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Saturday 21st November

Another Holiday Anyone?

As one of the teachers unions requested an extra day off before Christmas, is it a good idea for all of us to have a couple of more days off before what will be a very quiet Christmas? We’re joined by Martin Harte, CEO of Temple Bar Traders and Leisha McGrath, Work and Organisational Psychologist.

Flying Cars in Clare

We could see self driving and flying cars taking to the roads in the not too distant future and a new testing facility based in Shannon, Co. Clare may be the answer. We're joined by Russell Vickers, CEO of Future Mobility Campus Ireland to tell us about the future of transportation.

Black Friday and Employers

Many of us have plans in place for purchases on Black Friday, but if you’re an employee beware. Your managers might just be monitoring your every move. We’re joined by Julie Galbraith, partner & employment law expert at Eversheds Sutherland.

Beat it Barbie

Sticking with female empowerment and gender issues as Christmas approaches it seems that more and more people are conscious of the choices of toys presented to them. Dolls, princesses and unicorns for girls and dinosaurs, lego and racing cars for boys. Liam Geraghty has been finding out more.

Mairead Mackle

Mairead Mackle's company has been playing an integral role in sourcing accommodation for homeless families during the crisis. She employs 1200 people across the North and South in Tarasis Enterprises. Mairead has won numerous awards for her work - from an Employer of Choice award to finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year.

Covid and The Press

Brian MacCraith, the former President of DCU, was appointed as chair of the future of media commission a year ago and in the last week was asked to head up the task force for rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines. This week the Taoiseach said a vaccine could be cleared for use here by the second half of December so Brian is in for a busy few months.

Saturday 14th November

Poetry in Business

It’s been lovely hearing Joe Biden quote Seamus Heaney so often. But does poetry have a place in the corporate world and should business leaders use it in speeches? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

Dealing with Difficult People

Many of us have to deal with difficult people in a workplace on a day to day basis. So what’s the best way to cope with these types, charm or challenge? We’re joined by psychotherapist Siobhan Murray for some tips.

Aldi Ireland

One of the big winners from the pandemic has been the supermarket chains. We’re joined by Niall O’Connor, Group Managing Director of Aldi Ireland.

The Culinary Queen

The economic outlook changed drastically for our next guest when her TV cookery show career was put on ice because of the pandemic. But it’s not the first time that Clodagh McKenna, the chef and author, has had to reinvent herself. She joins us from her new home on the British estate best known as the home of Downton Abbey

Economic Indicators

We’re joined by Graham Parker, VP of Digital Freight Sales at, and Martina Lawless, ESRI economist to tell us about the what may be coming down the track for the economy .

Viking Splash Tours

It looks like the roar of the Viking Splash tours are soon to be silenced as the company becomes one of the latest business victims of the pandemic. We're joined by Des Rogers, a director and owner of Viking Splash Tours.

Saturday 7th November

Bonobos in the Boardroom

Misogyny wasn’t a huge part of the American election campaign this time, but it’s a problem that our next guest Oxford lecturer Linda Scott, author of The Double X Economy, says needs to be tackled urgently. In the book she looks at non human societies and she makes the interesting comparison between the behaviour of bonobos and chimps.

Biden for Ireland

What does a win for Joe Biden mean for Irish business and business generally? We’re joined by Feargal O’Rourke, Managing Partner of PWC and Samantha McCaughren of the Business Editor of the Sunday Independent.

A Life in Pictures

Simon Watson has photographed some of the wealthiest people across the world in their own homes including celebrated designers, aristocrats and royalty. A world renowned photographer, he’s worked for the likes of Vanity Fair, The New York Times and W magazine. Many of his favourite shots feature in his book The Lives of Others.

Michael Cohen and Bosco

Another one of Trump’s former disgruntled employees reappeared recently for very different reasons. His former lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen is serving a three year sentence under house arrest in New York where he has taken up a very different kind of testimony. Liam Geraghty has been finding out more.

A Take on Trump

We’re joined by a man who knows Donald Trump well. Jack O’Donnell is the Former President and COO of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City and New Jersey. He’s very familiar with how the US President operates.

Saturday 31st October

Can Sudoku Keep You Sane

As parents up and down the country pulled out jigsaws and Guess Who to keep children entertained over midterm, should grownups be doing the same to remain sane? With the constant distraction of Covid maybe sudoku, jigsaws even colouring would help the brain. We’re joined by Sabina Brennan, neuroscientist and host of the Super Brain Podcast.

