Sunday Miscellany

Sunday Miscellany

Sunday, 9.10 - 10am


Sunday 14th October

Sunday Miscellany Podcast, 14th October 2018

Jacques Brel and the Girl from the Hostel by Conall Hamill; Treading the Boards by Mary O’Donnell; Budget Days, a poem by Síghle Meehan; Colman on Lindesfarne by John F Deane; Meeting Paul McCartney by Angela Keogh; and Beckett on a Boreen, a poem by Vincent Woods

Sunday 7th October

Sunday Miscellany, 7th October 2018

Live from the Playhouse in Derry - 'Notes for the 5th of October' by Anne Devlin; Don’t Speak To The Brits, Just Pretend They Don’t Exist, a poem by Colette Bryce; Batons and Blackthorn Sticks by Andy Hinds; Phenomenal Grace by Susan McKay and Freedom Will Ring by Eamonn McCann

Sunday 30th September

Sunday Miscellany Podcast - 30th September 2018

Robbing Orchards by John MacKenna; Gatsby, What Gatsby? by Grace Wells; Kilkenny, a poem by Fred Johnston; From Here to Clare by Niall O’Reilly; The Magical Properties of Semolina And Stewed Apples by AM Cousins; and Eamon Hayes’s Famous Underpants, by Tom McGurk.

Sunday 23rd September

Sunday Miscellany Podcast - 23rd September 2018

A special Sunday Miscellany outside broadcast from RTÉ Culture Night at the National Museum, Collins Barracks The Last Great Venetian Painter by Eileen Battersby; Up on the Roof by Niall McArdle; Loving Books by Sharon Hogan; and True North, by Deirdre Mulrooney.

Sunday 16th September

Sunday Miscellany Podcast, 16th September 2018

September Migration by Grace Wells; Feared By The Bad, Loved By The Good by Karl O’Neill; Listen Now Again by Cyril Kelly; The Graceful Simplicity of Poor Kitty Pakenham by Emer O’Kelly; and The Mystery by John F Deane

Sunday 9th September

Sunday Miscellany Podcast - 9th September 2018

Na Scéirdí: A Great City Far Off by Conall Hamill; Maud Gonne Mad and Mrs Desperate by Lourdes Mackey; Uniform Days, a poem by Denise Blake; The House of Galileo Galilei by Justin MacCarthy; and Breaching the Barricades by Olive Travers

Sunday 2nd September

Sunday Miscellany 2nd September 2018

Reegsy by John O’Donnell; The Passing of Time by Sharon Hogan;The Final Frontier by Joe Ó Muircheartaigh; Sunset at Malin Head by Denise Blake; A Question of Sport by Mary O’Donnell and The All-Ireland Football Final, a poem by Paddy Moran

Sunday 19th August

Sunday Miscellany, 19th August 2018

All-Ireland off the coast of Somalia by Norman Freeman; Man of the Mountains by Fidelma Mahon; At Malmaison by Mae Leonard; Limerick Hurlers Making Their Own History by Stephen O’Byrnes; and Young People of Ireland by John Egan

Sunday 12th August

Sunday Miscellany, 12th August 2018

Today's recordings were: His Heart On His Sleeve by Eileen Battersby; Leonard Cheshire V.C. by Joe Taylor; Desperation and Demons in Lough Derg by Barbara McKenna-Beale; The Perseids, a poem by James Harpur; and Omagh, August 1998, by Michael Kelly

Sunday 5th August

Sunday Miscellany, 5th August 2018

RTÉ at the Horse Show by Jonathan White; The Deserted Village by AM Cousins; Cycling the Ring by Justin MacCarthy; Visions of Amen by John F Deane; and Krakow by Catherine Foley

Sunday 29th July

Sunday Miscellany, 29th July 2018

The Reluctant Rainmaker by Justin Kilcullen; Emily Brontë: a Study in Torment by Eileen Battersby; Tea in the Shelbourne with Miss Ettie and Miss Joan by Emer O’Kelly; Mní wicóni - Water is Life by Lani O’Hanlon and Wuthering Heights by Karl O’Neill

