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Second Captains

Second Captains Saturday 24 August 2019

Second Captains Saturday

Second Captains Saturday

Eoin, Murph and Ken break down the sporting backgrounds of some of the most-interesting people alive. Who will be Second Captains' Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson of 2019?

Peter Hain - Second Captains Saturday

Peter Hain served in successive Labour governments under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, was Leader of the House of Commons and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and he's now a member of the House of Lords.

About The Show

So just who officially is Ireland's Greatest Non-Sportsperson Sportsperson? Eoin McDevitt, Ken Early and Ciaran Murphy break down the sporting backgrounds of some of the most-interesting people alive. Unimportant? Perhaps. Fun? Absolutely.

The critically-acclaimed Second Captains Saturday has featured names like Gabriel Byrne, Sharon Horgan, Lenny Abrahamson, Dorothy Cross, Dara O'Briain, Gabby Logan, Senator George Mitchell and so many more. Some have played sport internationally, others have avoided sport religiously.

Throw in a particularly harsh ranking system, lots of laughs and some brilliant alternative music, and you've found the best possible way to start your weekend. 

Welcome to Second Captains and welcome to Summer Saturdays on RTE Radio 1 at 10am.

Second Captains also produce Ireland's most-popular podcast, winning the iTunes podcast of the year in 2014. It was named as one of the top ten British and Irish podcasts of all-time on theiTunes Essentials list and was chosen by The Guardian as one of their 50 best podcasts. Vice has described the SC Football podcast as "probably the best in the world". Second Captains are currently the 3rd biggest podcast in the world on Patreon. You can listen to their independent, commercial-free, member-led broadcasts at




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