The Death of Glamour

As the party season draws closer you may be thinking when am I ever going to get out again? Should I bother with a new suit, a Santa jumper, or a red dress for Christmas? Will we see any glitz and glamour this year? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

Compassionate Shopping

There's been a lot of back and as to what is essential or non-essential. The Taoiseach said this week that retailers have always been allowed to sell items on compassionate grounds. But are retailers still confused by it all? We’re joined by Neil McDonnell, CEO of ISME and Amanda Ratcliffe, lecturer in retail marketing at TU Dublin.

Corporate America Turns on Trump

The Presidential election is fast approaching but it seems that some of corporate America is turning on Donald Trump. We’re joined by the Washington Correspondent for the Irish Times, Suzanne Lynch.

Sean Conlon

Kildare man Sean Conlon arrived in Chicago with just 500 dollars, and worked as a janitor’s assistant. These days he runs Conlon and Co, a property investment firm advising celebrities and wealthy Asian and European families on US property investments. He joins us from the States.

Saturday 24th October

Bookshelf Envy

As the workplace zoom calls kick into gear again we’ll all have to tidy our houses and rearrange the bookshelves making sure that copy of Ulysses is in full view the Barry Manaloe Song book is at the back. So is anyone making money from bookshelf envy? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

When the Lights Go Out

We’ve all seen movies about Museums when the lights go out and that’s very much the case these days, not just at night time but during the day too. So what happens in a museum or gallery when no one comes through the door? We’re joined by Brian Crowley, Collections Curator at Kilmainham Gaol and Fiona Kearney, Director of the Glucksman Gallery.

Paul Polman - The Climate Issue

Climate issues have taken somewhat of a back seat during Covid but not for the former Head of Unilever, Paul Polman. He has shared a stage with Al Gore, Leonardo de Caprio and more on this issue. He says big business must tackle the climate change crisis, but also the welfare of workers and the public. He wants a whole rethink of capitalism.

Mohammad Ali and other Stories

Restaurants were at the front and centre of the news this week given the further restrictions. We’re joined now by celebrity chef Paul Treyvaud to look at the impact on his business. He’s known for his shows on Amazon Prime, Virgin Media and his book on the trade - a book he says that makes Kitchen Confidential look like Bambi.

An Ode to Local Shops

It’s not only tough for companies to close their doors, it’s tough for customers too. We all miss our chats and gossip with local retailers. Writer Manchán Magan missed his shops a lot during the last lockdown, this is his ode to local shops.

Taking on Big Business

It’s been a tough week for retailers. Some smaller businesses are planning a campaign of civil disobedience against the huge chains still selling non essential goods. We’re joined by Damian O’Reilly, lecturer in Retail Management in TU Dublin, and Rebecca Harrison, owner of Fishers, a boutique in Newtownmountkennedy.

Saturday 17th October

Halloween During Covid

Halloween is certainly going to be very different for everyone this year. So how are the costume shops coping? We’re joined by Ronan O’Brien, owner of the online fancy dress store The Costume Shop, and Shay Howlin, owner of Fun House, a costume shop beside the Gaiety Theatre.

Cruise Ship Graveyard

Ryanair were all over the news as they closed operations in Cork and Shannon for the winter. It seems that it’s not easy on the high seas either. Earlier this week we saw photos of cruise ships being broken down for scrap metal in Turkey. Alice Hancock of the Financial Times joins us to tell us about yet another Covid casualty.

The Whistleblower

We’re joined by a woman who played a role in the Vote Leave Campaign and the election of Donald Trump. Brittany Kaiser was a key member of staff in Cambridge Analytica - the British company that ran an operation to manipulate voters on an industrial scale. She was one of the players in that scandal and became a whistleblower.

Four Day Week Fantasy

Covid-19 has upended workplaces all over the world. As well as a move towards working from home, it has prompted many to call for shorter working days and even four day working weeks. But is it something that could work here? Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

Mask Hysteria

The Government has called for more people to work from home where possible and appealed to employers to let their staff do just that. The Taoiseach also called on people to ditch their visors and don face masks instead. We’re joined by employment law specialist Richard Grogan to tell us how this is all playing out in the workplace.

Going Down to Dublin Town

Dublin City Centre traders are up in arms over what they describe as the failure of Dublin City Council to increase city footfall and the pedestrianisation process. We’re joined by Mary Whelan, owner of Eirlooms on Stephen’s Street Lower and member of Dublin Can Be Heaven Group, and Graeme McQueen Head of Communications for Dublin Chamber.

Saturday 10th October

Excel: Love it or Hate it

Recently Excel celebrated 35 years in business but they were in the bad books with the British Government earlier this week when data on thousands of positive cases results were briefly lost. It’s not the first time spreadsheets have caused chaos Simon Wilson, Head of Statistics, Trinity College Dublin

Comedy During Covid

We could all do with some light relief these days, but for our comedians the restrictions have really reduced their ability to make us laugh. To look at the comedy scene, or lack of it during Covid, we’re joined in by comedians Eleanor Tiernan in London and Gearoid Farrelly here in studio.