Sunday 22nd July

Sunday Miscellany, 22nd July 2018

Lady of Note by Gerry Moran; Chapels on San Giorgio Maggiore by Rachel Fehily; Dolphins, a poem by Mary O’Donnell; The Listening Stick by Cyril Kelly; Winning the Lotto by Catherine Foley, and My Summer County Complex by Joe Duffy

Sunday 15th July

Sunday Miscellany, 15th July 2018

Ekaterinburg by Karl O’Neill; Lounge Girl by Clare O’Dea; The Russian Friend by Judith Mok; Note From A Lady by John Hedigan; and Bastille Day, a poem by Michael O’Loughlin

Sunday 8th July

Sunday Miscellany 8th July 2018

The Garden of Life by Roslyn Dee; My Honorary Aunt by Justin MacCarthy; An Inspiring Present by Pat Coleman; Simon, Garfunkel and Me by Doreen Finn; Flowers Know Nothing of Our Grief, a poem by Moya Cannon; and Caveat Emptor, a poem by Vincent Woods

Sunday 1st July

Sunday Miscellany 1st July 2018

Carnival of the Animals by John F Deane; Suck Suck Suck by Lani O’Hanlon; The Last Leper Colony in Europe by Gerry Moran; On the trails of the Saxons and O’Donnells in Transylvania by Frank Kavanagh and Sailing to An Island by Mary O’Malley.

Sunday 24th June

Sunday Miscellany 24th June 2018

A Walk Around Gorteen Cemetary by Conall Hamill; The Tale My Mother Never Told, a poem by Grace Wells; A Hopeless Case by Justin MacCarthy; The Pyongyang Gaeltacht by Justin Kilcullen; Name Three Swiss Friends by Clare O’Dea and Seán MacSweeney: Visionary of Landscape by Emer O’Kelly

Sunday 17th June

Sunday Miscellany 17th June 2018

Father’s Day by Chris McHallem; Joyce in Zurich by Roslyn Dee;The Grandfather, a poem by Michael O’Connor; Whistling in Turin by Karl O’Neill; Tea with the Heaneys by AM Cousins and The Fathers by Olive Travers

Sunday 10th June

Sunday Miscellany, 10th June 2018

Somewhere Out There by Patrick Griffin; Flight to the Falklands, a poem by Vivienne McKechnie; Three Bicycles by Eoin Devereux;Dawn Chorus by Mae Leonard; I Am A Song by Joseph O’Connor and Sweet Van, a poem by Dónal Ryan

Sunday 3rd June

Sunday Miscellany, 3rd June 2018

Dreaming in Mathematics, a poem by Denise Blake; Big Red by Eileen Battersby; What One Man Can Do, by John MacKenna; Grass, a poem by Grace Wells; Day of the Horse Whisperer, by Leo Cullen; School Leavers, a poem by James Harpur; and A Weekend in Culchie Country, by Cyril Kelly.

Sunday 27th May

Sunday Miscellany, 27th May 2018

Hornos De La Pena by Justin MacCarthy; Sea Roads by Mary O’Malley; Crossing Borders, a poem by Denise Blake; Virginia by Karl O’Neill; Prayer to St Anthony as the Greenway comes to Kilmacthomas by Grace Wells; Inside the Circle, by Olive Travers, and Towards a Conversion, a poem by John F Deane

Sunday 20th May

Sunday Miscellany, 20th May 2018

Lambay’s Lordship by Nollaig Rowan; The writer the ghost and George Clooney, by AM Cousins; The Caravan Farmers by Leo Cullen; The Trout by John F Deane; and Luminous Spaces by Grace Wells

Sunday 13th May

Sunday Miscellany 13th May 2018

Teach, by Mary O’Malley; Single Man (41) Worries About The Apocalypse, by Donal Ryan; Marathon, by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald; Death and the Post Office, a poem by Martin Dyar; Multitudes by Ilyana Kuhling and The Music of Frank McCourt, by Joseph O’Connor.

