. But is her business fighting fit? She joins us in studio.

A Comedic Take on Brexit

Brexit is far from funny, but some people have been mining it for a few laughs. But is Brexit comedy like the negotiations tricky to maneuver and does it require a number of takes to get it through? Actor Seamus O’Rourke and comedian Alison Spittle discuss.

Whats New for Brexit

Well the visuals from Brexit looked a little more promising this week. But is a crash out scenario less likely? We’re joined in studio by Brigid Laffan, Director of the Global Governance Programme of the European Union and from London by Tom McTague, Chief UK correspondent for Politico.

Profiting from Pictures

Jerry Kennelly has been immersed in creative businesses for his entire life, beginning with his parents photography business in Co.Kerry. He made headlines in 2006 when he sold Stockbyte to Getty Images. Since then he set up, a junior entrepreneurship programme, and is a judge in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Saturday 16th March

Giving Paddywhackery the Boot

It seems that shamrocks and shillelaghs are being rejected by some Irish companies in favour of more modern symbols. Liam Geraghty takes a look at the businesses embracing more imaginative views of Ireland.

Dublin’s Wrestling Queen

Later today my next guest will be taking part in Scrapper Mania at the national stadium in Dublin. She’s one of the most popular wrestlers on the OTT wrestling scene. Karen Glennon from Rathfarnham in Dublin goes by Martina the Session Mot, a pyjama-clad party animal.

Milking the St Patrick’s Day Marketing Machine

Tomorrow the world’s tallest building, Niagara Falls and the Sydney Opera House will go green as part of St Patrick’s Day global celebrations. But how does the day stack up financially, are we getting our money’s worth from our Patron Saint? Conor Brophy, Communications Director with Teneo Ireland a CEO advisory firm, joins us in studio.

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