Budget Wishlist

We’ll see Paschal Donohoe posing with his budget book as he arrives at Government Buildings on Tuesday. He’ll hardly be all smiles though as Covid and Brexit dominate. To discuss what businesses are hoping for in the budget we’re joined by Nicola Quinn, a Tax Partner with PWC based in Cork.

Plus Size Business

The demand for a wider range in clothing sizes has grown in the last few years. Some companies are adding larger sizes to their collections while others are basing their whole business around it. Liam Geraghty has been finding out more about plus size businesses.

John Power of Aerogen

Our next guest runs a hugely successful company in Galway that specialises in delivering drugs through aerosols in acute hospital settings. John Power, founder of Aerogen, has been inundated with orders since Covid 19 began. He’s a former European Entrepreneur of the year too but it’s been an interesting journey for him to get there.

Saturday 3rd October

Rubik's Cube

They’ve appeared in a Spice Girls video, umpteen movies and Jennifer Lopez’s I ain’t your Mama. The Rubik's cube is 40 years old this month and we’re joined by Rubik's cube enthusiast Aifric O’Connell to look at the story of the little square cube that’s made millions.

Singing Reindeer and Plastic Santas

NEPHT say Christmas and Halloween are still on the cards - but some aspects of Christmas might be in short supply this year. Toys such as singing reindeer and many others all come from China where factories were closed for months due to Covid-19. We’re joined from China by journalist Yvonne Murray to tell us more.

A Shafted Generation?

Earlier this week there was huge consternation when crowds of students gathered in Galway city. Some were more forgiving, with many feeling sorry for the students. But what does the future hold for that generation? We’re joined by Barra Roantree, economist at the ESRI.

Tourism Takes a Tumble

The Irish Hotels Federation announced further collapses in hotel bookings this week with occupancy rates of just 23% for October and 11% in November. But it’s not just hotels who are hurting. We're joined by Eoghan O’Mara Walsh, chief executive of the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation and Elizabeth Nallen of Minella Hotel.

Back to the Burbs

The Suburbs have been getting bad press for years - nosy neighbours, Sundays spent washing the car and endless rows of uniform housing. But the Pandemic has brought a new lease of life for the businesses in the ‘burbs. They’re the place to be as Liam Geraghty has been finding out.

Helen James

Helen James has had a very colourful career working with the likes of Donna Karan in New York, selling scarves in Saudi Arabia and now heads up the Considered range for Dunnes Stores. She grew up in Dublin on the grounds of the Chester Beatty Library, a childhood on a very prestigious Shrewsbury road of all places.

Saturday 26th September

The Return of Spitting Image

Spitting Image is set to return to the small screen. The satire show was first broadcast in 1984 but now it's back with some fresh new faces. To tell us more about the world of satire we are joined by Gary Cooke of Apres Match and Lisa Garvey, an impersonator for RTE Radio 1’s Callan’s Kicks.

Money Laundering

This week, we’ve had a number of money laundering operations uncovered by Gardaí and British police. Cleaning dirty money is big business according to our next guest, Jeffrey Robinson, US author of The Laundrymen.

100 Years of Trading

The future around Brexit remains unclear for Irish exporters. This week hauliers in the UK learned of potential two day delays at a de facto border in Kent. We could probably learn a thing or two from the 100 year old history of the Irish International Trading Corporation, based in Cork. Kieran McCarthy has been looking at their history.

Comic Writing

Nick Roche has drawn on David Hasselhoff to shape his day-job as a comic writer. With an impressive CV that has seen him draw for global brands such as Transformers and Marvel comics. He is now looking forward to the publication of his own comic Scarenthood next month.

Irish Influencer Life

Earlier this week, we heard of a possible Government campaign to hire influencers to bring Covid-19 messaging to younger people. But who are these influencers and what kind of money do they make? Liam Geraghty has been finding out about #influencerlife.

Lockdown Behaviour

This week Taoiseach Micheál Martin announced that Donegal will be moving to level three restrictions. But should the Government announce a lockdown in advance to suit businesses or is it too risky a strategy for health reasons? We’re joined in studio by Pete Lunn, Head of the ESRI’s Behavioural Research Unit.

Saturday 19th September

The Return of the Tape

In March we saw the worst sales for albums in over 60 years, but it has picked up slightly since then. Musicians are doing everything they can to bring in sales including special parcels for fans - with vinyl, CD and even tape copies of their albums. Did we ever think we would see the return of the tape? Liam Geraghty has been checking it out.

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