Sunday 6th May

Sunday Miscellany 6th May 2018

New writing

Sunday 29th April

Sunday Miscellany, 29th April 2018

A Tenderness That Has No Need For Words by Conall Hamill; Like In A Film by Maggie Armstrong; ‘Mahleria’ by Karl O’Neill; Lunch With Jessica Mitford, by Gerry Mullins; In Bruges, by Nollaig Rowan, and Bread, a poem by Moya Cannon

Sunday 22nd April

Sunday Miscellany, 22nd April 2018

Springtime in Ohio, a poem by Denise Blake; The Last Travelling Fiddle Player by Dermot Bolger; Diary of a Social Diarist by Catherine Foley; The Thomas Mann Book Club by Michael O’Loughlin; Once Upon A Time On The Wild Atlantic Way by Mae Leonard; and Goldfinches, a poem by Mary O’Malley

Sunday 15th April

Sunday Miscellany, 15th April 2018

In Memory of the Bus Conductor by Tim Carey; Sea Story by Mary Lennon; Luasing by Anne Delaney; Walking My Commute by Clare O’Dea; and Memories of the Old North Road by Richard Barnwall

Sunday 8th April

Sunday Miscellany, 8th April 2018

New Writing: Advice, by Mary O’Malley; From Poldi to Killary, by Michael O’Loughlin; Work, a poem by Moya Cannon; New Boots by Paul Rouse; Mass Cat by Olive Travers; and Killary Wonder, a poem by Denise Blake

Sunday 1st April

Sunday Miscellany, 1st April 2018

Easter 1916, Hedy Lamarr, and Mobile Technology by John MacDonald; Meskel in Lebanon by Louise Kennedy; Brian’s Music, a poem by John MacKenna; Easter Monday 2016 by Sheila Maher; After Seeing Kells In Principio, a poem by James Harpur and Wearing Winter Well in the Wild West by Áine Ryan

Sunday 25th March

Sunday Miscellany, 25th March 2018

On today's programme: Where’s Tim Robinson When You Need Him? by Conall Hamill; The Greek God of Small Things by Roslyn Dee; Shadowlands, a poem by John F Deane; The Last Leaf by Mary Morrissy; Father Joe by David Murray and The Records, a poem by Moya Cannon

Sunday 18th March

Sunday Miscellany, 18th March 2018

On today's programme: The Cailleach and the Wise Fools by Nuala Hayes; Potatoes by Michael O’Connor; Céad Míle Fáilte – On Becoming An Irish Citizen by Bernadett Buda; St Patrick And The Avoca Miners, by Nick Coy; and Patrick Alone On The Reek, a poem by Geraldine Mitchell

Sunday 11th March

Sunday Miscellany, 11th March 2018

'While You Were Sleeping' by Finola Doyle O’Neill; 'Invictus' by Karl O'Neill; 'Speaking Gaeilge for the First Time' by Art Ó Súilleabháin; 'The Island of Birds' by Lani O’Hanlon; 'The Mockler' by Maurice Crowe and 'Joan, in Two Snapshots' a poem by Karen J McDonnell

Sunday 4th March

Sunday Miscellany, 4th March 2018

'Yesterday's Snow' by Mark Brennock; 'Frida and Me' by Rosaleen McDonagh, read by Kathleen Lawrence; 'Travelling East , the Winter of 2010', a poem by James Harpur; 'My Mother was a Scrubber' by Brian Farrell; 'Forest, Snow, A Train' a poem by Mary O'Donnell; 'Sliabh na mBan' by Catherine Foley and 'The Lost Days' by Adrian Kane

