Sunday Miscellany

Sunday Miscellany

Sunday, 9.10 - 10am

Sunday Miscellany 29 May 2011

***Summer 2020 update*** Miscellany remains open for submissions but we're receiving far higher numbers of scripts than usual, and, as ever, we have far more excellent pieces to choose from than we can use. If you're sending something in, make sure to read the guidelines first and bear in mind that, as stated in those guidelines, after an initial acknowledgement of your submission you’ll only hear from us again if we’re in a position to proceed to a recording.   

Miscellany50, a series celebrating 50 years of Sunday Miscellany, is currently going out on RTÉ Radio 1 on Saturday evenings at 7pm. An anthology from the series is also on sale, published by New Island Books.

New short essays:

Scribbled on The Hill - a poem by Enda Coyle Greene

Crugal by Catherine Foley

Dream Rooms by Peter Sirr

A Letter to William by John O’Donnell

Omen by Mary O’Malley

The Track by Anne Sharpe


Gigue from Bach Suite for Guitar in E Minor performed by Sharon Isbin

High Life for Nine Instruments by David Byrne perfomed by the Balanescu Quartet

Nothing Now performed by the Penguin Orchestra

I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls sung by Enya

A Dip in the Lake - Sixty One Waltzes by John Cage performed on Cello by Frances-Marie Uitti



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