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Seascapes Friday 6 December 2013



The maritime programme for this island nation

Seascapes Friday 6th December 2013

Seascapes Friday 6th December 2013

features Irish Shipping - A Fleet History;Flanders Fields; The Fishmonger by Pat O Connell;ROA Gathering.

Hello and welcome aboard this week’ s edition of your maritime programme Seascapes – shortly we’ll be hearing about two books that feature this week – Irish Shipping – A Fleet History launched in the past week in Dublin, Cork and Rosslare and the memoir of Pat O Connell – The Fishmonger more on these in a moment –we have news of a talk on Realt na Mara by Bill Nelson in Clontarf this Monday night and radio officers are gathering in Haulbowline this weekend ;....... first this week to the green fields of Belgium and the lines of the Canadian poet John McCrae –

“In Flanders fields the poppies grow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below”.

Kieran Devaney travelled recently to Flanders Fields.......

The Rosslare Maritime Enthusiasts and Rosslare Maritime Museum have good cause to celebrate with the publication in the past week of the superb “Irish Shipping – A Fleet History” the authors are John Boyce; Brian Cleere; Brian Boyce and Leo Coy – -prior to the launch Seascapes spoke with Brian Cleere and Leo Coy –we hear first from Leo...



We’ll hear more from Brian Cleere and Leo Coy on Seascapes next Friday night...”Irish Shipping – A Fleet History” is available from Rosslare Maritime Enthusiasts and in select bookstores throughout the country.......

On Monday night Clontarf Historical Society are hosting a talk by Bill Nelson on Realt na Mara – the iconic statue on The Bull Wall –the talk takes place in the St John the Baptist Resource Centre in Clontarf at a quarter past eight.....

The North Shannon Yacht Club [NSYC] has been revived by a group of yachting enthusiasts, following a meeting held recently at which the club was reconstituted, officers selected and the NSYC registered with the Irish Sailing Association .

The new officer board members are:

Commodore - Kevin Dunne ; Vice Commodore - Chevalier Joe Tiernan ; Rear Commodore - Darren Lui


The revised club, like its predecessor, will base itself on Lough Boderg and hopes to make the club as vibrant again as it once was, by adopting an extensive range of activities, social as well as marine, including an annual regatta. Early members of the NSYC were drawn from the counties bordering the North Shannon. The club’s headquarters, where the Flagstaff & Club House was situated, was located on Rin More, County Roscommon, on the western side of Lough Boderg. This location is clearly shown on the 1914 Ordnance Survey map. The clubhouse, however, was a modest affair, being no more than a galvanised iron structure, which soon earned the sobriquet “The Tin House”!

Next to an historic photograph which led to a memoir being written by a man who is undoubtedly the best known fishmonger on this island following that royal visit and the fact that monkfish is referred to in Cork as the mother in law fish ......– he is Pat O Connell –– he told Seascapes about the early beginnings of a family business.......





We’ll have more from The Fishmonger on next weeks edition of Seascapes – we have a handful of copies of “The Fishmonger” courtesy of The Liffey Press – if you can tell us the alternative name for monkfish that we mentioned earlier ...answers on a postcard to Seascapes, RTE Radio 1, Fr Mathew Street , Cork or you can send your entry by email to ......



The Radio Officers Association have a presentation of talks on

Marconi and the Heritage of early trans Atlantic Radio Communication which is being held this Saturday @ 3pm in

Haulbowline at The Naval Base,in Cork Harbour



‘Cork during the American War of Independence 1776 – 1783’

Presented by Naval Historian Joe Varley


‘The Making of BBC Coast, with Irish Navy Personnel, on Marconi’s Radio Station at Clifden’

Presented by Frank McCurry and Tom Frawley


‘Heritage of Marconi and Alcock and Brown in Clifden’

Presented by Shane Joyce and Michael Gibbons


   Next week here on Seascapes we’ll have more on Irish Shipping – A Fleet History ; Hugh Oram explains how valuable exotic bananas travelled at one time in the Captains cabin they were of such value- and how the McCann family in Dundalk became the leading importer of these fruits- Fishing quotas and difficult times for Irish fishermen ; we’ll be hearing the second instalment of our Conversation with Pat O Connell author of “The Fishmonger” and the winners of our competition..... all that and much more on your maritime programme until next Friday night –tight lines and fair sailing.




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