Sunday 25th February

Sunday Miscellany 25th February 2018

New Writing: Nuala Hayes- The Two James Barrys; John MacKenna- Wire Fences Make Good Neighbours ; Andrea Martin- A New Country; Frank Kavanagh- In Praise of Suburbia and Austin Clarke; Mary O'Malley- Letter to Nia

Sunday 18th February

Sunday Miscellany, 18th February 2018

On this morning’s programme, we heard: Lillibulero, by Michael O’Loughlin; The Adventures of Mark Twain by Nollaig Rowan; Ash Wednesday, a poem by Sighle Meehan; All the Olympians by Conall Hamill; The Robin by Catherine Foley; and The Piano Lesson by Art Ó Súilleabháin

Sunday 11th February

Sunday Miscellany, Sunday 11th February 2018

On this morning’s programme, we heard: Night Walk by Mary O’Malley; Bird Of Our Youth by Leo Cullen; The Poetry of the Obvious by Maolsheachlann Ó Ceallaigh; Cinema Paradiso, by Roslyn Dee; Friend, Roman, Countryman, by Brian Farrell; and Love Needs, a poem by Jean O’Brien.

Sunday 4th February

Sunday Miscellany, Sunday 4th February 2018

There is a Lake in Everyone's Heart by Art Ó Súilleabháin; Shackles and Chains by Clare O'Dea; Bird Incident, a poem by Fred Johnston; Happy Birthday Shop by Evelyn Conlon; Dawn Revenant by Frank Kavanagh and Saturday Night In Ballask by A M Cousins

Sunday 28th January

Podcast Sunday 28th January 2018

Bridget's Blanket by Eileen Keane; Weaving a Spell in the Liberties by Séamus Dooley; Lesson 2 from a Beach in Croatia by Julie Parsons; St Brigid Dreams of the Arrival of Spring, a poem by Geraldine Mitchell; Letter to Charles Harpur by James Harpur and A Baby For All Seasons by Olive Travers

Sunday 21st January

Podcast - Sunday 21st January 2018

Scriptio Continua by Jimmy Murphy; Sunkist in January by Mae Leonard; Tree Surgeon by Tim Carey; Winter Commons a poem by Geraldine Mitchell; Owed to Dolores by Kate O’Shaughnessy; And Sarah, Heroic Grandmother by Cyril Kelly

Sunday 14th January

Podcast: Sunday 14 January 2018

Mimi, by Nuala Hayes; From World’s End Lane to Foley Street, by Conall Hamill; An Unholy Tax, by Lourdes Mackey; Life with Furball, by Niall McArdle; and Phtalo Green, by Catherine Foley

Sunday 7th January

Podcast: Sunday Miscellany, 7 January 2018

A New Year’s Gift, by John MacKenna; Not Roses, Not Summer, by Lani O’Hanlon; From the Chicago Notebooks: Paradise Valley, by John F Deane; Family Matters, by Nollaig Rowan; The Summer House in Winter, Rossmore, Co. Cork, a poem by James Harpur; Indian Impasse, by Olive Travers

Sunday 31st December

Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 31 December 2017

A Match Made in Mullinabro, by David Murray; Lessons From A Beach in Croatia, Number 1, by Julie Parsons; First Shift Back After Christmas, by Dermot Bolger; Journey of an Outcast, by Eileen Battersby; The Medicine of the Old Maid Josie Crosse, by Leo Cullen.

Monday 25th December

Podcast: Christmas Miscellany, 25 December 2017

NCH Live with RTÉCO Part 2: Maeve, Christmas and Unasked for Advice, Chris Binchy; A-Carolling We Would Go, Mae Leonard; Traveller Fashionista, Rosaleen McDonagh, read by Kathleen Lawrence; The Old Maid Josie Cross and the Lamb of God, Leo Cullen; Red Berries and Mango Blossoms, Lani O’Hanlon; A Lost Soul On Christmas Eve, Cyril Kelly

Sunday 17th December

Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 17 December 2017

Live at the NCH with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra: Part 1: New writing: The Tended Art of Christmas, by Mary O’Donnell; In Times of Candle Light, a poem by Denise Blake; Going Home For Christmas, a poem by Dermot Bolger; December Babe, by AM Cousins; The Ghosts of Christmas Past, by Conall Hamill.

