Sunday Miscellany

Sunday Miscellany

Sunday, 9.10 - 10am

Sunday Miscellany Sunday 2 June 2019

Sunday Miscellany Live at the Blue Stacks Festival, Abbey Arts Centre, Ballyshannon, Co Donegal.Sunday 6 October from 3.00 – 5.00 p.m.
The guests include writers Louise Kennedy, Olive Travers, Denise Blake, Brian Leyden, Gerard Beirne, Little John Nee, and others, with a mixture of music and song from Donegal, including the folk-jazz-choral ensemble, Hatchlings. Tickets free but booking is highly recommended. 
Phone Abbey Arts Centre +353 71 9851375.  email: 

Ticket for Christmas Miscellany in the National Concert Hall on Wednesday, 4th December, are now on sale through the National Concert Hall website.  To book your seat click here

Sunday Miscellany

Sunday Miscellany

New Writing:

On this morning’s programme, we heard:
Flor de Pasión by Alan Finnegan; 
Built for Love by Gemma Tipton; 
A Brass Plate by Carol Nicholas; 
Hobby Horses by Pat Dunne;
Vespiary, a poem by Grace Wells, 
Chiselling Memories by Cyril Kelly


Attends Ou Va T’En by Serge Gainsbourg, arranged and performed by Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra; 
From Land of Gold performed by Anoushka Shankar live at the National Concert Hall in 2016;
Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye by Leonard Cohen, sung by the Johnstons;
My Lovely Horse by the Divine Comedy; 
Chopin’s Prelude No. 23 in F Major, opus 28, played on piano by Grigory Sokolov

Sunday Miscellany Podcast, 2nd June 2019

Sunday Miscellany Podcast, 2nd June 2019

On this morning's programme we heard: Flor de Pasión by Alan Finnegan; Built for Love by Gemma Tipton; A Brass Plate by Carol Nicholas; Hobby Horses by Pat Dunne; Vespiary, a poem by Grace Wells and Chiselling Memories by Cyril Kelly

Flor de Pasión, by Alan Finnegan

Alan Finnegan pays tribute to a unique radio DJ

Built for Love by Gemma Tipton

Gemma Tipton on buildings that were built for love

A Brass Plate by Carol Nicholas

Carol Nicholas on the waxing and waning of a romance of her youth

Hobby Horses by Pat Dunne

Pat Dunne on the Finnish craze for "hobby horsing", and the Irish roots of the term hobby horse

Vespiary, a poem by Grace Wells

Vespiary, a poem from Grace Wells

Chiselling Memories, by Cyril Kelly

Cyril Kelly finds a long-forgotten but precious tool-roll of carving chisels, a gift from his talented aunt Bella

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Music Played on the Show

Attends Ou Va T’En

Attends Ou Va T’En

Paul Mauriat And His Orchestra


Land Of Gold

Land Of Gold

Anoushka Shankar (Sitar), Alev Lenz (Vocals), Manu Delago (Hang), Caroline Dale (Cello)


Hey, That’S No Way To Say Goodbye

Hey, That’S No Way To Say Goodbye

The Johnstons


My Lovely Horse

My Lovely Horse

The Divine Comedy


Chopin’S Prelude No. 23 In F Major, Opus 28

Chopin’S Prelude No. 23 In F Major, Opus 28

Grigory Sokolov (Piano)


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