Shanks Mare

Shanks Mare

Sunday 7.30pm

Shank's Mare, Sunday August 11th

Tallaght and Glenasmole Valley

Tallaght and Glenasmole Valley

This week, Ella MacSweeney takes a walk from Tallaght to the Glenasmole Valley just beyond it.

She hears from Benny, a beekeeper who has kept bees in his back garden for over 40 years. She then meets Michael Kelly at his study site in Glenasmole. He's a zoologist who is trying to find out what effect a tiny parasitic worm has on another species of bee, the bumblebee. This parasite only infects the queen bee, and releases up to 100,000 eggs into the blood of the queen. And this changes her behaviour, as she makes no attempt whatsoever to find a nest site and feeds only for herself. Michael tells Ella more about his work and how this little worm does its damage inside the

This programme was first broadcast on the 7th of July 2006

In Shank's Mare, Ella McSweeney goes walking around the country and introduces us to the people, flora and fauna she meets along the way. From stunning Donegal to the rough edges of Mayo's coastline, ancient woodlands in Derry to rugged Kerry, she hears about the wildlife and people that make Ireland's hills, mountains and coastline such a magical environment for walking.



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