Sunday 10th December

Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 10 December 2017

Culchie Day in the Big Smoke, by Robert Higgins; Midwinter Festivals, by Dympna Murray Fennell; How Children Celebrated Santa Claus in Communist Hungary, by Bernadett Buda; Elegy, for Aodán Mac Póilín, a poem by Gerald Dawe; Christmas Truce, Ardoyne, 1914, by Louise Kennedy; From the Chicago Diaries: the El, by John F Deane.

Sunday 3rd December

Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 3 December 2017

A special recording at the Westport Town Hall Theatre as part of the Rolling Sun Book Festival. Readings: Junior Scientist, by Brian Leyden; Planning Perfection, by Áine Ryan; Sea Change, a poem by Geraldine Mitchell; George Boole and the Irish Rain, by Art Ó Súilleabháin; Rhett Butler Does the Drains, by Kate Kerrigan

Sunday 26th November

Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 26 November 2017

New writing: He was a Quare One, by Conall Hamill; Adios, Ferdie, by Emer Woodfull; Pilgrimage to Inniskeen, a poem by Bernie Crawford; Swift, Handel and the Messiah, by Pat Dunne; Breacadh Lae ag Loch Baile Uí Scanláin/ Dawn at Ballyscanlon Lake, a poem by Róisín Sheehy; And You Never Know What’s Around The Bend, by Peter Duffy.

Sunday 19th November

Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 19 November 2017

New writing: Meeting William Trevor, by Dolores McKenna; Prayers for Grenfell, by Julie Parsons; Climbing Mount Eros, by John MacKenna; Lunar Attraction, a poem by Nollaig Rowan; Imram, by Nuala Hayes; Walking to Myanmar, by Tom Farrell

Sunday 12th November

Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 12 November 2017

New writings: That Night in November, by Yvonne Judge; Dry Stones and the myth of the early Irish Celtic Church, by Frank Kavanagh; A Sawdoctor’s Daughter, by Helen Shaw; Night At The Theatre, by Brian Farrell; Remembrance Sunday, by Jason Murphy.

Sunday 5th November

Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 5 November 2017

New writing: And So A Year Has Passed, by John MacKenna; Northern Sky, by Clare O’Dea; From the Chicago Notebooks – Caskets, by John F Deane; My Lexicon Odyssey, by Mae Leonard; If I Could Sing, by Kevin Toolis

Sunday 29th October

Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 29 October 2017

Ghost Stories, by Dympna Murray Fennell; Thank You Fats, by Brendan Graham, from the archives, to mark the death of Fats Domino; Trick or Treat, by AM Cousins; The Hellfire Club, William Wordsworth, and the Wrong Sort of Tourist, by Kevin McDermott; A Glimpse of Nosferatu, by Judith Mok; Philosopher, a poem by Vincent Woods.

Sunday 22nd October

Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 22 October 2017

Recorded at the Civic Theatre in Tallaght as part of the Red Line Book Festival: The Night Poetry Came To The Suburbs, by Dermot Bolger; The Stolen Tulip, by Eileen Battersby; Are Ye Dancing? a poem by Sara Shine; Her Smile, a poem by Cyril Kelly; A Couple of Swells, by Eileen Casey; Synergy, by Rosaleen McDonagh, read by Kathleen Lawrence.

Sunday 15th October

Podcast: Sunday Miscellany 15 October 2017

New writing: From the Chicago Notebooks: The Fall, by John F Deane; Mobile Communications, by Denise Blake; The Headless Angels of St Nicholas’s Church, Galway City, a poem by James Harpur; Rwandan Redemption, by Mark Brennock; I Will Arise And Go Now, And Go To Ballycumber, by Conall Hamill; Rural Sounds, a poem, by Denise Blake.

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